Maxtoch XSWORD L2K // 2000 Meter Laser Tech Thrower // Full Review

This is the new Maxtoch Xsword L2K sent to me for review and no other compensation other than keeping the light.

I do not have a link for purchase just yet , but the light can be seen at…………

I will post the purchase link just as soon as I have it. My understanding at this time is the Light will be listed for $299.00 when Maxtoch gets Now available , the buying link online at their Aliexpress store…………Page Not Found -

I will start by saying I DID NOT do a complete teardown of the head on this light. My reason for this is first of all , the parts on the head are glued in. With that being said I did not want to take a chance on breaking or messing anything up , since I don’t have a clue how everything goes together in there and this is a new technology that you can’t just get online and order replacement parts to fix the light at this time.

The Xsword came very well packaged in an outer box with the Maxtoch box in side that.
The Contents include the light itself , An extra switch , 1 switch boot cover , 4 extra O-rings , a Green filter lens and a lanyard.

The Xsword is not a “Big” light nor is it a “Small” light.
Here is the Xsword (center) pictured with the Convoy L6 (Right) and a C8 (Left)………

The Xsword has the build quality I have come to know from Maxtoch lights.
There is a nice AR coated Aspheric lens sitting in the head of the light.

This light uses the new “Laser” technology to excite the phosphor die , instead of a direct electrical current to an emitter as we have come to know. The laser itself DOES NOT make the light you see coming out of the head , but instead uses the phosphor to make the light from the phosphor , once the laser is activated.

The branding (etching) is all well done.

The fins are well cut and more than sufficient for cooling the low amperage this light produces.(charts below)
The Anodizing is all very well done and I did not find any pin pricks , bare spots , or thin spots anywhere upon inspection out of the box.

Here is what teardown I did on the light…………

The springs look to be gold plated and are very strong. All the threads are very well cut on every part of the light and all threads were well lubed when I took the light from the box. There are also double O-rings at both ends to insure a better seal against moisture.

The switch is a forward clicky with momentary on and works very smoothly through the L/M/H modes and the light does have mode memory and memorizes the last used mode after 4 seconds in that mode. This means if you want the light to come on in say Medium mode , just wait 4 seconds once you are in that mode , turn the light off and next time you turn the light on it will be in the Medium mode.

The driver is a regulated driver and holds a very consistent current and lumens after the light is on a few minutes and stabilizes. Once stabilized the lumens never changed on the sample I have tested and were at the same 376 Lumens that I read on my meter at 5 minutes , when the LVP turned the light off. (all in below charts also)

The tint on this light is different than any other light I have seen so far and it is hard to get the exact same thing I see with my eyes out there in my beamshots and on the video footage. The tint does have a green color to it , but depending on what you are shining on (re: trees , grass , white building , blue building) and the likes , the hotspot itself tends to look a little different with the color it is hitting. The main hotspot is not as green as the main beam of the light though when I look at it outside. The hotspot tends to be a very warm white and it was intended to be this way when the Xsword was designed , to help cut through fog , haze , mist and such. I mean lets face it this is not a light for up close use at all and it is designed to reach wayyyyyyyyy out there , so I can see making the tint best for the reach personally.

If you are wanting to use the light for hunting there is the green filter and although the filter does cut down on the “out the front” lumens , you can still see well beyond any distance you will ever be able to shoot. Just as my best guess , I would say you can still easily see 600 to 700 yards with the filter on the light.

As mentioned above , The Run Time is also very good due to the low amperage draw and the low lumens this light needs to accomplish such a throw as it has. It is really kind of amazing to me to be able to get this kind of throw from a Flashlight with such low lumens to be honest.
Here are the charts on my testing…………

Here are all the beamshots……….

(GIF) 62 Yards / White Garage Door —- L / M / H

(GIF) 100 Yards to Gate — L / M / H

150 Yards to Barn on High

807 Yards to Barn

807 Yards Enlarged

946 Yards to Oil Tank on High

946 Yards Enlarged

The longest clear direct distance I could find around me to get a beamshot was at 9/10 of a mile with the Xsword and I didn’t even think about getting a control shot. You will have to trust me though when I say there is absolutely no light on the sides of the Water Tower itself , where you will see the lighted part hitting the tower in the beamshots. The only light from the red light on top of the tower is exactly that , light on the very top of the water tower only. The sides of the tower are totally dark otherwise.

Water Tower @ 9/10 of a mile // 1695 Yards (approximately 1550 meters)

Water Tower Enlarged

Overall I feel this is a nice light with top notch build quality and for the purpose it was designed for , does an exellent job.

If there are any pictures of the light in the GIF images that you want a better look at , here is a link to all those………

For those who may not want to watch the whole video , but may want to see the live outdoor footage showing the Xsword compared with a Modded out 26650 Zoomie and the Maxtoch 2X , that begins at 12:30 of the video timeline.

Specs listed below video…………

Well done robo, and well done Maxtoch!

What a surprising light! The Sniper/Shooter build we know with a shocking amount of throw, I never even saw this new tech coming! Lol

I’ve heard a lot of concerns that the beam hot spot would be too small on this light, and maybe inside 50 yards this could be true, but at distance… the design parameter… this light really excels! Robo was kind enough to forward a second review light to me and I can truly say I’ve never seen anything like it! The beam in the air seems oddly colored but when it lands on target the color is fine, a yellowish warm white that doesn’t discolor or distract.

Impressive, to say the least! Thanks for the time spent on this robo, appreciate you! And a big thanks to the reviewer that gave my sample up, not ideal for them perhaps but it sure makes a nice coyote spotter over here! :sunglasses:

Always glad to do the reviews Dale.
Hope you are enjoying that Xsword as much as I am enjoying mine also. It just kind of makes me giddy when I see just how far a low lumens , low amperage light can actually throw

Very interesting!
It would be cool to see a comparison of all these laser throwers coming out, but I doubt there is someone rich enough to buy one of each :smiley:

Thanks for review.
Great light!! I want it but with my budget I may have to wait for convoy to make their own LEP. :smiley:

Thanks for the review, very revealing.

I’m saving money for a LEP flashlight. I hope when my savings go up, the prices come down, to meet in the middle.


So max lumens you got was 376? No where near the 500?

Glad to do it.

Your Welcome ……… It is a great technology to get the throw without having to go into the super high lumens and all the heat and high amperage for sure.

considering someone spends over 5000 bucks for custom flashlights, i think there will be some guys

The MAX Lumens was 417 @ start……the 376 is what it held through the entire run time until the LVP cut off. I think even if this light was only a 300 lumens light though it would still easily achieve a mile of throw , because in the medium mode with my measured 224 lumens it is still making 943kcd , which should come out to around 1.1 or 1.2 miles of throw as far as the ANSI meter.

Aha I see! Thanks for the clarification. Am currently hoping to see a 3km reach soon since its easily getting 2.5km roughly

For what it’s worth, I pointed the XSword I have at a water tower 1.9 miles distant and the water tower can be seen in the ensuing photo. It was a bad night to do this, humidity was bad and the bugs were out en-masse, but still the tower and it’s vertical legs can be made out as illuminated by this light, even from almost 2 miles away! I’m not going to say it was illuminated highly, it wasn’t, but still, even using the more inexpensive Canon G1X camera with a 1600ISO setting you can look at the image in full size, look through the mess of bugs flying around, and pick out the water tower in the dark night. (would be so much easier to distinguish if it weren’t for the illuminated flying insects!) It was a quick try and I had to leave very early the following day so there hasn’t been another chance since then, what with the amounts of rain that we’ve been seeing.

SOOC, zero re-touching…

And the little barn at 620 yds distant, clearly and pretty highly illuminated by the XSword…

35 lm/W at high? That’s incredibly good.

Robo, did maxtoch mention any estimates on the lifespan of the emitter?

Yeah but I think those people prefer spending $5k on a single superflashlight rather than $5k on 10 different flashlights that all basically do the same thing :confused:

Robert, there is no emitter.

I think the laser is supposed to be good for 10,000 hours, not 100% sure on that.

Very cool. Nice job. I don’t really have a need for a thrower larger than a C8 really but, this light makes me want to get one. I wish it was a little more affordable although I do understand this kind of performance comes at a price. Maybe I can save my pennies up for one. Thanks again.

I have not heard or seen anything on the life span of the laser source, I will see if Maxtoch can give me a number on that.

Also thanks toddcshoe

I own a Maxtoch light and its build quality is top-notch, even better that some of the major players currently in the market: