【winners announced】【New Arrival & GAW】 CYANSKY P10 Small Portable AA Flashlight

A few actually.

Woo-hoo, I won!

I’m looking forward to my first CYANSKY flashlight. :partying_face:

Congratulations to the winners!!! :beer:

Congrats to the winners :wink: And thanks Cyansky :wink:

Thanks Cyansky for running the GAW. :+1:

I got my P10 yesterday.

Overall it’s a nice and very bright AA flashlight. The anodizing is great and so is the clip.

This is my first forward clicky flashlight so it took me a little while to get used to it. Only 3 modes/levels so pretty simple. The low is very low and high is very high, and medium is in-between (duh). Another level would be nice though. And thankfully no strobes.

The beam is fine, but there’s some artifacts in the hotspot. It’s a cool CCT, low CRI, and positive DUV LED, so not my type of LED unfortunately. But that’s probably what’s needed to get the max lumens which may appeal to others.

There’s a hot warning symbol on the head, but at most on high I measured (with an ambient temperature of 66F) was 103F (40C) so not much of a concern.

Thank you Cyansky for the flashlight!

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Thank you for the review. we really appreciate it. :beer:

After using the Cyansky P10 a bit, I quite like it as a compact AA flashlight, especially for the average non-flashlight-enthusiast.

  • build quality feels nice in the hand
  • beam profile is great for use around the house
  • three brightness levels are nicely spaced, and start at low
  • simple UI
  • minor detail, but I really like the contrast of the blue ring around the switch

I wish the emitter were high CRI. That’s the biggest negative for me, but many family members won’t even notice the difference.

The blue color of the Cyansky box looks really beautiful. It would make a great color option for the flashlight!

I can’t get enough of AA and AAA flashlights, since the batteries are abundant (alkaline only for emergencies, normally using only NiMH of course), and there’s no worry about lithium ion safety for the uninitiated.

It’s incredible how the venerable Sipik SK68, which looked tiny in its day, looks chunky beside the P10! And the light quality of the P10 is vastly better than the blue and less bright SK68. The P10 will be a great upgrade for the family member who kept the SK68 for emergencies.

For enthusiasts, a high CRI, Cyansky blue version would be amazing.

Thanks again for the giveaway, @Cyanskyflashlight !

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Lights arrived, first one in green has a defective switch so Cyansky sent a new one in red which I will write an impressions review soon in a new thread

Impressions thread here

The only reason why I like and continue to use my P10 is because I replaced the LED with a high CRI, neutral tint LED: What did you mod today?

In stock form, it certainly was bright, but not a flashlight for a tint snob like me.

Thank you for your review Bort!