OFFICIAL Group Buy UF-1504, UF-1504 host, UF-1405, tail switch, 26650 batteries DISCOUNT CODES EXPIRED!!!!!!!!

Group Buy codes now available. Please copy and paste exactly (capitalization matters)

UF-1504 Complete light (aluminum pill) $25.59 Code: UF1504
UF-1504 Host (brass pill) $23.39 Code: 1504Tube
UF-1405 $25.99 Code: UF-1405
Pressure switch for 1405 and 1504 $4.29 Code: UFSwitch

I haven’t tried it but I have an idea that it is like it has been in the past and only one code per order, so if you are ordering multiple items it will have to be done as an order for each item.

I am a Gearbest affiliate now, but I don’t want to taint this group buy with AFF links so there are none here. I didn’t do this to make any money. I did this because I wanted this light and so did many of you.

UPDATE 4-17-15:
That being said, I did get Gearbest to give a coupon code for some batteries. These are Keeppower 50A 26650 batteries for probably the BEST PRICE that I’ve seen them.

The coupon code is Keeppower for both batteries

I posted my Affiliate links for the batteries only, use it if you want.

$10.75 KeepPower 4200mAh 26650 Rechargeable 3.7V IMR Flat Lithium Battery Max 50A Non Aff Link / Aff Link

$20.22 KeepPower 4200mAh 26650 Rechargeable 3.7V IMR Flat Lithium-ion Battery Max 50A - 2 Pcs Non Aff Link / Aff Link

see the post HERE

I will have extra aluminum pills. They are $2 for the first pill and $1.50 for each one after that. Shipping in the US will be $3.75 for a 3-5 pills. Shipping to Europe will be $10 for 1-3 pills and $13 for 4-5 pills. Please PM me if you are interested. update 4-19-15 the extra pills I ordered have been paid for or have pending payments. None are left are the present time

I also am ordering some LED’s. They are XP-G2 S3 1C and XP-G2 S3 3A on 16mm and 20mm Noctigon. The thread is here. These lights take 16mm. These are hard to get BIN’s for the XP-G2 and would be perfect for this light. Please PM me if you are interested.

UPDATE 3-31-2015 I just received word from Gearbest that the complete light will be posted on the Gearbest website in a couple days. The initial shipment should arrive to them in about a week. Once I have it, I will post up the group buy code. It will be the stock light (aluminum pill) with a XM-L2. Sorry but this was the ONLY way to have these available for sale in a timely manner. Plus, the manufacturer didn’t want to work with us with modifying the light. I do not have the exact price as Gearbest wants to make sure the weight they were given by the manufacturer is correct. The weight determines the shipping cost to Gearbest which can affect the price. The price will be cheaper than the UF-1405. Keep in mind, the manufacturer has the price of the UF-1504 basically the same as the UF-1405.

As for the host, we are pretty close to our 100 mark and I believe Gearbest is going to go ahead with that as well. I was informed they will be listing them on the website soon too.

As i don’t know if Gearbest plans on stocking them, I will be placing an order for extra aluminum pills and pressure switches through the manufacturer. If you are interested in those let me know and I can add them to my order. Unfortunately, this offer is only for people in the USA as it would cost prohibitive to ship internationally. If you insist on it and you live outside the USA, just know that shipping will be fairly expensive. For USA peeps, the pills should be around $5 shipped and the pressure switches around $10 shipped. I don’t know exactly because I don’t have the items in hand to know the cost to ship to you. Also, I need to see how many I can order before they jack up the already high $27 shipping through DHL.

UPDATE 3-27-2015 I have been on Skype with Gearbest tonight. After a lot of push back from the company, they have finally agreed to sell the host. Initially they said they would, then they changed and said their company was worried about selling the host and would only sell the complete light. Now, they have now agreed again to sell the host and Gearbest is willing to offer it for sale if we can get 100 people to commit. The price is more than Gearbest and I had initially anticipated, but it has been difficult dealing with the company.

Stay tuned because there may be another update in the next week. HINT HINT

Gearbest will now be handling the negotiations and product sale.

UniqueFire UF-1504
1 x 18650(Not included)/1*26650 4000mAh li-ion battery
67mm diameter convex aspheric glass lens
Aviation reinforced level aluminum alloy
Zoomable or adjustable,telescope

Please check to see if your name is in the right place with what you want!!!

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87 confirmed hosts


by your name means you have verified your order

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Previous correspondence moved to here to keep from cluttering up the first post

I have been talking to szhomesafety,Co.,Ltd about a possible group buy on the UF-1504. Here is the company data sheet on the flashlight.

I informed him that there some interested in a working light and some interested in just a host. I believe in KISS (keep it simple stupid). I applaud kronological and others involved in the X6 group buy as it was just crazy. I don’t want to over complicate things with different tints and special modes, etc. If you want all of that, then purchase a host. For both lights I requested AR coated aspherical lens and brass/copper pill. For the complete light I figured a XP-G2 or XP-L on a copper star (XM-L2 is so close to a XPL therefore for ease of mcpcb’s all XM-L2 requests will be changed to XP-L). As for the driver, I figured a simple 3 mode with no blinkies at about 3A would suffice. I’m open to suggestions on the complete light, as I’m only interested in the host. Unfortunately, there is NO WAY POSSIBLE to please everybody with the current, modes, output for each mode level, certain LED’s, LED color and BIN. There are just too many choices and options which is why I think a host and a simple complete light is the best route.

Please post either “light” or “host” for which one you are wanting and how many. If you want the light, please post which LED and the majority will win. If you have any other suggestions or ideas for EASY, SIMPLE improvements that will not significantly delay production then lets hear them.

I do not have set prices yet, but the regular IR 1504’s sell for about $20 a piece plus they want about the same amount to ship.

UPDATE 3-20-2015
The original girl states she is leaving the company. She referred me to Sunny. Sunny states the will be able to have brass pills made. This will increase the price about $1. I can not get them to agree to have a DTP star and higher current driver. At this point, I have met resistance with dang near all my request for a complete light. They initially agreed then started striking through all my requests 1 by 1. I have come to the conclusion that I just don’t have the bargaining power of a larger company. I initially contacted a company to help with this group buy, but didn’t get much of a response. Fearing this would all fall to pieces, I turned to Gearbest. They already have one of the lowest prices on the UF-1405, so I can only assume that they can work magic on the UF-1504. I contacted Gearbest and after a long skype tonight, they seem enthusiastic to take over the group buy negotiations to make sure at least the host will happen. I’ll let them try to negotiate for a complete light themselves. I’ll leave the list up for the complete light just so they have an idea of what people wanted. I apologize that this didn’t go as smooth as I had hoped. It was and is a nice light that I’d like to see made available to everybody. That was the whole reason I got involved, just to get this to market for you all. I fell down and Gearbest picked me up. Hopefully, this will be made available soon and Gearbest can continue to provide to our flashlight community.

UPDATE 3-14-2015
Currently the company is waiting to find a source for DTP stars. I won’t have an update on price until they are able to find a source and their price. They wanted to use a cheap non-DTP copper star and I refused. So, currently waiting to hear back on if they found a source.

UPDATE 3-6-2015
According to Uniquefire, they can do a copper pill but would have to have 5000 orders. That isn’t going to happen. It may just not happen without lengthy production time and much higher cost.

In an effort to make everything easier for DTP pcb’s, I think the LED’s should stick with XP-L’s and XP-G2’s as they use the same pcb. The XM-L2’s and XP-L’s are so similar it only makes sense to simplify the pcb’s. Let me know if this is an issue. I think we might be able to offer a XP-L one and a XP-G2 one if we use the same pcb, instead of just offering a single light. Possibly the XP-L V6 2C and the XP-G2 S2 1D. Both would warm up with dedoming.

I asked for high quality springs and to make sure it has an Omten or Omten quality switch

As far as driver, if we can’t get a brass/copper pill then I don’t see a reason to try to use the AO17DD driver from the A6 group buy as I don’t think that the thermal pathway will handle the power. So, looking at a 3.04a 7135 driver if unable to get an upgraded

1 complete light, XM-L2 8)

Nice, great initiative!

I made this shorty a while ago (where did they get the inspiration for the 1504, I wonder ) and love it! I'm in for one extra :-)

Perhaps a picture in the OP will clarify what flashlight this is about?

As for the driver, it will totally not harm this light if it delivers more than 3A, 5A would be grand! Since this group buy will be hosted by Banggood, why not ask for wight's 17DD+7135 driver that is being developed for the EE A6 group buy? (ask wight+Toykeeper as well of course).

+1 XP G2 @ 5A

Greets Xandre

4 Host.

not a bad idea djozz. I just sent them PM’s

only one problem….you didn’t say what you wanted. light and led or host
I just added you for a light and a who the hell knows emitter

+2 Xml2. :bigsmile:

For modding it does not matter to me if the light has or has not a driver and led, so I might as well want a complete working flashlight and go from there :-)

Will this ship directly from china to buyers? If so I’m interested (I’m down under).

If a 5amp version becomes available (any led) I’ll have one of those, if not then whatever complete light is offered.


I wonder what the chances are for a lens in this flashlight that has an AR-coating that apart from looking good indeed does have a higher light transmission than plain glass, and also does not wear off easily. (for that matter, I wonder what the merits are of the AR-coating on the Jax Z1 flashlight. It does look very cool though, that is worth something )

In other words, it is not a dealbreaker for me if the AR-coating is not going to make it in this light

I’ll take a host I guess.

15 hosts for me.

Very interested in a 5A complete light either xpg2 or xml2 or xpl2. Emitter does not matter.

I want to want one, but I don’t want one. I like the idea of a shorty with a big aspheric lens, but I just don’t like the look of this one enough. If someone would machine off that huge cog/ring it would be much better, IMHO. I’ll stay subscribed, though, in case I change my mind. :wink:

Edit: I really like the tail-cap, but the rest of the body would look better smooth.

You may be in luck if you’re OK with the look of raw aluminum. I plan to significantly reduce or remove the nubs on some of the ones I end up with. I think reduced may be better than removed depending on how stiff the twist to zoom is.

May I suggest one thing?

I hope they can modify the pill and make it to accept 20mm driver and at the same time making the driver compartment deeper a little to accept tall driver. This way people can still use these popular 17mm drivers by simply adding the 17mm to 20mm brass ring, or they can use some other 20mm drivers. As a result there will be more driver options for us modders.

Thanks a lot for organizing this. :slight_smile:

In for complete build

I’m in for a host, but if it can come complete with wight’s 17DD+7135 driver, I’ll take one of those instead.

These should work too.
KD 20mm (External) x 17.1mm (Inner) Copper Ring Adapter for 17mm Circuit Board - 5 PCS