SOLD OUT! -- thank you -- 3 ounces of Nyogel 760G for $12, postage included -- U.S. only

Hi everyone:

I hope it’s okay to post this here. I have what I think is a great deal on some nyogel that I’d like to share.

A sealed three-ounce tube of Nyogel 760G for $12, free U.S. shipping. But I only could get 15 tubes. So first-come, first serve. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Army tek Nyogel from Hong Kong on ebay is $13 for less than one ounce, with 3 weeks in transit. I will ship these tubes out asap first class or priority — whatever is cheaper — but delivery will beat overseas delivery by weeks.

I’m not listing/selling this anywhere else, not on ebay or craigs list or anywhere. This is for BLFers only. I’ll leave the offer here for a week or two, depending on the reaction, and I’ll notify everyone before I take it off BLF.

If you have ANY questions, please ask. If you want a tube, just say “I want a tube” in this thread. I will PM you with my paypal account name, where you can pay. PLEASE make sure your Paypal shipping address is correct. That’s where I will ship the Nyogel unless told otherwise.

I’ve never done this before on BLF, so I hope this is the right way.

As some may remember, I started a thread a ways back, asking what everyone thought was the best flashlight lube. Some BLFers thought Nyogel was a top contender. So I started to look for some way to buy it cheaper for myself because the stuff is priced like gold. I stumbled into this deal. Downside for me is that I had to buy 16 tubes to get a good price (kept one tube for myself). So I sure hope I didn’t misread BLF potential interest. Otherwise I’m stuck with THREE POUNDS of Nyogel, enough nyogel for about 6.6 million flashlights, which is about 6.567 million flashlights more than I have. :wink:

Why so cheep? Well, I was doing a bunch of cross referencing and came across some Motorcraft XG-12 grease for sale, which turns out to be Nyogel 760G packaged for Ford Motor Corp. How do I know it’s 760G? I called Nyogel in beautiful Fairhaven, Mass., and asked. According to Nye Synthetic Lubricants, this isn’t some look-alike or similar product. Motorcraft XG-12 grease is 100-percent real Nyogel 760G, just packaged for Ford. You can also cross-reference numbers through Ford’s parts web site. The same numbers are on Nye’s 760G info sheet. Of course, I also squirted some of the Ford stuff and known Nyogel on paper and did about everything to compare the two but taste it. :wink: It’s the same stuff.

Other things to be aware of:

1. The tubes are all sealed and appear to be airtight, but some have some loose labels and/or rubbing (see pictures).

2. Manufacture date is 2006. The Nyogel CS rep says Nyogel in a sealed container “at present” has no real expiration date. Ford loosely imposes a 4-year shelf life on Motorcraft greases. I couldn’t get the rep to say Nyogel lasts forever in a sealed container, but he said it lasts “a lot longer than four years.” I told him that tubes were dated 2006. He said: “They’re fine.” (I have tried this stuff, and it is GREAT!!! It’s the same consistency as army tek. In fact, not to bad-mouth other vendors, this Nyogel seems to spread on more smoothly with less congealed lumps than the other Nyogel I have. Could be a fluke or ???)

As for our international members, I’m afraid the postage will kill the deal, but I’ll offer the best deal I can. I also have to buy a shipping box for international mail. So, it will be like $14 for first-class international shipping, so $24 total for the Nyogel and shipping. Like I said, U.S. postage probably kills the deal. I’m not marking up the postage.

And once again, if you have any questions, please ask. And if you made it this far down, thanks for taking the time to read this.

I’ll take one

Awesome price - thanks for the offer !

PM on the way.

Putting the package and other details up means us guys back in the mother land can probably source it locally so ta for the heads up. :bigsmile:

  • heads off to the local Gordon’s ford…… *

I would like to buy 1 tube, thanks for a great deal, on a great forum. Waiting for PM.

Sending PM, next.

Only issue: will be Friday a.m. before I work off.

(No P'Pal @ work; firewalled out.)


I want a tube.

Five down, 10 to go! Thanks everyone!

I’m in for one. Thank you very much, Ubehebe. Awesome gesture for your BLF friends!

This is a decent price for BLF’ers, but aren’t you the individual that bought the last 16 tubes (14+2) - at $1.99/each - from the ebay seller seen here?

… or just coincidence?

Who cares where he got it ?

Do you plan on buying a tube, or are you simply posting to cast aspersions on the seller's motivations?

>>>>>>>>>>but aren’t you the individual that bought the last 16 tubes (14+2) – at $1.99/each

The problem with unfounded accusations is that no matter what the accused does, he comes off looking like an ass. If I say nothing, some will question why I didn’t defend myself. But if I do defend myself, I lower myself to the petty level of the accuser. Oh well, here goes.

I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to hide.

My costs:

1. $1.99 per tube

2. $1.33 per tube shipping from original seller (not reflected in the sales price posted by Mr. Flash.Light because the seller billed me for the postage AFTER I bought the Nyogel. And the negotiated LOWER postage was how I got the better price. The seller was originally asking $42 for postage, and I got it down to half that by buying ALL he had, which I explain in my original post. I bought the original first two tubes for myself and THEN thought it might be a good deal for BLF if I could get the price low enough on the remaining tubes).

3. $5.15 for flat-rate priority mail shipping on each tube to BLF buyers.

4. $0.72 in Paypal fees for each tube sold.

So I paid $9.19 (or will pay with the included shipping) per tube, which makes my so-called profit a whopping $2.81.

But that’s really not a profit at all. Because just like everyone here on BLF, my profit is a function of billable time. After I WASHED the tubes (yes some were dirty, so I washed them AND dried them); process and keep track of orders; buy the labels; address all the labels; pay for the plastic bags and bubble wrap for each tube; time spent packaging the tubes; pay for gas to drive the 30 minutes to and from the PO a bunch of times; spend MORE time standing in line at the post office (because of homeland security, packages MUST be delivered to the post office and cannot be placed in a mail box for pickup) — I’ll end up breaking even or making literally a few cents.

If anyone feels that I am overcharging for the Nyogel, i will gladly refund their money.

But the part that really puzzles me is why slam someone who is selling a product cheaper than anywhere else on the planet? Even if i WAS making $11 a tube, it would still be a great deal. Like Chicago X asked: “Why?”

Who cares where I got the Nyogel (as long as it was legally obtained). I just don’t understand why someone would criticize me for trying to break even and not lose money.

As I said, no good deed goes unpunished.

Wow, washed and dried!? Thank you, Ubehebe!

I’ll take a tube if there are still some left. Seems like a great price, plus I accidentally bought silicone grease at around the same price and that wasn’t very nice to my lights. I’ll probably keep the silicone grease to smooth out rough threads and use this stuff for the actual lubrication.

Hey, I love capitalism and I think profit is great. If you can make a buck or two, more power to ya!

BTW, Ubehebe-

Did I miss it? How do we pay you for it? Will you PM us an e-mail addy for paypal or is there another means you want us to use? Maybe I missed that part?

Sorry, Ubehebe. i just saw the PM you sent me last night. Disregard question above. PM sent.

I have 6 left and 9 sold. Thanks to everyone for buying !

Some people are just sending me PMs rather than posting here. That’s fine also.

I’ll post here when they’re all gone.

Thanks again!

Paid for one. E-mail sent. Posting to make counting easier.

Thank you!

I was a bit worried when I first read the title to this thread, thought that nyogel was some sort of explosive!