Shoot-out: Mateminco MT35mini (FT03), Mateminco TO2 (FT02) and the small Nightwatch NI01L IRAlite Osram White Flat

All photos are left to right: Mateminco MT35mini ( Astrolux FT03 ), Mateminco TO2 ( Astrolux FT02 ) and the small Nightwatch NI01L IRAlite “White Flat” OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG ( Nightwatch NI01L IRA lite Osram White Flat

Mateminco lights available here: Mateminco
Nightwatch AND Mateminco lights available here: NEALGADGETS

Sorry, I cannot open the bezel of the middle light :FACEPALM:

Batteries used: (all fresh from the charger, fully-charged)
Samsung INR2170048G (MT35mini -SST40,)
Samsung INR18650-30Q (T02 - XHP35HI )
Shockli 26650 IMR 30A 5500mAh (Nightwatch Nightwatch NI01L Osram KW CSLPM1.TG)

Left to right: Mateminco MT35mini (FT03), Mateminco TO2 (FT02) and the small Nightwatch NI01L IRAlite “White Flat” OSRAM KW CSLPM1.TG

287mt ( 941 feet):

That ft02 is impressive

Do you mean to say the FT03 is impressive? The FT02 throws the shortest in the photos. The Nightwatch beam is pretty impressive for the small head size.

Thanks for the beamshot comparison.

The Nightwatch is very impressive indeed, you’ve got to hold all three lights to believe it can hold its own at that distance with a reflector that small!

You’re welcome.

Ah, yes. I meant the ft03. I like the width of the beam and hotspot.

l tried my NIO1L white flat tonight again and it’s really an amazing thrower.

See actual throw versus the FT03 and FT02, with its relatively smaller reflector: HERE

Could you tell me, why you have chosen this Mateminco over the Astrolux ? even you can find Astrolux FT03 at better price deals.

Who copied who ? or they are basically the same company under different names ?

As far as I know, so far there are only two Astrolux lights that are NOT subcontracted to Mateminco: The FT04 ( by Haikelite) and IIRC, the EC01, all other Astrolux series lights are subcontracted to Mateminco.

As to why I have Mateminco over Astrolux, well, I have a close friend in Mateminco, but none is BG, which owns and distributes the Astrolux brand.

As to production design difference(s), this is one design difference that I noticed:

My Mateminco SO3 with its scalloped tube, left……………………………….Astrolux S43S (photo thanks to maukka)

Thanks for the info, didn't know that.

How is the thermal on this? Does it heat up super quick, I am guessing it does at 3800lm. But this is very interesting, I didn’t think such small reflector can produce this type of throw performance.

As I mentioned in that thread, you better have one in your hands to believe how strong it throws from such a small reflector. My photos clearly show it.

That Osram white flat is the key, among others.

Interesting indeed!

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