WTS: Nichia 219B sw45k D200 R9080 $2.50 USD each

I go through a fair number of 219B in my modding work, and I have enough spares that I can share some with the community. At the moment I’m offering sw45k in the D200 flux bin, which is quite rosy. Shipping is $2 USD for Canada, $6 USD for United States, and you should contact me for international, but generally a little over $10 USD depending on the location.

Edit: Updated to reflect current availability

PM inbound.

I would like 3 please. Thanks for sharing them with BLF!

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

note to self

Take Bob off the hit list for now ...

Best emitter ever made

no reason not to have a bunch of these in your stash .

PM sent.

PM sent.

PM sent

Phew, I think I replied to everyone and got invoices sorted. I have a lot of shipping to do on Monday!

PM sent.

Mine arrived. Clever packaging! Many thanks.

I’m glad to hear the packaging is working out well! Just off to the post office now to mail all outstanding orders :slight_smile:

Got mine today! A lot quicker than I thought they would come from Canada to USA. Very well packaged. Thank you Bob_McBob. :+1:

We doooooo appreciate the packaging.

Got mine today - bomb proof package - almost USPS proof - but no one has achieved that yet :wink:


I got mine in the mail yesterday. Thanks for the speedy service. Looking forward to using a couple of these.

Black Friday special: $2.50 per LED :smiley:

I have to buy SOMETHING on Black Friday!!! :wink: :money_mouth_face: PM incoming for 10 of these….

Just ordered 10 as well.
Do we know how do they compare to the N219B sw45 used in FireFlies PL47gen2?

I wish I had one of the Gen 2 Fireflies lights so I could give you an answer. The original ROT66 was not especially rosy, but I think it was largely due to the optic rather than the LEDs since they were pretty rosy in other lights. I’m not sure if they’re even using the same reel of 219Bs now, so it’s even harder to say. In general D220 is less rosy than D200, but as you can see in the test data these are still pretty rosy.