Convoy L2 driver and LED options

So whilst ordering a L2 late last night and with many pages open trying to find the cheapest, I accidentally bought just a host. Not a problem, but I’m not sure what I should do with it.

First thoughts was an XPL HI (because I have a couple on order), but then not sure what buck driver to use. I suppose a LD-29 would be a start, but would prefer 4-5Amp.

Second thought was an XHP35 HI, but finding a 20mm boost driver is proving difficult. Any suggestions?

Mountain electronics 20mm buck driver. Keeping it in 2 cell you can choose up to 6 amps. The driver is $21 before adding other options if wanted

Edit it use to go up to 6 amps. But only 5.5 now

H2-C from KD with XHP 35 is another option but need some work cause the driver is 22 MM.

I was looking at that. I spotted a measurement that showed the L2 driver hole is 21mm, so perhaps I can shave 0.5mm off all around the H2-C. I may wait until the host turns up and measure it myself (unless someone else can confirm).

@Speed4goal, I’m in the UK so postage from Mountain electronics is usually a killer.

I put a XHP50.2 J4 in it, with a FET driver and two 26350 batteries, and I really like it! Tons of power and a pretty nice beam. It gets warm quick so you definitely want firmware with plenty of modes.

I’ve already built a Solarforce M8 with XHP50.2 and zener mod driver with 10x7135. I also have a Convoy L6 (stock), several FET driven C8’s, some S2’s including triple builds and a random selection of odd balls. I fancied something with a little more throw.

Living in the UK you have two good choices:

1. Wait a few more days until the new still nameless Schoki/Lexel boost drivers are ready (somewhere in this thread).
2. Try a Luxeon V with a single cell 17 mm LD-4 driver from led4power. 2500 lm @ 11 A.

The L2 host arrived yesterday and last night I got to building.

A couple of days ago I started to de-dome a XP-G2 in petrol. Then forgot about it. 29hrs in petrol and the solder resist had started to lift at the edges. This was for a C8 build, using an old UltraFire host. I tried to finish this before starting the L2. Two switched burnt out before I spotted the screws where shorting on the copper PCB. Those solder pads on the KD PCBs are too big (or is it the screws are too big?). I thought it was the reflector to start with. Couple of fibre washers should solve that.

After that disappointment I looked at the L2. The driver bay measured about 21.4mm, so I started filing down a H2-C from its 22mm. Eventually I got it to fit. Popped in an XHP35 HI and it worked. The L2 switch is a forward clicky, so I may need to replace that. I did a quick measure at the tail and with 2 fresh 26650 it was drawing 2.6A. My Convoy L6 (stock) on the same batteries drew 5.4A. Possibly some loss in my meter. The H2-C driver also worked with 1 cell. I’m happy the build went well. Just need to try it outside tonight and see if I’m happy with the result.

How about the the L2 with H2-C result ?

Yes, very happy. I hadn’t had much time to check it out before. There is a bend in the road 300 meters from the gateway to our stables. The L2 hit this no problem, the L6 lights up all the way down. The C8 with de-domed XP-G2 not so much. The C8 measured 3.4A at the tail, so possibly some room for improvement (driver was lightly toasted also).

I’ll see how well my dash cam picks them out tomorrow. I have to be careful around here though. Its only semi-rural and the first time I used the LED lighting on my stables the police were called.

I’ve a couple of zoomies I’m looking to up-grade next. A Warsun X50 and X65. I’ll try another de-domed XP-G2, but from looking at my other C8 builds, I think the XP-L HI will be better.

(probably off-topic, but) Why would the police be called by using LED lighting on your stables?

Depending on Reflector.
I have 50+ pcs. of Convoy L2 stock (XML2 , XPL Hi ) and host.
There are 3 kinds of reflector.

  1. bigger spot , less corona <<< this is the best for modding for all LEDs.
  2. smaller spot , decent corona .
  3. smallest spot , bigger corona <<< not suitable for small die LED dome or dedomed XPG2 , XPL Hi , XML2
    I prefer XML2 U4 dedome + ATTiny25v + , 1500±LM , 230,000+cd.

Thanks for the measurements.

But I’m curious about the stock versions of the Convoy L2, I can’t seem to find specs (beam throw distance or candela CD). Would like to find out the approximate values (throw, CD) for stock Convoy L2 with XM-L2 and also Convoy L2 with XP-L Hi.

In the picture , first row is stock XPL Hi with 2 x 26650.
but 1 x 26650 is lower.

Hi =D

I am also looking at this particular driver for my L2. Just a few things I need to know. I’m planning on running it with a the following output levels:

Low = 80 mA
Medium = 900 mA
High = 3000 mA
Turbo = 5500 mA with a 180 seconds timer which falls back to 3000 mA.

2 cells will be used at all times.

Do you think this is a wise decision?

I am happy with the stock output of 3000 mA but I find myself looking for a bit more power now and then. Please advise.

sorry, what do you mean there are 3 reflectors? how do I know which one will I receive if I buy a L2?

I’ve seen two different reflectors for the smooth variant. The lip at the business end (that spaces the reflector from the host) are different lengths. The smaller one allows the reflector to be pushed closer to the shelf and allows easier focusing. The longer one is more limited and might require spacers to fit, thus moving the led further back towards the batteries.

I am able to get a smaller hotspot with the short lipped version, using a thinner LED gasket. Can’t do the same on the taller one without a copper spacer under the LED, or a thicker MCPCB (neither of which I have).

I have seen that there’s an OP available too, but haven’t had my hands on one to check it out.

Can I use a 17mm driver in the L2?

Driver hole is 20mm. You can use adapter 17mm to 20mm

or DIY :slight_smile: