The Custom Driver Thread: BUY & SELL

This thread is intended for those who PROGRAM flashlight drivers and those who want to BUY/COMMISSION them for their own modding purposes.

We have a few members here who actively program drivers and the intent is to connect the people who want modified drivers with those who are willing to program and sell them.

Will those who PROGRAM and are willing to build-to-order identify yourselves in this thread. We'll keep it updated at the top of the thread so there's quick reference. You might want to briefly describe your abilities and limitations so we don't end up with a dialogue of posts that inevitably leads to this anyway.

Hopefully we can foster more flashlight modders and new flashlight creations. I hope this works!

[NOTE: Admin, I wasn't certain which sub-forum this thread should be placed in so I fully expect it to be moved if necessary]

I offer drivers like the NANJG105C 2.8A or NANJG101AK1 1.4A with custom firmware. I have written some firmware programs for these:

  • lucidrv (for lights with a clicky), the successor of lupodrv with nicer UI and two mode groups.
  • lucidrv/FT - lucidrv variant for off-time memory (requires an additional capacitor soldered to one of the stars).
  • lupodrv, for usual flashlights with a clicky. Key features: Programmable (change, add, delete a mode) with a nicer UI than luxdrv, memory type can be changed, too. Also a mode can be locked for signaling or tacticool purpose. See lupodrv
  • luxdrv, for usual flashlights with a clicky. Key features: Ramping; programmable (i.e. modes are configurable by the user, by a number of taps), the number of modes can be changed, too; battery indicator. Special UI that allows to have many modes without the need to cycle through all of them (short-cycle memory). See luxdrv.
  • lumodrv, for flashlights with an electronic switch, like UltraFire T50, SkyRay King, UltraFire H3. Unfortunately all those light are not quite modding friendly. Key features: Ramping; hidden extended modes; double-click to high; momentary mode; battery indicator. See lumodrv.
  • lumo35drv, for flashlights with a clicky (for power) and an additional electronic switch (for modes), suited for the TK35 and it's clones for example (requires modding to parallel battery setup). Key features: Ramping; hidden extended modes. See TheKlone35 & lumo35drv and a review.
  • mobydrv (for electronic switches), intended for use in a bike light (front ant tail), wich some advanced blink modes and easy switching a mode up and down.
  • simodrv (for electronic switches), for SImple MOmentary, to some extent mimics clicky light behaviour, features memory AND no-memory.
  • mokkadrv (for electronic switches), with a tactical touch: High, low and strobe at your fingertips.
  • RGBW driver for the XM-L color (or similar), for electronic switches, requires a custom board, comes as a kit (or completely assembled). Can measure battery capacity as a special feature).
  • I also can do some custom firmware.

I have a more thorough list of firmwares and the usage instructions gathered here.

The driver hardware always is a linear driver using AMC7135 current regulators:

  • Input voltage: 3V-5V (more like >3.3V to stay in regulation), well suited for driving an XM-L with a single Li-ion cell or multiple cells in parallel. Driving multiple XM-Ls is possible with a master driver and some slave drivers. Driving 2 XM-Ls in series with 2 Li-ion cells in series should work in a special setup (i.e. if you know how to do it. Don't connect >6V directly to the driver!)

Thanks, DrJones. You are one of the few I was thinking of

Too bad international shipping rates make it kind of expensive for us in the USA. I've wanted to try some of your work for some time now.

As for what I'm looking for: I'm thinking something with two modes and then maybe some hidden modes if that's not difficult. For the most part I mostly just need "turbo" and then a somewhat usable low. Basically push the XM-L to its max because the highest mode will only be used in short bursts. The idea is to keep it simple with just the two modes.

I can really recommend DrJones, he took very good care of me and my wishes. :)

Thanks :shy:

weiser701: International shipping is only 2 USD for my drivers.

Seems you'd like Tido's BLF-VLD firmware, classical modes plus an extended group.

luxdrv doesn't really have a main and an extended mode group, they are all in a row, but the UI (actually sixty545's idea) starts from the 1st mode like the no-memory flashlights, but actually combines that with memory: After using a mode (for >1.5s) the next time you switch it on it will use the same mode (memory), and the next mode after that is the 1st mode again. No need to cycle through all the modes. This effectively hides every mode behind it's predecessors, without making reaching it too troublesome.
It's pretty effective if you have your favourite modes at the start of list.

I found sixty545's idea very expedient.

I can flash the same drivers as Dr.Jones, but I only have one program it's a 5 mode evenly spaced from .002 up to whatever max is set at.

E1320, of course you're one of the others I was thinking of. I think you're 5-mode driver is becoming very popular already. The moon low is quite handy for this mode group.

DrJones, I didn't realize shipping for you was that reasonable. I'll have to definitely keep you in mind in addition to Erik. That unique memory programming is certainly practical. It's a good compromise for those who are on the fence about memory.

There was a third I couldn't put my finger on but DrJones just refreshed my memory - It's Tido. Hopefully he can chime in.

I just sold a driver to someone who didn't want memory. I convinced him to try it, and he likes it :)
It allows you to have many modes with memory but without the hassle to cycle through all of them.

Tido's firmware was the first I've seen, and the first 'programmable' one (i.e. configurable by the user, luxdrv has learned that much later, only a few weeks ago) and certainly an inspiration :)


I started adding a reversed driver spring to the Nanjg 105C drivers. Here is a picture in case you are interested.


How wide is the Spring? Over 5-7mm may cause a Short from Battery + to the Battery Holder.

There is absolutely no way it will short out, thanks for your concern. The Xin C8 comes with this spring setup from the factory as well.

Sorry, I prefer not mixing hobbies and business. I’ve got a day job writing kernel level code for eight to ten hours a day. Being obligated to code some more in my free time would suck all the fun out of this hobby.

Since the BLF-VLD is open source, anybody is free to sell drivers using it. Just make sure you are complying with the GPL by telling your customers where to find the source code.

So, as of now we seem to have:



Is anyone willing to sell the following modified driver:

- Nanjg 105c base

- 3.5A max (2 stacked 7135’s)

- 3 mode: 5%/30%100%
And this is the important one:

  • Mode storing happens when the driver has been switched off for 2 or 3 seconds. Like on the famous MF UF drop-in.

What I would really love to have is a 8.4v driver that has 5 modes with memory in a 16mm or 17mm base

Modes would look like this:

Mode 1: 5 lumens
Mode 2: 60 lumens
Mode 3: 200 lumens
Mode 4: 500 lumens
Mode 5: 3.4 - 3.6 amps to the led

Or even better, 5 programmable modes that ramp up like the Jetbeam IBS so I can configure each to my liking.

Or can one of you mod this driver to put the 5 levels or ramping feature I ask?

Who can do this for me? Paypal at the ready!


So what’s the going rate for a simple single mode, XP-E R2/R3/R4 drop-in driven fairly hard?

It would be used for a critter gun.

Don’t know if the driver experts are watching this thread, I posted what I needed but so far no one has answered, maybe PM them

Sent… for both of us :wink:


I have no experience with XPEs but I can make you a single mode driver. If have to add 7135 chips to a driver I charge $10 bucks for it shipped mostly because it’s real easy to wreck them when trying to add chips.

I don’t know of any good programmable 16 or 17mm 8.4 volt drivers and I have no idea how to make a Nanjg drivers memory switch modes when you shut it off like the Manafont driver .