XP-L V5 Output & Death test by Texas_Ace Surprisingly close to the XP-L2 at low currents but not nearly as rugged.

So many of you have seen my test of the XP-L2: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/43270

Thanks to CRX I was able to get an XP-L V5 as a comparison.

Same setup as my other tests.

The XP-L Actually made a bit more lumens per amp in the lower current ranges but this is not the whole story. Keep in mind that the Vf is much lower on the XP-L2 and due to this it is pulling less wattage at a given current. This is the reason for the discrepancy. If you compare them by wattage instead (which is what actually matters) then the XP-L2 is slightly ahead for the entire range and pulls way ahead at the end.

The largest benefit of the XP-L2 though in flashlights is the much lower Vf. Instead of being limited to around ~6A like the XP-L we can get upwards of 9A+ and the much higher output to go with it. It is also a lot tougher as it was still living at 15A where the XP-L died at a bit over 8A with a blown bond wire.

Overall they are both very nice, the XP-L2 is a marginal improvement technically but it is a big improvement in the real world FET flashlight use.

Like usual click the image for larger and easier to read version:

Comparison with the XP-L2:

Interesting, thanks for the test :THUMBS-UP:

Got any XP-L HIs?

Thanks for the test, that is a clear difference!

I should have something to post about before too long. Got a few others before I get to that though.

I don’t expect any difference from this test except for the lower output from the V2 bin.


Texas Ace:

Your LED tests are excellent resources.

Thank you for sharing your time and talents!