who is buying me a XP-E2 Torch led? Update: DBCstm did, test is in post#81

It is an extremely cool white XP-E2 (10500K !) which is supposed to be able to run at XP-G2 currents. We do that all the time of course, but what will be its limit? And does it dedome nicely? It is out for a month now and now available, only at Mouser it seems. I can not buy there without paying 25 dollars shipping, so who is doing a Mouser order anyway and cares to include six of these for me and send them to me, simply in a plain envelope (I will pay for the leds, envelope and stamp). I'm quite interested in testing these out :-) . EDIT: DBCstm send me a couple, I tested one in post #81


This is the best bin Mouser sells now (sorry for the dutch link, can't seem to get to the english site from here)):

Here's a brief discussion of the led at CPF:

There is also a XQ-E 'Torch' version, but that one looks less promising to me.

Too bad I ordered my Osram IR three days ago :-P

But I agree - expensive shipping!

If only you had asked a few days ago…. My Mouser order was delivered today

I believe user Buwuve offered to order things from mouser for other Germans here , he seems to place orders every few weeks. Maybe he would extend the offer to NL?

I've been waiting for these to become available! I'm interested to see how they do.

MY last Mouser order will arrive tomorrow :frowning:

But I would be interested in about 10 of these.
We’d need a Order of 40 to get free shipping - If we get enough i would be willing to do the order and forward the leds to you. (from Austria)

30 to go

Thanks for the intiative, seben :-) , I go for ten then, 20 to go!

Interesting LED. The problem is going to be the FV of 3.6 at 1.5a per the graph and 3.9 at 1.5a per the table.

I have seen so many factory specs (Cree, Nichia, Ledengin) being wrong about the voltage that until I tested it myself there's not much to say about that. Thusfar I assume that the voltage is no different from the standard XP-E2.

I don’t doubt that. According to the specs this is definitely a multicell LED. Curious what it tests out at.

Extremely cool white? 10500K? Why would you want that? Seriously, what kinds of applications would it be useful for? Bug zapper?

I want it for sheer output of course This is not about shedding some cosy light on the flowers you gave to your missus, this is about spotting bad stuff (please fill in your personal fear) from far away ;-) .

BTW, I'm quite curious what tint is leftover when this one is dedomed, I fear for the worst .

bump, still 20 to go, anyone else in Europe interested?

I'll send you one if nobody in Europe ends up getting them.

I'm in for 10. :)

If there is no lower limit, I'm in for 4

Edit I'll take six if someone will ship in an envelope to Australia.

I can order them from Mouser tonight and should have them in hand by Saturday.

Looks like 30 are spoken for, shall I order 50 to meet the price break? I don’t know how many I’ll try out, but will certainly try a few. :wink:

Ok, as of 10:45PM on the 3rd of March I have 50 of these little XP-E2 coming from Mouser.

All Abooooooooard!

I’d take 2 or 3, I’m not as big of a consumer as some of you it seems