Mini review of MINI :D

I will call it MINI

It produces light, has modes and mode memory, can be powered by li-ion or li-po battery
and has budget level price therefore you must have it :D

Digging through some old stuff that should have been thrown away my brother found old phone charger, still in working conditions but unusable because of a oddball connector that only particular phone used to have, phone died, charger did not :-)

So, he brought it to me and asked if I could convert it to night light, you know, that thing that you stick in the wall plug in a hallway and if you have to go to toilet or visit a fridge :D at night, you don't have to sacrifice your toes bumping into things that you can't see :)

Ok, why not, I disassembled it, removed the cord, drilled couple of holes and stuck 5mm white leds through the casings, added some resistors, put all back together and there you have it. He liked that so much that now, whenever he finds old phone charger, he brings it to me for repurposing, it was funny first time but now it's boring, so instead I ordered him this USB powered "MINI Touch Switch USB mobile power camping lamp LED night light White lamp" genius naming :P

MINI is super nice and interesting, I ordered just one but now I want 10 more :)

Build quality is excellent, sturdy and compact, can be plugged both ways facing up or down, or sideways if you prefer it like that :D

Best thing about MINI is that it has touch sensitive area and you can set light intensity


When you plug MINI into USB port (on a power bank lets say) it will not immediately light up, actually nothing will happen. One short tap on a touch sensitive area (TSA) and it will ramp from lowest to highest light intensity. Ramping is not too slow but not to fast either, takes about 2.5-3 seconds to get from low to high. Another short tap and it will ramp down in the same manner as when turned on and then shut itself off completely.

But, low is about moonlight-low and the "high" is too bright, so what to do if you want something in between = you just put your finger on a TSA and hold it there, light will start ramping up and when you are satisfied let it go, meaning remove your finger from TSA.

If you overshoot MINI will ramp to max and stop there, then just remove your finger, put it back on TSA and hold -> MINI starts ramping down. When you set the light intensity just how you like it, you can turn MINI off by short tap on TSA, next time when you turn it on it will ramp up to the previously set (just how you like it) level.

Ingenious little product

Price: $1.80

Mouse over for max intensity (mouse out = min intensity) :D

Stop talking and tell me where to send my money!



I’d be in for a couple at that price.
Take my money now!!

Fasttech I think has this one..saw few of them in the past, don't know about this particular one with touch sensor.

I like it

if the moonlight mode is low enough and lasts a long time I’ll probably get one

looks perfect to use on my 18650 box so I can read my from my e-reader

Here 're a few :

With light diffuser;

With sensor:

Here is the even mini’er version of the OP’s

In fact the little arrow next to the “buy now” button…click it…see all the different little USB pluggy lights…I have this version for over 12-14hrs on a VERY crappy cylinder portable power bank [claimed 2400mAh…but more like 600-800]…great little camping “candle” or tent light…or emergency light

There is even a OSHPark USB night light

managed to find a review with run times on one of the options

this one looks rather nice, would go nicely with my USB fan :smiley: :smiley:

Found a photo sensative version.

This would be perfect task/mood/down lighting in my car. Already have the double usb adapter begging for something like this. Which one will get BLF approval??

$1,66 shipped:

I bought mine on ebay but I got the last one, will se with the seller if he will offer them again but it is the same as on other links here :slight_smile:

Yes but it’s the cheapest one, that’s why I posted this link.

That’s pretty slick.

Says $2.15 shipping for me.

It may depend on where you are. I just bought one for $1,66 shipped.

EDIT. I just checked. Shipping is free basically everywhere except US and Mexico.