CRX Concept I Carbon Fibre Lighted Switch Flashlight

Hand made carbon fibre & brass tube flashlight with electronic illuminated tail switch.
Cree XP-L HD v6 2C on 16mm KD DTP MCPCB
17mm MTN FET driver with moppydrv E-switch firmware
18mm SMO reflector
17mm ARC glass
GITD LED surround
Circular ring illuminated momentary tail switch
18350 cell compatible
Micro USB charger unit
Magnetic front & tail
Brass & Carbon fibre construction
Max - 1260lm OTF
Length - 94mm
Width - 20mm
Weight - 90 grams with 18350 cell

Build pictures:

Pill ConstructionElectronic Lighted Switch ConstructionInternal Body Charging UnitBrass Frame

Outer Carbon Fibre Shell


Nice! I swear just yesterday I had a very similar thought. I was “juggling” around some copper fittings thinking of light ideas and then I remembered the colorful rainbow line of xiaomi aa batteries. I thought it would be cool to have a flashlight that would swim off batteries with interesting or appealing designs. Is that what this will be? Open view of the battery? Or maybe it’s just not finished? :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m not sure how it’s going to be finished yet, I need to order another piece of tube for the last side.
Thinking… :wink:

Very nice. :+1:
I’ve had a similar thought also for my next build. :slight_smile:

Flashlight decadence!, design over function. I like it :slight_smile:

Moooom ! Stevi is doing it again, he doesn’t want to make flashlights like everyone :innocent:

I would not cover the reflector or battery, but add someting to the driver ring to

Keep it as it is to be a unconventional design

leave it as is, steam punk beauty!

You know what I mean :heart_eyes:

When mere mortals like myself think of flashlights, the form of it will be a sodacan, tube, plunger or box-plus-reflector. Not you. Every time there is a new object to amaze us all. And once again! You are not afraid to think out of the box. :+1:
On the other hand: I think I’m glad you were not on the design-team for building women :smiling_imp: I like the traditional ones!

Concerning the battery: how about an acrylic cilinder, or something like the sliding door of a TGV (train).

Although yours is quite different and much more elegant, it reminded me of the Gatlight from Lumencraft.

That’s a really cool design :slight_smile:
If you used one of those custom nitecore/olight batteries with both contacts on one end it might be possible to use a strong magnet to hold the head onto the battery with no body :stuck_out_tongue:
Literally just a head and a battery, nothing else, not even a tail cap.

Could be a scale model of an ion drive interstellar craft, complete with power supply!

You could do something like this amazing with your skills on the lathe.


Thanks :beer:


Snitch :smiley:


Nice ideas, thanks.


Nice charger.


I don’t know, I might have been able to come up with a couple of improvements there… :smiley:


Yeah I always liked that design, wonder how long it would take me to make one of those with a hacksaw and file :laughing:


Interesting idea… :wink:


Well that’s exactly what i thought :slight_smile:


I knew this reminded me of something!

It looks just like a Y-Wing engine pod:

This is automatically cool, of course :slight_smile:

I think he’s on to me :smiley: