Target Clearance - White-top Duracell battery 4-packs (EDIT) now $3.65 (Duraloops)

Target has both AA and AAA White-top Made in Japan “Duraloops” on clearance (half off) for $6.08 each.

These are of course the re-branded Eneloops. Time to stock up!

Cool…hopefully its on sale over here on the best coast. :smiley:

Thanks for lookin out…

this is still depends on location, i got 3 set yesterday for $6.08, and this morning went to a different store and it was $8.05.

it does, got 3 set yesterday and 2 more this morning for my old man

Thanks for letting me know so fast…Mr. “I got 3 yesterday”. :expressionless:


:bigsmile: i bumped into it while shopping back to school for my brother. shouldda made a thread. my bad :bigsmile:

Haha…just messin wicha.

Why $6.08? Is that targets clearance code - $.08?

50%off, original price is $12.19

Check your date codes. All duraloops from target have been +4 years old (which is why they are unloading them). Some older.

all of mine were from july 15, 2012, i gues that’s not bad? also would you guys recommended to charge these AA with I4 intellicharger?

I bought 3 packs of each. They checked out at 1.325 Volts or higher out of the package.
They had more, but my wife was standing there and she had the charge card.

Did you get that date from the embossed code on the seam of the battery? How do you read that code?

You can charge the AA’s in the I4 with no problem’s, even a single cell.

But the charge rate is fairly high for AAA’s, so you need to do at least two cell’s at a time, and place them in paired slots #1 and #3 or #2 and #4 (left to right).

Aren’t the paired channels in the newer i4 chargers changed to 1&2 and 3&4? I thought I’d read that in one of HKJ’s reviews, or maybe it was just for the Jetbeam i4 pro?

Edit: This was the review I was referring to:

From that review:

the datecode were stamp on the back of the package under the bar code not on batteries. “2G15J1” . i tried to look for some kind of code on battery but couldn’t find any.

My Target had lots of them for $6.08. AAA's for the same price too.

Date code: 2H21J1



21=21st day

August 21, 2012

Ok got me some from 2012. They have a reflective green strip around the battery. There were some from 2009, 2011 and 2012. The others had no green stripe.

Yeah, but like flash said watch ur dates.

You can save an additional 5% if you use ur Target card :wink: Picked up some myself today. I counted about 25 packs of aa & about 15 of aaa at the store I went to. I thought the packs in plastic package were newer but now I see they’re not. So, I’ll go exchange the ones I got from 2010 for newer. I bet the older ones from 2010 would still be just fine tho. Thanks again & GOOD CATCH!

Thanks for the heads up. I bought a couple of packs from the nearest Super Target for the price listed by the OP. They have the green strip around the cell so I assume that these are the 2012 versions. I plan to include them with my flashlight gifts to friends and relatives.

If you are interested in Duraloops and don't have a Target nearby, Tanga is selling 2 4-packs for $12.99 with free shipping. I do not know which versions they are selling though.

how’s the number on the date code for 2010? is it 10? or 0? i assumed if it was 2009, it would be 9 in the front am i correct?