SFN55.2, SFQ55, SFN60, SFQ60, SFS80 and SFH55 LED info

I'm seeing these new LED pop up in a few lights but there doesn't seem to be much information about them yet. Apparently they're made in China but I don't know any more than that. I haven't got my hands on any yet.

This is what I've found out with a bit of Googling.

LED Footprint Approx Lumens
SFN55.2 7070 7800 lm
SFN60 7070 8000 lm
SFQ55 5050 3000 lm
SFQ60 5050 3000 lm
SFS80 3535 1850 lm

N=7070, Q=5050, S=3535

Here's a table from Nightwatch. Thanks to helicoil for sharing. I've edited in the translations. I'm not sure what luminous flux density is measured in as numbers look off for cd/mm^2/

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(Photo from Nealsgadgets)

SFN55.2 LED specs

  • 7800 lm (according to Nightwatch)
  • Candela is about 70% of the SBT90.2 (based on NI03)
  • Voltage: about 3V
  • CCT: "cool white"
  • Footprint: 7070

Appears to be somewhere between an SBT90.2 and XHP70.2 LED.

Flashlights with the SFN55.2


I can't find much info about this one, other than this Shopee page.

(photo from Shopee)

SFQ55 LED specs

  • CCT: 5000K
  • Lumens: 3000
  • Footprint: 5050?

Flashlights with the SFQ55


(photo from Kaidomain)

Kaidomain have a MCPCB with the SFS80 and also call it "P35 HI"

SFS80 LED specs:

  • About 1850lm
  • Footprint: 3535
  • Voltage: 3V
  • White 6500K / Neutral White 4000K CRI80 (from Kaidomain)

Seems to be most like an XHP35

Flashlights with the SFS80:


SFQ60 LED specs

  • About 3000 lm
  • Footprint: 5050

SFQ60 flashlights

  • Nightwatch NSX3E


Some info on this TLF post

  • Footprint: 7070
  • Lumens: 8000


SFH55 LED specs

See Tom E's post further down and Tom E's thread with lots of info.

  • Footprint 1110
  • Lumens: 9100-14200

SFH55 flashlights

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Thank you for the summary, Dave. I have already asked my contacts at Sofirn to find the datasheets for these LEDs. They are highly interested at least in testing SFN55.2. If anyone can help me finding out more about the manufacturer and the corresponding datasheets it would be great.

My first reaction would be to disregard these, they are made by a company we are not really familiar with, there is not much data out there about them and we do not know what production quality is like. But… I would have said the same about the GT-FC40 and it is a fantastic LED. So, maybe we will find out more. The 3535 does not look like it will throw like the XP-L Hi as it appears to me to have a larger square emitting surface. But, I am sure they will be found and tested here.

BTW, nice sleuthing!

Thanks LP. I’ve been though pages on Google but haven’t found any datasheets at all.

Nightwatch seem to have their hands on them, though I don’t know much about Nightwatch either. Perhaps Neal has some contacts that know more.

Mine too! They look like the kind of LEDs you get on a “999,9999 lumens” “XHP90” flashlight.

But I had a Nightwatch and it was impressive quality for the price, so I expect they know what they’re doing.

Hopefully someone with a bench PSU and sphere will be able to test some.

I’m looking forward to seeing data on these start trickling in. Do we know what voltage the SFN60 runs at, and whether or not it has a dome? If it’s a flat 6-12V emitter I could see it catching on in single-LED throwers as an option that’s (potentially) cheaper than an SBT90.2 but more intense than an XHP70.2, which I’d imagine lots of people (including myself) would buy.

Maybe someone with contacts to Mateminco (Freeme?) could ask for datasheets. I know Lexel once used to be in close contact with Mateminco but he has been offline for 9 months now. I try to ask helicoil (Martin) on TLF for he is very active on the Chinese flashlight forum Baidu and frequently posts news about these new emitters. Sofirn said these LEDs were maybe customized for certain manufacturers. That could leave room to hope for warmer tints (4000K - 5700K) if specifically requested. Usually, these LEDs come in 6500-7000K coldwhite tint. If I am not mistaken Simon Mao is in close contact to Getian who are willing to offer any desired CCT on request, e.g. for the FC40 LED.

Getian is hesitant about different voltage configurations though over cost concerns with complex bond wire layouts.

I’m particularly interested in 5050 footprint emitters in 3V and 4500-5500K ~80CRI (Rg > 98 , R9 > 5 , Duv < 0) for high output. A Getian competing HiCRI variant would be nice as well.

I would really love to see a 6V version of the FC40 as an upgrade path for MTG-02 lights.

As far as I have seen, those new China-LEDs are two steps back in terms of efficiency.
Sub 100Lm/W in times where even High Power LEDs are usually over 150Lm/W is not the right way

In this page shows the Nightwatch NSX3E "Extreme edition":


The description (in Chinese), translated, gives these info

NS33FE: 3x SFS80 6500k LED, max 24A current, 6200 lumens, 60kcd (490m)
NS34Mini: 4x SFS80 6500k LED , max 24A current, 6800 lumens, 70kcd (529m)

NS63FE: 3x SFQ60 5500k LED, max 33A current, 10000 lumens, 48kcd (438m)

(comment: SFQ60 LED appears to be in ~5500k color temperature)

How do you know that? Have you tested it? I understand why the SFN55.2 might not be efficient with it’s very low vf. Combine that with a linear driver and yh it’s not gonna be great. At turbo it seems pretty similar to 7x osram 2mm. Pulls about the same current with similar output.

10k Lumens from a single Cell light that draws 33A = ~120 Watts which means ~83 Lumens per Watt

That’s at close to max output. I don’t think a dedomed XHP70.2 will be much different.

I tested the SFN55.2 in a NI03 and got near makes no difference 29 amps at probably 3.3-3.5 volts (6912 conservative Lumens) with the included 26800 battery. I’m thinking of trying a 30T to see if I can get more since I know that 26800 is really working hard at that drive current. Until someone officially tests one in a sphere to prove it, I’ll put my money on the table that the SFN55.2 will be as bright (or brighter) than a 70.2 with less power consumption. Take off the dome and it will be even less output.

Nice legwork Dave! I am excited to see more of these high power Chinese emitters in flashlights. Hopefully we can get some data sheets soon.

There’s a new custom red led on kaidomain as well. I’m trying to get Simon to fit it into the Convoy H1

I would also be reticent regarding LED lifespan… until this is verified by a trusted 3rd party.

For some reason, the luminous area values in that chart seem to be way off for at least some of the emitters.
SFT70 = 6.25 mm²
XHP35HI = 5.8 mm²
SFS80 = 5.2 mm²

Interestingly, the lm/mm² values seem mostly in line with values in my tables. Two wrongs make a right?

Thanks! This is great.

From the image, these ones are discontinued or will be soon:

  • SFS80
  • SFQ60
  • SFN60
  • SFQ75

The chart also has some 11mm * 11mm LEDs, like the SBT90.2 but more floody:

  • SFH55 14200 lm!
  • SFH43P 8900 lm
  • SFH40 8000 lm

We need to find a cell that can handle 62A for the SFH55