Defiant 3C MT-G2, 4 x 26650 custom build. 9 Amp driver pictures added 16.8.13.

I can't remember how long this light has taken to build but it has been an on again, off again ordeal for some time for one reason or another. I'm a little disappointed with the output off the light with the effort that went into building it. Its running a 5 amp IOS 3 mode driver which works fine, just the led I feel could be driven a lot harder with the setup in this light. The light itself was sent to me by a member on this forum.

As usual I'll let the pictures do the talking so you don't have to listen to my waffle.

Firstly the copper pill where the led is soldered directly to the pill with the star sandwiched under it. The thread diameter is 30mm to give you an idea how big it is. This is the first time I have made a pill like this. The pedestal for the led was machined on my lathe. I drilled a hole in the star and carefully filed out where the led normally sits.

The 5 amp driver 3 mode from IOS has as someone has described it elsewhere been iced. The wires to the led are considerably larger than the standard wires.

The heat sink on the largest fin is 60mm in diameter. It has a forward switch which works very well.

The plastic switch holder is the reject one from the OL comp build light. The ends are recessed for the round contacts to sit into and not move around. They came from IOS. The spring is the heavy one also sold by IOS. I have used a few of these lately and feel so far that there is no need to add braid to them. With a spring either end of four 26650 batteries, they are held very firmly. The switch came from, Also from memory FF with the contact plate removed. These have a very firm spring in them and also used in the C3 XM-L2 build.

The tailcap was made from copper mainly for a good contact for the earth.

The battery tube is one piece this time. It took awhile to machine out as I only have a small boring bar which was right on its limits machining in from both ends. If the tube was five mm longer I would not of been able to machine it. Its standing next to a TR3T6 for a comparison size wise.

This is the heatsink with the pill and switch assembled into it. The screw at the back holds the switch assembly into place to stop it moving around. The rubber switch boot came from FT.

This was meant to be all the components in the build but due to some prescription medicines doing their thing some items were accidently left out.

The finished light. About time one sez. The second picture is the TR-3T6 with a C8 sitting on top of it.

And finally a group hug shot. Left to right. Back to front. 3C XM-L2, 3C MT-G2, Rebuilt HD2010 2 x 26650 (I cant believe the light output after rebuilding), standard HD2010, and last but not least a C8.

The night shots will follow when I'm able to do them. Thanks for looking and reading.

The distance tonight is close to 68 meters. The pictures are slightly brighter than what they were in real life. On the meter the XML 3C is the loudest with the modified HD-2010 a little way behind. The recent rebuild on the HD-2010 has transformed a very bright light into an outstanding performer. I'll have to wait until I'm out and about before I form a final opinion on the 3C MTG.

If anyone would like mouse overs feel free to ask.

TR-3T6 standard light. 3 x Trustfire 18650. Tailcap current 1.39 amps.

HD-2010 standard light. Tail cap current 3.8 amps.

HD-2010 modified light. XML-2 led, copper star, copper pill, 5 amp driver, 2 x 26650 batteries. Tailcap current 2.67 amps

Defiant 3C XML-2. Tailcap current 1.4 amps on 4 x 26650's. This light.

Defiant 3C MTG-2 5000K led. Tailcap current 4 x 26650's 2.68 amps. The light in this thread.

The following pictures are with the 9 amp 3 mode IOS driver installed in the 3C MT-G2. New pictures were taken of all the lights due to the different conditions. The night the above pictures were taken we had a lot of rainfall and everything was wet. The below pictures were taken with the same camera settings but everything was bone dry.

HD-2010 Standard.

HD-2010 5 Amp.

3C XM-L2 5 Amp.

3C MT-G2 9 Amp.

I’m jealous. You get more people reading nothing in an hour than I get in a week. :_(

well, you can always use it as a baseball bat :bigsmile:

Gees your right. 136 reads and I was still trying to get it all up. I hope you all come back. Sorry guys. Done now.

I love those dst builds you do, I can’t wait to get a chance to do some machining.

Nice! How long would the tube be if it was proportional adapted for a Shocker? :slight_smile:

Nice machine work, your copper slugs make me jealous.

Not bad

That pill :love:

I bow in the dust of your grand and magnificent creation.

I can understand what you mean by not being that amazed by the output considering all the great work put into the light. It looks like a lot of great work and though were put into this build!

Im not sure exactly how many amps you are seeing, but if its around 4A. Then its around 26,5W at the emitter (assuming 6,5v.) Which is stock SRK territory, or slightly above. (3 XM-Ls generally output more lumens than a single MT-G2 at similar high energy consumption.) Also, MT-G2 is a floody emitter by nature, its mainly meant for useful close/mid range lighting, not impressive throw.

When that is said, most lights start sweating at that kind of current, some even overheat with long continuous use. I have a feeling yours just say "is that all you got! I can do this all day, at least til the batteries are empty." And with 4 of them, it should have good run-time too. :)


holy crap! lol.

It's crazy how fast things change in land flashlight. I remember it was just like yesterday when you made that incredible pill with a pedestal because no copper mcpcb's were available. It is still a better solution, but I imagine you would not do that way if you started today.

Yeah, the MTG2 in the DST reflector was a let down for me from throw perspective. It lights up a big area nicely and is great for general usage. I imagine dedoming will get you easily above 100kcd. How far above that is not known at this stage. It's on my list to try to find out. I know it won't compete with an xml2 in throw distance, but I like big hot spot throwers.

You're lights are so frickin amazing. I can't think of any production light that could compete with them in heat sinking and looks. It's going to be awesome when they are performing at their true potential. New emitters may need to come along to realize it, but it will be worth the wait.

I have just completed some rough and ready measurements on 3 lights at 8.6 meters. Take them as you please but it will give you a rough idea. I have no idea what the batteries were charged at but probably around 4 volts. All the drivers on the below 3 lights are identical 5 amp 3 mode IOS drivers.

HD2010 2 x 26650 98366 Lux.

3C XM-L2 T6 113158 Lux.

3C MT-G2 47334 Lux.

The beam on the 3C is like a laser beam compared to the HD2010 and the MT-G2 has a very noticeable hot spot which is around twice the size of the HD2010. So at 100 meters the MT-G2 looks like it lights up everything but loses all intensity.
Thanks to jmpaul320 for reasons known to him.

I hope you own stock in Alu production. That’s some seriously heavyweight hardware.

Wow! Amazing machine work! I bow before you great master!


Wow! Those are some really cool looking lights! I cant wait for the beamshots either. That machining is awesome.

The flashlights at the back are so tall that made me think they’re samurai swords! (or light sabers).

Very nice machine work MRsDNF. Boring something that long can be challenging to say the least. I only have a QCTP 5/8 boring bar holder and boring bars where not available in the length I needed especially when the holder eats about 3” of that, so I had to make my own using a TCMT 21.51 insert and 4140 chromoly steel rod then heat treating it. Now I can bore 10” taking small cuts, if I try to take larger cuts it begins to chatter fully extended.
I know how much time goes into making something like this and its greatly appreciated that you can share it with the rest of us. I was going to attempt something on the same lines as this with a MT-G2 but was afraid it might turn floody instead of a thrower. I would really enjoy seeing some beamshots with this setup when you get time, maybe it will help me decide what to do with my backup 3C defiant. I already modded one with a XM-L2 and a copper sinkpad with a led-lck 5 amp driver with 2 18650’s. The throw did increase by eye, but not as much as I would have liked. By the way, that’s a very nice switch design.
Keep up the good work MRsDNF and thanks for sharing your hard work. :wink:

Thanks for the kind words all.
Night shots added to the 1st post.

Thanks for posting some beamshots MRsDNf. That thing looks to be awesome. It doesn’t appear to be a great thrower but the beam is very even all the way out, no rings. The color looks good too. I have got to get me a couple of those MT-G2’s.
Thanks again. :slight_smile: