Xmods: PilotPTK Neutral-White Triple XM-L goes into the CNQG Extreme Longrun (REVEAL)

Hi all,

PilotPTK has designed and fabricated a self-contained triple XM-L unit, incorporating the driver components and LEDs on a single board. They are offered as a cool-white U2-binned unit, or as a neutral-white T6-binned option. This mod will use the NW T6 version, with 3 amps powering each LED.

Here's a reminder pic for those who may not be familiar with this fully-programmable wee powerhouse:

This module uses the compact and efficient CUTE-3 optic:

In order to expedite this project, an existing host was selected - the CNQG Extreme Longrun. This is a compact and attractive 3 x 18650 host with excellent heatsinking properties. I used one in a previous triple XM-L build, so it was a natural choice:

Since this host is fully-anodized, it requires both + and - contacts brought forward into the head, as seen here, with the 3 x 18650 holder:

The stock host is set up for a parallel cell arrangement, and the voltage requirements of the PPTK module requires a series configuration. This necessitates some mods to the battery holder:

Next up, the pill.

The pill was machined from a billet of T6061 aluminum.



Here's the pre-assembled light engine:

Trim/centering ring for the optic:

Test fitment in the head:

Next up, the soldering and wiring.

The black host was cool, but this one is WAY cooler.

White Cerakoted:

So what program did you put on it? Max temp? I hope you set it fairly high so it won't kick in to early. Nice to see other people using these though. :)

Since this host uses a mechanical switch, there's no ramping programmed.

IIRC, it's a 4-level (with memory) increasing in a visually linear manner. I think the temp throttling was set to 60C.

If that's too low, I'll reprogram it when the PICkit arrives.

Pretty sweet, brother!

Where did you order the pic kit from?

To quote myself from another thread:

So how about big flat copper washers or radial fins, with a hole/thickness suitable to slip in between head and body — kind of like the guard on a sword — to dissipate all the excess heat?

I’ve thought for years that good flashlights ought to look more like cartoon ray-guns with the cooling fins much larger.

Some ideas for cooling fins:

any picture of Marvin the Martian

the model car/plane folks use them a lot:


Amazing looking build! :open_mouth:

Thanks for the kind words, guys. PPTK did most of the heavy lifting designing this module.

See pic #2 in the first post. This host was chosen for its mass and fins - it did well with over 55 watts in a previous build, so it should be fine with the ~40 watts here.


PICkit: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=PG164130virtualkey57940000virtualkey579-PG164130

Headers: http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?R=825-22-008-10-001101virtualkey57510000virtualkey575-8252200810001101

awesome looking light do u have a link to that light ??

Chicago X. What a fantastic flashlight and first class machine work. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project. Match and yourself are really putting out some quality work. Thanks.


Thanks very much !

Oh yes, you can definitely tell the new lathe is up and running for sure. All hell is gonna break loose soon.Wink

Nice to see your builds up on the forums again, although I can't look at any photos of laths, as my heart skips beats every time I see one, LOL.

Do you have any of the other 3-up optics, like the clear or the frosted, to compare the beam profiles?

I have a polished version of the above optic for comparison, sent to me by a generous forum member.

Again, awesome work. Great host to choose too. Makes me wish I went that route with mine.

Between you and O-L, I always have something new to look forward to when I check the latest posts :)

REALLY nice build Chicago. Gorgeous job.

that’s some awesome threading there! One hell of a lot of thermal mass too. Is the original pill anything like that or is it shorter due to having a reflector?

I don’t know what sort of thermal paste you use, but I got a free sample of the Chomerics stuff a while back which is completely awesome (in my limited, unquantified testing :laughing:. I’m guessing you’re going to tap that centre hole to screw down the module?

Nice work! Looking and learning sine the same kit is resting in my desk drawer. :smiley:

Another real nice build Chicago x. This looks like an interesting alternative to a skyray king, with the benefit you can change the optics from flood to throw I guess. I like it. 8)