DIY Driver East-092 style (AMC7135 and DMG6968U)

Latest Build Documentation:
TiVo532-092A_LED_Driver_1.0.pdf (installation software and docs)

The resistor and zener on the left are for 2x 18650. Have not tested it yet. Will remove D1 if 2 Batts. If one batt will not populate left two components. :beer:

Need inputs to improve layout. :beer:

I like this idea. It'll be nice to have something that does true direct drive without a lot of stacking, but still have a decent low, and hopefully not have the current rising problem that 7135's seem to have.

What size is the board? Given the new copper pills recently made available, what do you think about making the boards 17mm, but with enough of a ground ring that can be filed down to still work in the standard HD2010 pill?

Hi Leaftye,

Yes it is 17mm. What is the HD2010 driver size?

Disregard. It's 17mm. Maybe I gave too much blood yesterday. :D

Subscribed :beer:

This looks interesting.

I Like this as well :slight_smile:

Ooh, boy! Subscribed.

I look forward to a chance to combine this with Tofty’s 10a switch and Mattaus’s silver plated copper P-60.

Good to see some proper DD drivers. :slight_smile:

Forgive me if this is obvious to everyone else but me, Tivo532, are you going to make these and (A) offer them for purchase? (B) Show us how you did it and link us to where you sourced your parts? I think either or both A and B would be really cool.


Cool stuff, keep it up :slight_smile:

Looks interesting

With which layout program did you make the layout?
I started a similiar project with eagle but didn’t knew how to make a round PCB and the layout.
If a atmel mcu is used we could use drJones superb software like on a nanjg.

What is D2 good for?
I see no gate pulldown resistor to prevent the gate charging up?
Another thing texaspyro has told me is that we only get a small average current but the led sees spikes of the full current all the time.
Have you tested a mcu output direct to the led? Would this work as moonlight?

Hi Scotty,

Option B. It’s a DIY project and would like to share this to whoever are interested. Like an open source software. :slight_smile:

Hi Werner,

1. I think he’s using Allegro but I’ll double check when I get back to work.
2. I used Zilog MCU as I’m familiar with it and like to do it myself(DIY). I was reading the forum when Ohaya ask me if can take a look at the East-092 problem they were seeing and did some experiments as posted in the OP. I’ll post here a video of the actual testing.
3. D2 was in the original East-092 and carried it over in the circuit. Discussion about this diode here.
4. Good one on the gate pulldown. I’ll add that to the circuit and re-layout the PCB.
5. Not sure what you meant by testing the MCU output direct to the LED.
6. Yes it works in moonlight mode. See original post.


Here’s a video of the testing I did for the OP. I’m just showing here the changing modes from 3% > 35% > 100%.

The idea of building a driver like this has been a fantasy of mine for quite a while. I say fantasy because I have no idea how to start. Please, keep up the good work and post an instructional for how to do it when you have it dialed in.

not to go off topic but when finished as a open source software would anyone no where to send to get made ? id like to get some made and for u guys as well ?