Video series - Modding the HD2010

Seeing as we may have a HD2010 group buy and seeing as how some members would like to see a breakdown, step by step, on modding one, I will do a series of videos on my approach. How to do a couple of mods to the HD2010 light.

First off is how to tear it down.

Part 2 is the tail cap mod

HD2010 Part 3

Part 4 is here

Here is the final part - Part 5 of 5

I have to change something I said in the final part. The XM-L will give higher amperage, but I am incorrect in sounding like it will give out more lux. The XM-L2 at a lower amp draw will still put out more lux/lumens than the XM-L. Sorry for confusing things.

This XM-L2 ended up drawing only 3.78 amps, compared to the XM-L, that drew 5.05 amps. However, this XM-L2 at 3.75 amps does 40K lux at one meter, where the XM-L does 30K lux at one meter.


Next up is an XM-L2 with a NANJG driver at 5 amps with the Copper Pill.

So, this one also came out 3.75 amps, even though the driver is capable of more, but yet the lux came out 61,500 at 1 meter. I suspect my meter is bad, so I am charging some 18650 Pannys and I will test the meter against the old analog meters, that always read correctly. Digital is just not for me.

I went back and did all the checks again, with fully charged 18650 Panasonics and the amp draws and lux readings were within 5% to 10% of what they were before, so odd as the numbers read, they are as correct as I can get them.

That's all folks...

Nice job OL!
1 vote for more BLF videos!

All BLF’ers can upgrade and mod :slight_smile:

Thank for your sharing of your video. Very interesting and eager to see the part 2.

Very nice video to learn the basics of disassembling a flashlight!

Im guessing Ill be referring back to this a bit…

Very informative.

Thanks for the video, again really informative!

Now on to searching the group buy thread…

Top notch detail. Definitely needs a sticky! This looks to be the start of a great series of a mod walkthrough with tips/pointers. :star:

Justin, that's a really good video! Not that I have'nt tried to do the stuff before, but you manage to explain just everything needed to understand. Your speed is just right for non native English speaking people and at the same time I was never bored. What impresses me most is that you can always find the right words to say every moment in front of the camera.
I look forward to seeing more videos from you and - don't change anything (I don't mean the flashlights).

Is there a way to make a light like this a twisty? Then put a TIR with an XP-G2 in the tail cap, such that light would come out both ends when twisted together for a connection? Or possibly one end in mode 1, the other end in mode 2?

A prank. :stuck_out_tongue:

Part 2 video is in the OP now.

EDIT: Also Part 3 is up and the rest will be up in an hour or so.

That was good for a nice laugh when you held the copper braid in your fingers and soldered the other end in place! :slight_smile:

If you hold the copper braid just above the point your going to solder with the needlenose pliers, it keeps you from burning your fingers and also stops the heat from climbing in the wick…which would allow solder to climb the wick and make it stiff.

Of course, Justin knows this but it might help someone new avoid a blister on their fingers. :wink: Once you’ve done it for a while, like Justin has, it’s not easy to burn a blister anymore.

All 5 videos on the first mod are up and ready.

Second mod to start soon.

Wow . What an informative and entertaining series of videos !

Thanks , man .

I like you way you commentate . Mmm Hmm .

OL, that is one of the best tutorial series I've ever seen. Clear, concise, and inspirational to say the least.

It just might get this old man to do his first ever extensive mod!!

I'll be watching for the group buy on this one.


PS: yeh, gotta solder those emitter wires before you turn it on...LMAO

All the videos are done.

That's it folks.

Wow! Thanx OL. :slight_smile:

Has the group buy for the HD2010 started already? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope, not yet. I am waiting to hear back from tmart on prices. Should be very soon.

Very nice tutorial for beginners, nice job :slight_smile:
Now, about the GB, any prediction on the price?
61K lux translates to how much meters of throw?

Thanks again, I am eager to see GB terms :slight_smile:

Thanks for going to the effort on the vids. One question. How did you earth the 7135 driver to the copper pill?