[Sale] Buck drivers 20, 21, 22, 24, 30mm L6, MF01, MF02/04(S), TN40S/42, BLF GT, Acebeam X45/65

Buck drivers with adjustable input and output voltages and current up to 8A
selected parts for best efficiency

The base price for the driver is 16€

46/47.5mm cost 1€ more
20 and 22mm got pretty expensive Coilcraft XAL7070 inductor +3€

2€ shipping worldwide from Germany with priority air mail
optional tracking with 25€ insurance adds 4€
for very big orders I can add for 2€ per additional 100€ insurance

The drivers use Anduril or older NarsilM
Each driver gets calibrated for output current, LVP and temperature

XHP35 LED max. 2.5A same as the GT
XHP50/70 2S → 6 / 4S → 12V up to 8A
2S → 3V up to 7A white flat for example
4S -> 6V depends on size as the shottky diode produces a lot of heat


I also made 4S carrier boards for people who dont want to mod the OEM boards

2$ for a pair of boards one tray
3$ pair cut out and sanded to size
add 3$ to with Berylliumbronze springs and gold plated button soldered

XHP35, 50 and 70(.2) will work well
for XHP50 and 70 a MCPCB with the thermal pad not connecting the 2 LED pads over the thermal pad is mandatory if the body is electrically connected to the MCPCBs base
so for 12V reroute over a separate trace would be needed, usually a wire can do it on a modded 6V MCPCB

G common Ground
L Switch LED MCU controlled
LS permanent LED connected to battery
S Switch for UI ramping settings

LED+ is marked with a + (close to inductor)
LED- with a - (usually next to the main input capacitors)

new 20, 21 and 22mm

23mm for Klarus XT11/12GT running 2 18350s for Oslon BF or other 3V LED


new 30mm for L6 or similar lights

42mm TN40S, TN42 XHP35 8A 12V

42mm Niwalker BK-FA30S

added 3 pads for the auxillary switches,
one providing 5V for the Turbo switch
one sets multiples the current by 10 or goes to Turbo
the other divides the current by 10

46mm HaikeLite MT07S MT09S

46mm BLF GT Oslon Black flat (needs 2S carrier mod or 2 cell dummies)

Acebeam K65 the latest gen with programming port

Acebeam X45 the latest gen with programming port

MF01 3S LED mod to 4S carrier

MF02S XHP70.2 12V added some more thermal conduction as well as programming port

The battery carrier needs to be modified to 4S its pretty easy
2 trace cut on both ends and add one bridge

MF01 v2 MCPCB-mod for Buck driver

Not really ever used


the driver Sale is in my TA driver Excel spreadsheet which contains also DD+7135 drivers and other stuff

Efficiency measure on my 12V MF02S driver

Let me give it a try as I modded today for someone else a MF02S

I am bad at making videos but I post it anyways

actually the PSU voltage meter uses calvin clamps so its reading on contact points on driver to compensate losses on the wires, even if they are 2.5mm²

Turbo (measure 3 times and used average later on video the clamp meter offset were off 70mA)
Input: 15,15V 5.4-5,44A
Output: 13,44-13,51V 5,70-5,74A
Efficiency: 94,4%

I also changed the calibration resistor to get to 6.09A later and did again 2 measurements
15,11V 5,8A
13,6V 6,09A

fully charged VTC6 should give this voltage
16,17 5,37A
13,55V 6,04A

Input: 15,73V 1,766A
Output: 12,06V 2,12A
Efficiency: 95,5%

500mA switching frequency is over 1 MHz as output voltage low and input high
Input: 15,94V 415mA
Output: 11,2V 502mA
Efficiency: 85%

look also in my other driver topic for more Information

Niwalker Connections are special for the Aux buttons

The left row is for the aux buttons

V is 5V for Turbo and 10X for the switch
10X increases current by 10 max. is Turbo
T turbo even when electronic lock out or light off

M reduced the current by factor of 10
needs to be connected to (G) ground pad on 2. wire

G common Ground
L Switch LED MCU controlled
S Switch for UI ramping settings



Interested. But I have no technical expertise in modding anything, not even a cucumber, much less a flashlight, will you offer your services, to those who need help?

I bet there is someone near you who can help with the driver change and battery carrier mod
I am from Germany so shipping costs would kill it

I’d be interested in a couple. Are you planning different options with it in respect to current and output voltages?

I will build those with 4 shunt pads

The standard BLF Buck from del has a 0.091 shunt
I will be using 3 0.33 and one 1 Ohm resistor —>0.091 Ohms
Of course it is possible to go to different values for different output currents

The inductor is rated 6A, so that’s a current that should be without any problems availiable

Hi! Sorry I am not expert in MOD but I would like to know what do you expect with this Driver in the Astrolux MF02? I am going to buy a MF02.

This driver has the awesome Firmware Narsil

Battery carrier needs 2 traces cut and one bridge soldered to go to 4S/1P
Driver will be same size as MF02, so basically solder wires from one driver to the other

Thanks. Do you need to change anything to go from 12 volt to 6 volt output?

Hi Lexel. I have not done my first mod yet but I am interested and this does not seem like it would be too complicated. Would you let me know what you think this might do for the MF02, how it might affect performance of the light? Thank you

I’m in. Put me down.

Not too complicated the Battery carrier and driver replacement
The LED will be driven as hard as in the BLF GT and you got a great Firmware with NarsilM, highly customable

you have to ask DEL if that’s possible its his driver circuit

If there will be so options I’ll be in for a few, I’d like to have one for my sbt-70 led if possible ?

This driver is for 12V LEDs, SBT-70 is a 3V one and wont work with the current it needs

XHP35, 50 and 70 will work well
for XHP50 and 70 a Star with the thermal pad not connecting the 2 LED pads over the thermal pad is mandatory
so for 12V reroute over a separate trace would be needed

Those Sinkpads are OK, MTN, Fasttech and LEDDNA sells em

This LED star will not work if the star is not insulated from the body

Interested +1

Interested :smiley: