How about a Orange Dry with a brown center :) Tutorial as well!!!

Well i decided i love the Dry but the look was well Dry, lol so i decided to follow Chicago and Dthrct, and do something different ,, i flamed mine in the oven ,, the tube could have probably stayed in longer but i decided having it two toned was cool , and if i want i can put it back in the oven to match it up i suppose but for now i think it looks cool , still dont know how to put pics in here so u will have to click on it sry ,, this is actually the first forum i have had trouble with pics and i run a fish forum , lol

btw i just used broil for 30 minutes ,, also disclaimer if u try this please dont blame me if something happens ,, also know that u will have to remove the leds and clean up the glue and desolder the two wires from the driver to get this apart and the ring for the click switch will scratch easy, u can use a wristwatch caseback removal tool to remove it easily, btw im a watchsmith, lol

reserved for some more Dry pics and mods ;)

so what did u use to make it orange ? i have a empty DRY host and would like to try this :)....does the click switch just unscrew ?

that's awesome! so it just turned the black ano to orange?! Is the ano still as hard? I love the color of the head, I'd like to make a few of my lights that color. I wonder what 'titanium' ano will come out like...I've got a light that color that I was going to strip.

Very nice looking for sure and very different

yep i just turned my oven to broil and moved the rack as close to the top as i could and set the clock for 15 minutes , it started turning brown and left it for 15 more and u get this bright orange color , the body tube was too the right so i think it didnt get direct heat so it was slower to turn ,, but i liked it so i called it quits ;)

yep the ano is exactly same nothing changed that i can see

i removed it with a watch caseback opener ,, like this cheap one

i have a feeling you've just started quite a fad!

Yes, something that will make my wife look cross-eyed at me when I answer her “what is in the oven?” question.

Pun intended! :-)

That is cool. I did not know that could happen. How did you know? Or was it one of those impulses where you just go

" I wonder what happens if.. I COOK MY FLASHLIGHT?" LOL

Love the result. Really different!

What's for diner, honey? .... Flashlights with a side dish of pocket knives!... ;-)

Actually a few years ago before I got out of the hobby a few of us were experimenting with PVD , flaming , oven baking etc. That’s when I was a name brand light snob , we found a heat gun works well for making sort of like a tide dye look , I can do various PVD jobs being I do it for wristwatches , it cost money and then the oven trick , Free :wink: also when Chicago and u D showed your moods it brought back memories
ItI will work best on ha II ano , the 3 stuff does change but takes forever and sometimes comes out splotchy , surefire6 ,9 look cool , liteflux in PVD looks rustic , maglights look like my dry ,surefire 6 does to
My wife already knew I was a nut when she married me ,lol I’m always cooking something other than dinner in the oven ,lol btw a toaster oven works ,it just take longer :wink: please post up when some of u do it , I’m interested in seeing :slight_smile:

Very nice !!!

I hope you don't mind that I posted the pics up below:

Looks Great

Hek no i dont mind , i appreciate it ,, i guess i need u to help me do the pictures as well, lol btw thanks for telling me how to remove the leds ,, now i have to figure out which wire goes where on the driver, lol , i know where one goes but the other one has me puzzled , it was already detacched when i popped the driver off ,, i guess they use not enough solder on that one ,, i noticed they also use very thin wire, probably 30 awg ,, really should use a thicker wire imho

Great Job!

I remember doing this back in 05'

used some krylon high temp paint to do a camo paint scheme on my paintball gun.

sanded ano then painted. used dried leaves for the pattern. then baked in oven.

surprisingly it still looks pretty good.

That looks really nice, completely unique and I love the two tone effect. ezarc posted a few pics of this treatment to his Solarforce L2P. Scroll down to post #7.

Now if we could just get cooked lights to come out gunmetal, I might take up baking.....

You guys here at BLF are incredible, everyday I learn something new!

Not sure my wife will appreciate... LOL!

Can the process be any harmful to the oven itself? Any disliking smell?

I see all parts have been set vertically on the grill, I immagine that for an even colour it's better not to lay the tube on its side on the grill, is it right?

Oven has to be preheated? What about cooling of parts? Just let them cool inside?

Thanks for suggestions

I baked my TR D1 at 550 for an hour and a half last night, then this morning for an hour in the toaster on broil. It looks the same...slightly lighter (silver instead of titanium). This thing is getting the heat gun after work.

I can see where is this going... Next would be making it blue in a dishwasher or making it stonewashed look putting it in the washing machine with centrifuge along with a few stones. Explaining what happened to house appliances to your wife.... priceless.

Not sure I'd want all of those mismatched parts as each piece from the oven appears to be a different shade. What I could get into it some time with a heat gun or blow torch and some creative camouflage treatment as all the markings would line up on the assembled light. Now that'd be pretty sweet!