High current drivers for single XM-L2

Im basically trying to find out which high output drivers are out there and how good they are. So please, share your info with the drivers I mention. Or link to other drivers of interest.

My main reason behind this thread is finding drivers that will do 6A++ to a single XM-L2.

SST-50 driver sold by FT and various places. Specs says: 4A- 5 mode

Is it any good? Can it easily be resistor modded? (looks easy to resistor mod)

The review on FT site says that driver uses PWM and beep during operation. So, its got PWM whine on all levels?

The SST90 driver is quite large. But rated at 6,5A 4,9-5,1 and it seems easy to resistor mod for whatever current desirable.

It looks to be exacly the same as the one DX sell. This review only said it had 70% efficiency and 5,7A to the emitter.

IOS sells a 9amp driver. Several BLF members seem to have one?

9amp is too much for an XM-L2, but it can be resistor modded for lower output. (There have been some overheating issues when driving MT-G2s hard.. )

LCK LED have a 5A DUP-5S driver.

For some reason it have strobe in between low and medium. My driver even had SOS instead of strobe.. Good output, but it can not be resistor modded since its somewhat "potted". So this is limited to 5A.

LCK LED have another 5 amp driver, FL-2

Its 5 amp. (me and some others have gotten a version with 5 modes, but its supposed to be 3 mode). I have not been able to resistor mod it for much more than 5A. (hopefully others will try) This seems to be the same one as the one sold from IOS. 4,5A buck driver

Edit: Its also available from Lightmalls see post 4 and 5. Its available in 5-pack and with different current 3000mA/5000mA, and 3/5 modes. (That kinda explains why I and others easily got a 5 mode.) They are not that expensive in a 5-pack. 0:)

3A version from LM (1-pack)

3A version from FT

IOS 3-18V 5 amp

With a single emitter it should output 5A. I used to have one of these. Slow mode changing and it whines. Otherwise pretty decent.

Many seem to have this driver in various lights. It has been resistor modded by some (Relic 38 and maybe others) But how far can it be pushed in terms of output to a single XM-L?

TR-3T6 driver

5 mode (with strobe and SOS). Very cheap, and have been modded to around 7A to the emitter by ImA4Wheelr.

SST-90 driver from Ebay. Might have high output. Various sellers have them. The specs seems to be inconsistent. Some say 5A max input, some say 7A max input. Some are meant for SST50 and are rated 5A or less.

The East-92 direct drive driver is back in stock at Fasttech.

Even if they have a decent version now. Which it does not look like based on description, or my experience with the same SKU. Im not buying another one. My last one was only 2 amps. I may have read someone have seen 3 amp or so...

Either way, its a single cell driver. It will not do the type of current I am requesting or looking for in this thread.

Yes I’m testing one now in a thrower project. I tried it with an XML2 and got 5.5A and also 5.2A with an XPG2 >) both on sinkpads. The xpg2 died after 10 minutes of shining it around the trees. The XML2 worked up until I dropped the light on the concrete floor. it never worked again after that.

I just saw this yesterday, no firsthand knowledge.


Looks like this driver from IOS


But in 5 pack. Nice price! :)

I though it started life as a 3A driver. Then IOS modded it to 3,5A. Now its modded to 4,5A. Does anyone know how much further it can go?

Edit: And that is also the same as the FL-2 from LCK-LED??

Edit2: LM seems to have it as a 3 amp version too.

And they have both the 3 amp and 5 amp version in 3 or 5 modes.

Thanks, that is useful information.. Did it have any PWM whine?

I wonder why the XP-G2 died.

I have a driver (stock driver in STL-V6) that is adjusted for close to 5,3A. Will combine it with an XP-G2. That might be able to do 6++, but I have not pushed it that far (yet?), but its not available from any stores..

IOS 9A has a huge pile of 000 resistors, should be easy to remove them all and add back until you get what you want. No clue about the stupid overheat protection though.

Do you have an FT link for the correct East-092 version? The one I see on FT doesn’t show it back in stock.


stock In stock
quantity __
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They’re not selling any version, 2A or 4A. What am I missing here?

What you're missing is the part where it says 'in stock' and you can add it to your cart. They just haven't removed the note at the top of the page yet.

Thanks Racer86 for starting this thread. The 21.6 5A LCK-LED driver is the same as the 4.5A IOS driver - identical, only difference is the resistors, so it must be very modifiable by resistors. I got both side by side - clearly the same driver. the LM listing specs and left side photos match this driver as well. I don't understand their photos though showing 2 different parts: lightmalls-5000mah-3-mode.

I'm new to this so please bear with me. I have an UltraFire single 18650 cell light using this bulb. What would changing the driver do and how easy is it to change drivers?

Hi, on most lights its fairly easy to change the emitter. (Atleast when you are used to doing it). The main reason for changing out a driver can be:

- Increasing current on high

- More or less modes, with or without blinky stuff

- Better mode spacing

- Getting moonlight

- A more advanced UI, programmable, hidden modes, battery indicator etc...

- Less PWM, not visible or audible

- Better efficiency..

- Better memory

- etc...

This is not the thread for your light though. This thread focus in maxing out the XM-L2 in larger lights using two batteries. This might also require modifications to the driver circuit. Using copper mounted emitter etc.. This thread is about taking the XM-L2 to the extreme. The emitter is rated for 3Amp max, which for most is a lot. Here I am looking for drivers that can be modded to do 6A+.. J) Or generally, just getting of list of extreme output driver circuits.

Read around on some build threads, stickys and stuff. That will give you some basic knowledge. In many single emitter lights (using 17mm driver circuit), a Qlite driver circuit is a very nice and simple upgrade. Make a thread about your light if you need help modding it...

hmm.. good catch. I can not comment on the difference though. One light seems to have a large toriod and another picture uses a small one. Maybe others know more..

3A version small toroid, 5A version large???

I swapped back to an xml2 on a sinkpad. However my driver must be defective, it only has off and on, no other modes. Now when it came in the mail it was broken squashed flat. I soldered it back together used it and forgot it was supposed to be multi-mode until you just mentioned it.

Well, a single mode driver pushing 5A+ isnt the most practical driver. Did it come from FT?

Btw, when I read the part you have quoted me on. I have no intention of pushing an XP-G2 to 6A.. Only a bit more than 5 amps.. 0:)

But my STL-V6 driver might be capable of 6 amps for all I know.


Does anyone know if the manafont TR-3T6 driver can be used with a single XM-L2 and if it can do 5++ amps if modded?

The driver came from DX

Planning a build on an M8, will see how these stack up. Thanks!