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25K lumens? Street light in palm of your hand Smile Let the neighbors see who's the man Smile

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BLF Community Battery Pull Thread

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downlinx wrote: !{height:400px; width:600px}! !{height:400px; width:600px}![/quote]

I created a thread for the black one about possible misnaming of the emitters...definitely doesn't look like 4*XP-G2/2*XM-L2.

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Rufusbduck wrote:
Getting discouraged is normal but doesn't finish the job.
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Cool little COB based work light… A bit expensive I think, but seems like a nice glove-box tire-changing light.

I would like to see this at my local Harbor Freight for $3 with coupon, similar to their 27-LED portable work light, which is actually quite nice already:

Keepin’ the “B” in BLF

Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Fasttech have just listed the new blue Convoy S2+. Many models listed


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i saw that fasttech have XHP-70 on copper star (no idea if it’s DTP), $12.09 seem to be a pretty good price?

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how to contact them? all other have any contact…this eshop is hard to talk with…
this i want.but does exist it without convoy logo?
hm..i dont know,who is able to answer:))

EDC-Folomov EDC-C4, Jetbeam E40R

Headlamp-Imalent HR20 CW

Tom E
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Huh? There is no big vendor that will sell the triple spacer heat sinks, for sure. What specific light do you want it for? Maybe someone has had experience with retro-fitting one of RMM’s – I know I have. I sanded down an S2 spacer to fit a S3 light for example. All depends on dimensions, etc.

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EDC-Folomov EDC-C4, Jetbeam E40R

Headlamp-Imalent HR20 CW

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BLF 5% off

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patmurris wrote:
BLF 5% off

I mean on some code with bigger discount like ‘‘REDPACKET’‘ coupon that was active 5 months ago and was lovering a price to ‘‘38$’‘…

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Was looking around for the Nitecore HC65. It's out of stock on the "BG" site. On a lark I checked Fasttech. They showed a similar price, but then a coupon code of "MAP" popped up. I got the light for $49.95. That seems to be the cheapest price around, AFAIK...

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I agree I thought their prices were very good lately .I was excited by a gearbest knife deal till i saw they now add extra for shipping and the deal ended up only a dollar or so less than A regular price at fastech .

and then I recently saw a light I bought from gearbest with a coupon code from one of the affiliate linkers on the forum for 5.99$
With a BLF code or fastechs 15% off code it’s probably cheaper at fastech than anywhere else .

Worth considering when looking for a price on a light

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I bought 2 DQG tiny 4th before Christmas. Cheapest place I found when you added in the code. About 2 weeks to my door if a remember correctly. Was worried they wouldn’t get here in time as one was a gift. They arrived with plenty of time to spare, seemed their shipping has improved.