[Alibaba Adventure] GT-FC40: XHP35 HI's Bigger Sister, with 90+ CRI

After my unsuccessful attempt in finding a high CRI 5mm LEDs for Djozz's C01, I continued my search. Now, I've found what appears to be a bigger version of XHP35 HI.

Here's the FC40. The Die size is equal to the XHP70, but the LES is 5*5mm. The LED is rated at 40W, and produces 3000-3200lm at 90+ CRI and CCT range of 5000k-5500k. (Note. I told them to make a 95 CRI sample for me, this one may actually be 95 CRI, assuming that the company messed up the label. I'm currently reaching out to the company about the label. Meanwhile, I will just assume the worse for now.)

Here's the light comparison between the FC40 and the XHP70.2 @5500k CCT at low-ish output due to lack of heatsink. Subjectively, the FC40 appears less green but more bluish (which is to be expected due to higher average CCT)

The company also provided binning chart and claims that they can assure that the LEDs made for me will always have A5 tint for 5000-5500k CCT.

I now ordered a pair of H2-Cs along with a pair of Sofirn C8s hosts. I will put these CREE's and GT's LEDs into one each and properly compare the light. Now I'm waiting for the host to arrive.

Side-by-side beamshot

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I am currently having 10 of these. I will keep at least 2 for myself. Another 2 will be sent to Djozz for testing.

Very interesting…

Ooo interesting indeed! Can they make them slightly warmer? C4/A4 could be very promising.

I think they can make A4 bins. But the next time I will have to buy at least 70pcs/CCT. I plan to sell these anyway so I can ask them if they can. The C3/C4 bins is unlikely though, I asked them once and they said they are not making those.

The price isn't exactly cheap either, the ex-work price is comparable, if not slightly more than XHP70.2's, and so is the retail price should I sell one. That obviously means I can afford to buy one CCT's at a time. I should open a vote to see which CCT's you want first and second. Although there was a poll by Clemence and that 5000k's are the most popular color followed by 4000k's.

Nevertheless I will make sure that they can make 95+ CRI so it differentiates well enough from the XHP70's and justifies the higher price. They don't charge much more for better CRI though (though it costs lm/w to do it).

Very interesting, looks like it has 16 dies in there. Is it a 12V emitter? A good high output hi cri emitter is currently non existent so hopefully this will fill the gap.

Yes, it is a 12v emitter. The XHP70 besides it is also a 12v version with 90+ CRI

and yes, I’m a CRI nut

Undomed large LED. Very interesting. Very.

Are these for sale currently?

Interesting. :slight_smile:
The maker is Getian, right?

I would be interested in a few FC40 A4 (prefered) or C4. I’m a little bit concerned about its longivity considering the weird finish.

I also would like to mod an Astrolux MF04S with an XHP70 (.B) 3000-3500K CRI90 (min), have you seen something like this on alibaba ?

The A4 bin might be a good one.


I can tell that the finish is Silicone. The gold substrate is blue LED and then they put the phosphor-laden silicone on top.

Well, I can sell the remaining 6 4 of these for $12/ea (excl. shippimg). Just mind that these are meant for ‘beta testing’ and I have seen no hard numbers yet.

edit: Loucas took 2 of these. There are 4 left to be either sold or given away for public review.

It’s on Aliexpress. The very CREE that I used in comparison was the 90+ CRI 5000k version bought from HotRed Store. The very same store also sells 6500k and 3000k variants. You get to choose voltage, too.

uhh, nevermind, the 90CRI version only available there in 5000k.

You might try your luck here, but it’s 1000pcs minimum order.



The manufacturer says the CRI is indeed 95, and they won’t make the label for 95 CRI.

They have yet to confirm if they can produce the A4 Bin. So, don’t hold your breath for that.

Nevermind, they said they can do A4 or even C2, if there are enough people interested in.

Why do you call it a bigger version of XHP35 HI? Why not just say it’s like a XHP-70 HI? Anyway, I’m eager to see what the “collimated” beam from these look like compared to the XHP-70 when you finish the Sofirn C8 builds. Will you also de-dome the XHP-70 to compare with both LEDs being domeless? :innocent:

This sounds exciting. If everything test out well, perhaps we can get MTN or Kaidomain interested to buy in the quantities they need and we can just buy from them.

The reason I was reluctant to call that a XHP70 HI is that the given spec wasn’t as efficient as the XHP70.2. By estimate it should be about 20lm/w behind at the same CRI.

By the way, just want to let you know that I also plan to later buy these in bulk to make part of the living, and also gain funding to hunt for another product.

No problem with the reduced efficiency. We expect that with all high CRI variants. If you check CREE specs, you can often find that their high CRI versions of emitters are at least one or two brightness bins lower than their low CRI version of the same emitter. In other words, the high CRI version just isn’t available in the highest brightness bins. Same with low CCT (warm) versions. They can’t make them as bright as higher CCT (colder) versions, so the highest brightness bins just aren’t available in the low CCT versions of their emitters.