New XM-L Light,, 26650/18650/4xAAA Good Price and 57mm head ......... NOTE: The star is solid aluminium !!! :bigsmile:

New XM-L Light, 26650/18650/4xAAA Good Price and 57mm head

EDIT – Curiosity = Trigger pulled…


It’s enough to raise an eyebrow, anyway.

I don’t own a 26650 light. Can’t go wrong for that price. The cell costs as much! Please let us know how it turns out!

1800 lumens. Sweet. XM-L driven at 6 or 7 amps with Liquid Nitrogen cooling. Awesome packaging job!

You forgot that they’re Chinese Lumens and must always be divided by flee.

Hmm. . . very interesting. Is that 4th AAA going to do much for an XM-L? I could see if it was 4 AA, but not 4 AAA. Interested to hear more about it.


I thought the same, Garry, I see it as a 26650/18650 light really and the 4xAAA is a bit of a novelty. Unless the driver in it is good then it may need a driver mod to an 8x7135 at that point the 4xAAA (6V) option would be lost anyway.

This is the seller of the UltraOK Tactical (XR-E Q5 emitter) and that flashlight is driven pretty solid. That may be a good omen for this light here…

Considering the price, I think we should expect a plastic reflector, same as above.

Also, in my case (concerning the UltraOK Tactical, damaged in transit), they came forward with great CS.

Hmm…it reminds me of a cross between an HD-2010 and a UF-980L. I see lots of potential and am looking forward to your impressions once received. Looks pretty cool, man, and at a great price.

So we’re up to 1800 advertised lumens from a single XM-L now, eh? Wonder who’ll be the first to advertise a 2500-lumen single XM-L flashlight?

Reminds me of the computer speaker arms race that happened about 12-15 years ago. Before the FTC cracked-down, it wasn’t uncommon to find companies slapping 1000W or even 1200W ratings on their tiny palm-sized computer speakers (even though they were powered by little 5W wall warts).

The head looks like 45mm

Very good seller have bought numerous things from them, and i have received somethings as fast as 8-9 days from them.

Has anyone made an offer on it to see what the lowest they will take?

Not really. Voltage sag is so fast, there wont be any damage.

Nope. The head is definitely 57mm.

Johnnymac are you sure.

VFMaddict did you make an offer or did you buy it?

You are right Johnnymac looks just like the Ultrafire WF-850L

Looks like it has some nice throw, it’s really cheap, I’m going to try it.
Thanks for posting this deal!

Nice!!! One more to add to the collection.
Looking forward to impressions, pics…etc!!