TrustFire X100 CREE XM-L T6 7-LED 8000-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3/4*26650)

TrustFire X100 CREE XM-L T6 7-LED 8000-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3/4*26650)

  • Model: TrustFire X100
  • Special heat sinking finish construction
  • Color BIN: White
  • Total Emitters: 7
  • Brightness: Max Output 8000 Lumens (manufacturer rated)
  • Battery Configurations: 3 or 4 x 26650 rechargeable batteries (not included)
  • Switch Type: Clicky/Clickie
  • Switch Location: Tail-cap
  • Modes: 5
  • Mode Arrangement: Hi > Mid > Lo > Strobe > SOS
  • Mode Memory: Yes
  • Lens: Vacuum Plated Coated Glass Lens
  • Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/SMO Reflector
  • Comes with a shoulder strap and a pouch bag

TrustFire X100 CREE XM-L T6 7-LED 8000-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3/4*26650)

Need to know the current! Everything is well set up for POWER!

75mm head, reflectors all the way to the edge.

Thinking of getting this and the Solarstorm (10A driver). Hands getting itchy again....

Next up would be 9 XM-Ls in a 75mm head.

This got my attention, think of the run time.

lightmalls says its a 7.5A driver. Assuming its correct, and across the emitter array... thats just a little more than 1A to each LED.

Finally something that uses a decent power source for a larger light.

Then it's around there like the J12.

The J12 is 3 x 26650, not too bad also. 2hrs in high for over 2000L OTF. But it (driver) probably would burn up sooner or later if used over 30 mins over and over again in our hot climates.

I wonder if its the same driver as the J12?... and if the J12 2x26650 tube will also work?

My TR-J12 will handle 30 min runs no problem and i live in australia. I get just under 2 hours on 3 x 26650's so this new light on 4 x 26650's if driven the same as the TR-J12 you could get around 4 hours of run time, now thats decent.

If this is driven the same as the TR-J12 but has 7 x T6 it will be more efficent and still should put out more light and will give double the run time.

This excites me more then the TR-J18 and the UF 7 U2,s and finnaly a high powered light with decent power sorce and run times a practible light for camping and fishing.

Will wait…was going to get TF-J12 but this light looks good as well. Will wait for beam shot of this

I have used it for longer than 30 mins (in Indonesia, always lights out there!) but it gets really warm after the 15 mins mark. No doubt you can do it but if you are saying like 1-2hrs stuff then i'd really recommend switching it to medium.

Now if you have access to replacement drivers, then blast away. (like I have 6 or is it 7 DRY drivers). I am more worried about the batteries overheating, not supposed to run them at over 60 deg C.

I remember the J12 doing like 47 deg C at the 12th minute mark.

Im not sugesting running them for 4 hours straight, even you said on my battery test 2 hours in high, im talking more for camping and fishing were you could use this new one and off for 4 hours on high over the corse of the night, but your taking it to literal and or refering back to modded direct drive lights not of the shelf factory units. The key for long runs is active cool e.g walking around at night or atlest a fan for in door testing where the TR-J12 can do runs over 30 mins + no problem, a bit of common sense goes along way.

Do they want us to play baseball with this? Seriously, Trustfire should start to consider the form factor a bit for future designs. A huge head followed by a thin & very long body is not only ugly but cumbersome for daily use. Any flashlight going above 3*18650 should have a parallel setup IMO.

It is not much diffrent to the TR-J12 & 18 or TR-3T6 very popular lights and in length it is about the same untill you add the 4th battery tube for extra run time. Look at fenix and the TK60 & TK70 they are around the same lenght, look at the TK70 massive head with skinny battery tubes people still buy that for double the price when the TR-J12 puts out the same OTF lumen's. I think this will give the TK 70 a closer run for throw with the new reflectors. The series battery set up is proven well in the trustfires and generaly the high the voltage the lower the current draw and these lights can maintain full brightnes. Till the end unlike others. I dont want short fat lights you can not get your hands around i want the original style flash light like the maglit D4 and D6 for the run time

Am I the only one to notice, this x100 seems very close looking to the big HID lights ?

Very close but cheaper and lighter.

I think the market should head toward small and powerful…. In the direction of the King and Tm11…. And in the power direction of 26650 cells …. I can’t believe there are people still buying maglites and when they see my King they act like they have been living under a rock …. :~

Are the X100’s reflectors really deeper than the j18’s. I have a J18 and the reflectors look identical to these pictures?

The difference might be in the head. 7mm larger on the X100, reflectors look alike in images ? But in real life comparison you might notice they are larger……