CRX CuTi Triple Nichia 219C 4000K - 18350

Titanium, copper & brass construction.

Triple Nichia 219C SM4070e R9050 emitters
20mm Noctigon MCPCB
17mm MTN FET driver
Carclo 10507 TIR
ARC glass
Soldered MCPCB & pill
Magnetic contacts
Forward clicky brass & glass covered tail switch
Green tritium vial
Cyan glow details
Magnetic tail

Length - 72 mm
Width - 25 mm
Weight - 150g (With 18350 cell)
Max around – 2080lm OTF

CRX CuTi Triple runtime graph.


Previous versions.

Aluminium jacket.

very nice mod! edit: rather a great creation, not just a mod :slight_smile:

Thanks mate :beer:

Looks awesome mate!

I wonder if optics could be 3d printed.

Thanks. I doubt optics could be printed, usually injection moulded for the required smooth surfaces.
Could have installed the usual Carclo but wanted to do a mule build for a change :+1:

Another awesome creation CRX! Seems strange to call it a “mule” (ie. no reflector) when it looks so classy.

Nice work! (as usual :wink: )

I just noticed its a 22mm head lol. I was in awe of the light!

I think the 3d printing is an interesting concept i was reading about people 3d printing glass.
Imagine the opportunities we would have if we could print our own lenses and optics.

Yeah Equus sounds better, close enough :smiley:


Technology is improving all the time, future guys with replicators will look back on us like we lived in the stoneage :smiley:

Very nice looking CRX,
Elegant with a Punch.

Thanks mate, was severely tempted to put a charger board in it but refrained :wink:

LOL, I made an update to the ME4056… Can’t cut the wire holes off to reduce size more, the holes are vias to the other side components. I should have realized that before suggesting, let alone finding out after I cut it, wired direct to components and mounted it. :person_facepalming:


There were several with that one. After a while I was numb and it didn’t hurt anymore.
Soldering iron got a break this week.

Awesome mod as usual! :+1:

Putting those Nichia’s to good use :beer:

You make so many super cool custom lights, what do you do with them?

Keep the favorites, give some away and recycle others.

Astonishingly nice work as ever Stevi…….

It looks like it could be a steampunky sort of disguised torch clipped seamlessly into a gap on Cap’n Nemo’s brass bedstead, for when he needs a nocturnal pish…… Then a faux-telescope Stainless extension sort of thingy.

Maybe I’m tired……

Superb mate


It does this when “telescoped out”

Hows that wee copper fella, lost or dead yet? :slight_smile: