Rating: [BG] BangGood.com



  • Clean site organization, easy to navigate
  • Good selection of budget and premium lights
  • Forum discount on some products possible
  • Delivers Li-Ions when others don't


  • Many unhappy customers after "Cometa" group buy
  • One report of offering bribes for positive product reviews
  • Only offers free shipping to some countries
  • Frequent sloppy errors in product descriptions
  • Frequent reports of slow or poor customer service

They are still new to me and i don't know if they can be trusted fully.

But the site looks clean and i like the product sales counter. Very interesting!

More Pros:

  • Delivers Li-Ions when others don't!

Delivered my tk-75 without problems.


Awhile back I ordered a light, no batts, took a few weeks but I attribute that to the shipping blockage. Planning on placing another order soon. Bangood also has alot of the little electronics bits Fasttech has. Trimpots, battery carriers, connectors, ect.

For UK customers - They have a UK warehouse.

Made a order from the UK warehouse yesterday (Sunday) packed and shipped by end of Monday. I will update when the goods arrive.

Their UK warehouse confuses me. I looked at this $3.14 E14 bulb, but when I clicked the link, it turned into this £4.18 bulb!

I’m tempted to use their “Saw Better Price” feature, but not sure how they would respond to being referred to their own website where it is half the UK price. :wink:

I’m still waiting for an Olight A3T ordered on 21st September to turn up. Shipped 28th September (according to first email from them), or maybe 29th September (according to a later email in response to my chasing up non-delivery).

Bought a Small sun side switch xml light for 11$..

Placed a second order a week later for an O-light A3T from them and it came 3weeks later just like it's supposed to ..

Nice light....nice price

no issues with banggood at all

5 stars

Ordered three times, received two of the 3 orders very fast! Just as fast as fasttech.

Experience with them twice is hassle free.
ordering processing speed 1-2 days.
delivery speed is around the same as other store.
wide product choices other than flashlight.
and recently offers lot of good flashlight deals.
minus: the site can’t accept multiple coupon at one order, minimum US$25 for free tracking shipment.

Ordered the olight A3T, and received it in good condition within about 2 weeks.

no problems so far.. staff is also pretty helpful

DX also has a EU warehouse and their prices are also higher then the ones directly from China.

I appreciate that UK prices might be higher - what I complain about is that from the list of items on the UK page a price for, say, the E14 2.5W Warm White LED bulb is shown as $3.14, but when you click through to the item, a new price of 4.18 comes up! Almost double the price. Very strange way of (not) doing business.

Well this is getting a bit odd. Made a small purchase of 4 items form there “UK warehouse”. Now when I look at my Account I find the goods appear to have been shipped Via Flyt ?? First I thought maybe it’s all coming form HK or China? But a bit of google time shows flyt also work in the UK.

F L Y T Distribution Uk Ltd details can be found on 192.com here - http://www.192.com/atoz/business/nottingham-ng2/distribution-service-providers/f-l-y-t-distribution-uk-ltd/9c0c5b08f3823d5536bb2dec578985a432fd69bc/ml/

Notice the website listed for Flyt distribution-uk-ltd = banggood.com

So I’d make a wild guess that F L Y T Distribution Uk Ltd is Banggood warehouse in Nottingham.

More google, shows units 3 and 4 - http://castleparknottingham.co.uk/accommodation/

Which is near 19,000 sq feet of warehouse.

I’m giving them 4/5 stars for my rating, mainly due to their responsive CS.

3 orders so far:

1 they ended up splitting into two orders and both shipped within a couple days
2 went straight to back order and both have been bouncing between “back order” and “processing” status for the last week

EDIT: The status continued to bounce around and both orders ended up on “back order” so I decided just to cancel those two orders. Customer service was very responsive, so I am open to doing business with them in the future and hoping I have better luck. I’ve also noted several posters on these BG threads who I don’t feel were very up front about their affiliate links, so I will probably just strip off any browser tags from BG for anyone other than _ the _

Only one order so far, and that was disappointing.
The SmallSun ZY-T16, which is a 1x/2x 26650 light, came without the extension tube. So it’s single cell only… shorty mode.
As I ordered this one specifically with the 1x/2x option in mind, I was PO’d to the fullest.

They are on my personal blacklist ever since, which translates to: Only buy, when it’s cheap and nowhere else to get.

EDIT: admittedly they did improve.

They look legit to me. Besides, I see some stuff there I like. :bigsmile:

- CS is very slow

- Some products are very low quality
(C8, 501b, 2-slot charger, T13)

+ Price level

66 orders so far and no big issues and everything ordered has arrived. Saved a fortune on RC gear over UK prices :bigsmile:

+ cheap

  • coupons
  • Lots of RC stuff
  • Good forum reps
  • Good packing generally

- CS can be slow to respond and understand at times

  • Tend to repeat mistakes