(closed,all sold out) Give me your money: 2nd BLF Light, TrustFire A8

Light will be the same as what _the_ received and reviewed.

When i said color box or gift box, it's same thing.

Carton is yellow color outer box.

Aliexpress link. (pls ignore the description,and leave a message with BLF A8,

if you need only the light,pls make order,but Don't Pay Before i change price.)

Cool white,18650 sleeve available (pls leave message),holster included.


1.only the light. China Mail: 23$.

ePacket,SG,HK MAIL:25.5$.

2.set with a TF Flame 26650 battery+TR-005 charger+gift box. (EU,US or UK plug)

(If the color box is necessary,pls specify,i will protect it with carton.

if no message received, i will protect the light only.It really takes too much time to make a suitable box with my knife)

China Mail:38$


45$ for a DHL 3-5 days' shipping. (USA only)

For other countries,pls PM or email me to check the DHL price.

Driver 2.5$/pc.(send together)

Any question,pls feel free to tell me.

Best Regards



See pictures here. will send to "_the_" for a test today.

It takes 4days for shipping.


Last one,please, no argument any more. it's in progressing.

High-Med-Low-Moon, with memory, (highest 17 votes)

TrustFire A8. BLF Edition on other side.

18650 tube and holster is free.

Hopefully i did not miss something,or displease someone.


3RD, for the missing things.

1.TrustFire A8 on one side, BLF A8 on other side.

(A8 twice,does it sound good? we Chinese like to say some words twice)

No memory, starts at high. no OP reflector.


2nd edit:

Original name will be on, BLF A8 will be on other side.

Holster is included.

Host without driver is available.but as you see, driver has little value.

The assembling is more or less same.so can't save too much money.

what i suggest is to spend little extra 1-2$ to have a complete light,

then do whatever you want to.

Will make sample today,may need 10 days,

and 3-5 days shipping to one BLFer to test and review.

(all factories don't like mixed small orders,more time and less money.

we try best to satisfy most of the people,and ask for something as many as possible.)

BTY,it's REALLY slow here, for something important,can email me,rey.gosea@gmail.com

Best Regards


The following in RED is what i edit.

I start a new thread here, post #1, and everyone can see it more easily.

Here is a review of original A8.

BLF version will be:

H/M/L/Firefly. 100/30/2/0.05~0.1%.

NW XML T6 3C. (cool white optional)

1k Hz PWM (2K HZ)

2.8A Current

18650 tube available. (from J18)

Driver available. size:16.7mm diameter. Picture here

2.5$/pc.(send together)

just the driver.6$.(ePacket,HK,SG Mail)

Option: (order 2pcs,2$ discount, 3pcs 3$,....... )

1.only the light. China Mail: 23$.

ePacket,SG,HK MAIL:25.5$.

2.with a TF Flame 26650 battery+TR-005 charger+gift box. (EU,US or UK plug)

China Mail:38$


45$ for a DHL 3-5 days' shipping. (USA only)

Sounds like a sweet setup in the final product!

Have you ever thought about selling these drivers separately?

Wow, pretty cool that you are doing this!

impressive, even after so much work with the last GB!


Hmm, then you pay only $2 for the charger and giftbox as the battery is around $13, good deal!

Where do we sign up!

I wish all vendors were like you, You have done awesome things here on BLF and I just want to Thank you!!!
Keep up the great work…

I’d take one of each.
How much for DHL to Australia ?
I’m still waiting for the Mini, so DHL has to be quicker…
How much for Option 1 and Option 2 together via DHL to Australia ?

Does the light come with a 18650 sleeve?

Does it come with a holster?

Call the BLF How2

sorry BLF 2

Driver mA?
U3 1C bin?


that's good idea, actually i sold some BLF mini drivers.

Put me down for one light with a battery and charger shipped by DHL along with an extra driver.

If it does not have blinky modes, I'm in for one.

Are they available now?

Name: Reylight

you must be kidding me,

If I can order the driver, then what size is the driver and how much would it be?

Oh, and I’m in for Option 1China Mail.

BLF A8 … simple as that. :slight_smile:

will need 10days to make sample.

and send to one BLF member to test well,

then sell it.

What driver does it use? It seems a NANJG105C would fit.

The A8 has been on my wishlist for a while now, so I’m in for one (NW) with cell & charger.

What's the price for 2 lights only?

Can you do it for $40

I think you should just call it:

TrustFire A8
BLF Edition