E2 triple, 18500 tube (18650 battery)

Inspired by this post on reddit, I created my own version of shorty 18650 triple. I used Jaxman E2 with 18500 tube as a host, but this mod can be done also with Convoy S2+. 18650 unprotected flat top is a very tight fit.

Album with all pictures

Other parts used (might change in the future 8^) )

Size comparison (S2+, E2 18500, D4, E2L 18350):

Tools used:

Pill does not have notches originally:

Finished pill next to unmodified. Height after sanding is 7mm:


Left: Luxeon V2 triple, right: 219c sm503 triple. Both have Carclo 10507 optics:

With old battery it pulls 8A on turbo, measured at tailcap. Flashlight gets hot extremely fast, because it almost does not have thermal mass. Shallow pill and not too much contact between pill and body won’t make it long runner. With VC6 leds turned blue. With VC6 on level 6 from 7 I measured 6A. I didn’t risk measuring next level without added resistance of the tail switch.

To do:
Install lower current driver.

Cool. Did you file off the threads by hand? Fun :smiley:

very nice mod. I also just finished a 3x219b S2+.
just for clarification: why did you file off the threads on the pill? Do you just push the pill into the light (“press fit”?) and there are no threads inside? I am not familiar with this host, thanks!

Nice sleeper! Should be 3000 lumen at least.

S2s use threaded pills, but the entire head isn’t threaded. You can only have the pill so far forward. For this reason, S2 triple builds usually use spacers to allow the triple optic to get to the front of the light. OP wanted to make a light that made more use of that space in the head, so they filed down the threads so the pill could go further forward, which eliminates the need for a spacer and allows them to use an 18650 cell with a body tube that’s usually only able to be used with an 18500 cell.

Thanks for the clarification!

I’ve been thinking of doing it for years… never actually done it.
Thanks for showing us how to :slight_smile:

Oh man…the 18500 tubes are no longer available :frowning:
This is surely a thing I’d like to try!! No doubt on it!

BTW, did you cut the springs or used them as they are?

Nice mod :+1: :beer:

Springs weren’t modified.

Thanks! :beer: