[BLF special edition light] new Sofirn AAA twisty high CRI Yuji 5mm LED (CCT 3200K or 5600K) for 6.50 USD

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Cosmodragoon wrote:
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What over 7 months on a keychain looks like Big Smile

This is my general complaint with aluminum. You can get a nice surface treatment on there. It will look pretty when new. The underlying metal will still be aluminum. Let it bounce around a hot pocket with coins, keys, etc. and this is what usually happens. Some people don’t mind but it bugs me. So I try to take steps to avoid the tumbler action with my aluminum lights.

This always reminds on the following post:
"FREI" wrote:

Inova after 2 years of use, Xeno after 3 month:

Some alu lights last much longer than the others.

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Di_Joker wrote:
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We need a similar BLF edition of this fantastic AA light!


Actually sofirn change SP10 V2 to SP10S by using LH351D 5000K 90CRI, and same UI.

This is great news, need more flashlight models with emitters LH351D !!! I think many will be interested in the LH351D 4000K 90CRI and maybe even 3000K. Good to have a choice. I use TIR – optics in my Sofirn SP10b, maybe a Sofirn will also sell such an option?

Yes, I am want 3000K too. Hope, Sorfin will done it.

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