What Legoes with What?

A thread to accumulate tidbits about what fits what — swapping pieces, trying bits from the bin, salvage and repair.

And maybe we can swap parts among each other as well.

Perfect fit: the deep carry clip for the BLF A6 tube light fits perfectly on the ZeusRay zoomie — the curve of the clip lines up nicely with the tailcap, and the clip fits snugly into a groove.

One-way swap: the head of the Convoy S2+ fits nicely enough — a bit loose — onto the battery tube of the BLF A6.
But not vice versa — the head of the BLF A6 is a bit too tight to fit the S2+ body.
[typos fixed, thanks Boaz]

Some “3W Police” 2xAA lights will donate one or two tube segments that fit some SK68 clones and some #3 zoomies, to make a 2xAA or a 3xAA out of the SK68 or #3 light.
(the LED head of the 2xAA 3W police has a plastic pill with a purple emitter; that can become a 1xAA with the leftovers, dim enough to be a decent kids’ toy I suppose. There’s a topic here for that.

I'm interested in knowing what other make switches and heads any one has legoed with SolarForce L2 bodies.

Ok, this thread is good! I will update more when I am not on my phone….

I have nothing that legos, sorry… The only ones that do are all the same… Nuts.

This light and similar Legos with an Ultrafire 501b to give a an optional different body tube style on your P60:

Not really a Lego but the pocket clip from this light fits the 501b as well:

Just thought to try this:

My EE X6-SE battery tube accepts heads from Convoy S2 and S2+

but they don’t make electrical connection, don’ t light

My EE X6-SE head does not accept either of two Convoy S2+ battery tubes, but it does accept a Convoy S2 battery tube.

One of my two red Convoy S2+ tubes takes my EVVA protected cell fine, the other tube is so snug I’d be afraid of getting the cell stuck in it (both of the red S2+ lights have every sign of being real, not fake — it’s just that their inner diameter happens to be just on the edge for this one cell I had out.

Lots more variation than I expected, even within the Convoy red S2+ lights I have here.

Another case of “slightly loose” works but “slightly tight” doesn’t, I think

EDIT — and note, your particular combinations of parts may vary, that’s the point of collecting first hand experience.

Yezl Y3 extension tubes work on HD2010.

The BLF-EEX6 does not completely lego with the EEX2 (wth?!!) :

*X2 tail fits the X6 body fine, but the X6 tail does not fit the X2 body

*X2 body fits the X6 head and the led lights up

*X6 body fits the X2 head but makes no electrical contact

So even within the same brand they are not capable to stick to one type of threading

> one type of threading

I’d guess it’s more a failure of two things — repeatability and accuracy — so their tolerances are so wide that Lego-ing doesn’t work reliably.
Even assuming they’re using lathes that allows them to specify exactly what thread that lathe produces — how many operators, on how many different lathes, on how many days, are going into this production?
Seriously, these have to be beginners. Once someone’s competent to make truly interchangeable parts in mass production — that operator is going to be working on something more important than cheap flashlights.
Thank goodness, since that might be a nuclear plant or aircraft.

We’re getting the “training wheels” stage of industrial learning.

Quoting from the A6 thread at Thu, 09/10/2015 - 15:22

See follow-on comments in that thread for more on tolerances and how you need really tight specs.

I posted a long quote on using micrometers that included:

There will be some variation — and the variations add up to this kind of problem when parts meet or don’t.

My new BLF A6 legoes with the UF-2100. The uf-2100 tailcap works on the A6 tube and head but I can't get the A6 head to light up on the uf-2100 tube/tailcap.

I have successfully legoed the black and silver Ultrafire 504b and Uniquefire L2 heads, bodies and switches with the whole Solarforce lineup. I don’t have them myself, but the Spiderfire stainless steel P60 hosts should also lego well.

Thorfire VG15 battery tube and switch fits Blf X6 Se

from a search, happened to notice a couple of mentions in other threads:

Nitecore P12 body using Nitecore EA11 head

Mentioned by antenne, elsewhere:

roche f-12 has a shelf for 20mm triples

they used to say the olight i3 AAA head fit the streamlight micro stream .

olight black clips from illumination supplys garage sale fits the z8 stainless zoomie (junk) and the original Mr lite blf light yeAA

Xeno diffuser TWSE v1 with the flat top fits eagletac d25a ti lights(i assume that all D25a's are the same size ) and is an amazingly nice diffuser.

I just saw a “read somewhere” note that the MtnElectronics spacers (2 different ones) for the S2 and S2+ may also fit some other lights.
Anyone know for sure?

The A6 BLF clip fits the original Convoy M1 very well. Will post a picture later.

The clip for the Roche F6 fits the Convoy S2+ really well (even better than on the F6) and it is super sturdy. However it is not a deep carry and I don’t know where these can be bought separately.

Mini-01 battery tube threads into a p60 reflector.