Deal alerts for - BTU Shocker, SolarStorm, Olight, XinTD...

Ok, it's time to create a separate thread for all BG deals. :)

Current specials:

Olight S15 Titanium for $66 (coupon code bgf146)

JETBeam PA40 for $48.36 (with coupon bgf140)

Nitecore SENS AA or CR for $22.77 (with same coupon bgf140)

XinTD X3 for $31.03 (with coupon bgf141)

BTU Shocker for $90 (with coupon bgf156)

Fire-Foxes FF4 for $199 (with coupon bgff4)

Niteye Eye 30 for $145 (with coupon bgf161)

SolarStorm SC01 NW for $14.18 (with coupon bgf164)

SolarStorm SC02 NW for $14.90 (with coupon bgf164)

SolarStorm SC03 NW for $14.18 (with coupon bgf164)

On The Road flashlights -15% (with coupon OTR)

On The Road X6M for $47.39 (with coupon X6M)

Eagle Eye lights -12% (with coupon bgf172)

Eagle Eye X2 for $16.54 (with coupon bgf172)

Flashlight clearance sale, many lights -15% (with coupon bgfc)

BC3100 charger for $45 (with coupon BC3100)

Keeppower protected 3100mAh for $8.09 (with coupon bgbpw)

(buying 3 or more brings the price down to $7.75/pc and gives you free tracking worth $1.70)

Nitecore HC90 for $74.99 (with coupon HC90)

NCRB's are back to reasonable price:
2 x Protected NCRB for $17.30 = $8.65/pc (with coupon bgf120)

Nitecore D4 charger for $29.99 ("email" only, no code needed)

Note: The expiration time for these is not known. It can be either hours or months.. If you happen to notice an expired deal, please inform me, so I can try to get it extended (or remove it from here).

For other items, remember the coupon BLF - 8% off all flashlights, batteries & chargers.

I am slightly annoyed, 2 x NCR orders, 1 x Klarus order and 1 x Olight order all on back order :expressionless:
P.S. how do you create those affiliate links? …… ok, got it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s time to earn some big bucks :bigsmile:
2pcs Sanyo 18650 Protected 3.7v 2600mAh Rechargeable Battery -> $11.95 (BLF)

i just figured it out by myself too. no need to apply for it i guess. just go into your BG account and it's lying there with spread wings:

Are double posted links allowed? I am not sure if it really works so please could someone click and buy from my below links? :)
we Banggood affiliates should get together and have a party!! $) :party: $)

A pair of unprotected flat top Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh for $13.95 (coupon bgf113)

A pair of protected button top Panasonic NCR18650B 3400mAh for $14.90 (coupon bgf120)

Klarus P2A for $23.06 (coupon code ft1128)

Klarus P1A for $21 (coupon code bgf128)

Klarus P1C for $21 (coupon code bgf129)

Olight i2 for $16 (coupon code bgf130)

Olight A3T for $20 (coupon code bgf131)


;) hehe

Hey thanks for all these coupons, I have been eyeing the Klarus line for quite some time now at finally broke down and decided these prices were too good to pass up. This is also my first order with BG so hopefully everything is going to go ok.

I ended up ordering
Klarus P2A (x2)
Klarus P1A
Olight A3T
Trustfire F23
Sk68 clones (x2)

A few of these are going to be stocking stuffers for the holidays, fingers crossed. Many thanks again!!

Thanks again for the great coupons. I bought a P1A, P1C and SK68 clone as stocking stuffers and decided who am I kidding, I’ll probably keep these, so I bought a few of these solar chargers and small battery packs to give out instead.

Hahaha, I’m right there with you Racer. In the back of my head I KNOW that once I get these lights in my hand they’re never going to be given out. Looks like everyone gets iTunes gift cards again.

Thanks for sharing! Ordered. :)

Edit: And one of these small battery packs with anti roll design

I almost got those battery packs instead but one of the reviews said that the Aluminum scratches things and I remembered back to my Ruinovo battery pack which I love, but has killed an expensive GPS and a couple pair of reading glasses. I didn’t want to give someone a stocking stuffer that will damage anything. I might buy a couple for me though, so please let me know how you like it. I keep my little battery packs in a zippered tool pouch now.

For the holidays I’ve asked for a much better camera for the blog (T3i maybe?), so all these extra flashlights will be just more eye candy to take pictures of. At least that’s what I told the wife. She’s also more agreeable if I email her surprise Amazon gift cards :slight_smile:


Good point. Maybe I need to keep that one myself instead of gifting.

I'll let you know how how it feels like.



bang good squirrel kinky?

if you insist...


End of the day. they all come and go. Just like everyone else…

I used to own a Klarus XT11 light. IMO, Klarus is one of the most under-rated lights currently in the market. From smoothness of beam, UI, workmanship/finish and over-all quality, hard to beat, especially with these low prices now.

Own one and you will be impressed!

Couple of A3Ts on the way for me, and an i2 charger. Thanks for the links.

Status of P1A order: Backorder
Status of P1C order: Backorder

Strange. I ordered P1A after you Racer. Got notice it shipped today.

I pulled the trigger in one of tose titanium beauties, lets see my wife’s face tomorrow….

I’d be tempted to buy another A3T, for $4 less than the one I bought from Banggood on 21st September, but that one hasn’t arrived yet, so maybe I’ll hold off.

Besides, who other than flashaholics appreciate a nice bit of titanium?