LiitoKala 26650-50A 5000mah 26650 - great first impressions

I`ve spotted that battery recently on Ali, and since it was only 6$ /pc by that time i bought some for evaluation, for my surprice they camein a week or something( declared as kitchen goods)

Well i have to say i am greatly impressed by this one: its actualy the first battery that beats my favourite Efest Purple 4200 26650, both that i got perform the same, Li500 charger says they have lesser int resistance than a brand new Efest( if one could trust Li500 ofc, Opus 2.2 says the same btw)

I`ve tested it at 5amp consumption( in an l2 host/fet dd U4 based flashlight) again Efest 4200, after 15 minutes with the Liitokala runing cds dropped to 231, and right of the flashlight top current was 4.24 / 3.88 voltage
With Efest Purple 4200 after 15min cds were 222, current 4.12 and the voltage 3.82

With both batteries charged to 4.20 Liitokala again beats Efest with 0.05amps: 5.07 agains 5.12

Atm i am testing its capacity

Ofc its a lame method and it needs to be tested like it should, yet its the only 26650 battery that could do this agains Efest Purple 4200

I dont know if those 2 are a lucky pick, and i dont know if all of those are(will be) of the same quality

what are you going to do with it in your kitchen?

Sounds promising!

The price went up to 9.20 a piece. :((

Looking forward to the capacity!

Well there are offers for 6$ but we do need definately more feedback from other BLFers

Taken for a user feedback……

Mine are still discharging though


0K, let's see if I've understood what you said correctly:

  • Right out of the charger, you measured 5'12A off the LiitoKala?
  • After a 15 minute run, your last measurement was 4'24A/3'88Vload?

I wonder if this battery would be a good choice for good runtime on a near 5A load while still keeping Vload above 3'6V. My guess is that, probably, those Basen 4500mAh ones would fare better, yet can't say for sure at this moment.

Cheers ^:)

P.S.: is that a discharge test? :-)

My guess:
A flashlight with a FET driver - and after 15Mins, the Current and the cell voltage was higher than the other cell after the same time in the same flashlight.

Just pm'ed HJK.

Looks really promising!!

What about the internal resistance? From what you said Mitko, I estimate it to be… 30-33mΩ?

Cheers ^:)

Very promising indeed Mitko.
Ordered one from GB instead as they still have them for less than 6 bucks a pop

Thanks for the report Mitko. Especially your mentioning that the cells are closely matched. This indicates a higher level of manufacturing tolerances that we almost never find in Chinese manufactured cells. I just ordered a 4-pack for my serial powered lights. If they produce the same results, and the prices dont go up, I’ll buy many more.


At 1 amp discharge with Opus 2.2 : 5588 and 5562 ma

Thanks! I hope they remain balanced at 4 and 5A

Indeed! And most of all: all of them, not only this batch or the next :slight_smile: Thats the main problem wiht those batteries…anyway we do need more BLF tests about that matter

Ordered two from GB, let’s hope they are just as good.

Glad to see you are impressed with the cells Mitko :slight_smile:
I ordered a pair at $6 each which according to Aliexpress tracking arrived in the UK on the 16th so hopefully I should get mine very soon.
I will post my results once mine have arrived.

Ordered two from gearbest. It gave me a way to use points that will expire soon that brought the price below $10 including tracking. Unfortunately there is only one shipping option and tracking is mandatory. My order for 8 ncr18650b was the same and shipped nl post and it took 3 weeks to reach the facility in Amsterdam. China to US via Amsterdam? :expressionless:

I also ordered a 4-pack of NCR18650Bs recently, and it came from (very quickly indeed, 9 days) that same facility; it seems they're stocking these on a warehouse located in Amsterdam.

Cheers ^:)

P.S.: the additional shipping fee is because they need to use selected shipping carriers/methods. FastTech does the same with batteries, you have to select either “Sweden Post registered” or “TNT-postNL registered”.

Sweden Post did not work ! 4x18650 were sent back to FT and I was refunded.

My last shipment from FT, a 3-pack of ICR18650-30Bs, arrived home last wednesday with no issues for me; well, no issues albeit maybe the tadly slowboat shipping (a month and a day) compared with a torch I had issued on the same order which took 3 weeks; order shipping was split because of stock issues with the batteries. Both shipments through Sweden Post registered.

Cheers ^:)

I just ordered 2 too I have 2 keep power coming which are exactly double the price will be interesting to compare them