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Hello Everyone!


The Original THREAD has become a little too cumbersome. Members have said that the Large Number of Orders Mixed with ANNOUNCEMENTS & OTHER INFORMATION has made the thread Too Long and Too Confusing. They have suggested creating two (2) NEW THREADS.

For Everyone’s Sake & Due to Popular Demand,


(The Threads Will Be Completely Set Up Very Soon.)

This First New Thread is ONLY FOR BATTERY ORDERS (Please!) Also - feel free to send a PM (Private Message) in order to place an order. For those new to BLF - it's simple to do: Just click on "KumaBear" (in blue) and scroll down on the next page to click on "send this user a private message," also in blue. Many have used this method and if you choose to do so, it is one way to keep your affairs private.


Meanwhile (and we’re amazed because it only took two days from Mainland China to Hong Kong to Cincinnati and finally to us) the second shipment has already arrived with ALMOST EVERY BATTERY TYPE on board – but the response has been so overwhelming that we are (temporarily) sold out or close to being sold out on some batteries. The Inventory Tracking is in progress and we will keep you updated in all THREE THREADS (when it’s complete).

INVOICE INFORMATION: Please don’t worry if you have not yet received your invoice. Our factories overseas have thrown us a couple of “curves” – welcome “curves” but “curves” nonetheless. We've also had to deal with some unanticipated "start-up" issues that were out of our control.

1) First, our factories have delivered the BATTERIES to us earlier than we were led to expect.

2) Second, a large number of the batteries, even unprotected Panasonic and Sanyo as well as almost all Keeppower Protected Batteries have arrived with FREE KEEPPOWER BRAND BATTERY CASES! By the way, we've discovered that some vendors separate the cases from the batteries and sell the cases separately but that is not something we wanted to do. While the inclusion of these very nice cases was a welcome surprise, it required that we source new boxes and re-price and even re-categorize some of the shipping.

3) Third, we've been swamped with orders - many more than anticipated - and we're gratified that BLF members have responded so positively but it has made it a little more time consuming to "catch up" than we thought.

4) Finally, the "start-up" issues have been daunting but we're very confident that we'll soon be able to operate according to the originally announced schedule.

WHEN WILL YOU RECEIVE YOUR BATTERIES? We have already begun to pack orders and you will receive your invoice today. We also expect to catch up with all the shipping between today and tomorrow.

Thank you so very much for your patience while we sort things out. Needless to say, things will be a lot smoother (and easier on this end) after all the initial arrangements and adjustments have been made.

Pricing Schedule

November 12, 2012


(otherwise known as KumaBear or just Bob)

Please check the "CURRENT STATUS PARAGRAPH" below to determine which batteries are out of stock and those that are almost sold out. At the current fast pace, we will run out of other battery sizes as well - but orders already exist for more and we're in touch with the factories regularly to "encourage them" to get them produced and shipped.

Note that all prices are FOB Framingham, MA (a Boston Suburb).

NEW INFORMATION: We are considering a small price adjustment in order to allow us to offer FREE SHIPPING and your feedback would be very welcome - particularly via a PM. Please check the "ANNOUNCEMENTS, QUESTIONS and COMMENTS" thread for up-to-date information:

We provide some important shipping cost information in the notices below.

We’ve shipped literally thousands of boxes and will use the knowledge gained to obtain the best possible pricing.

Your batteries will be packed professionally – either in specially ordered containers or in USPS Official Priority Mail Boxes. (There have been quite a few comments about the packaging and we will transfer those to the "ANNOUNCEMENTS, QUESTIONS and COMMENTS" thread so that you can find them easily.

(Any missing size information will be added later.)


(We cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors.)

Core Cell "Nominal" Regular SPECIAL Approx Nominal

mAh**** PRICE BLF Weight SIZE

(manuf.rating) PRICES Ounces mm

See Clarification

in Notices Below

18650 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

Panasonic CGR18650CH 2250 $6.99 $6.48 1.55 18.5x66.

(hybrid IMR 10amp! and SAFE!)

Sanyo UR18650FM 2600 $6.99 $6.48 1.67 18.6x69.3

Panasonic NCR18650 2900 $8.99 $8.68 1.62 18.5x69.6

Panasonic NCR18650A 3100 $10.78 $9.98 1.64 18.6x69.7

Panasonic NCR18650B 3400 $13.99 $12.49 1.69 18.6x68.8

(NEW! Highest Tech! Highest Output! Very Best Protection Circuit and Huge Current Capability!)

26650 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

MNKE IMR n/a 3800 $17.99 $11.18 3.3est.

These cells are not available (but the unprotected MNKE IMR considered very safe relative to conventional chemistry). The MNKE batteries are the most sought after for electric bikes, tools and other major market uses, particularly where safety and the number of charge cycles are critical. We have done a lot of research and IMHO, they are the BEST! (capacity excepted)

KING Raised Top 4000 $11.09 $10.48 3.29 25.6x70.7

KING Protected have Brand NEW Protection Circuit to accommodate the amazing 15amp potential of the ICR!

16340 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

DLG 16340 700 700 $5.49 $4.88 0.65 16.7x35.6

14500 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

DLG 14500 800 800 $4.99 $4.48 0.73 14.6x52.8

18350 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

DLG 18350 900 900 $5.99 $4.88 0.82est.

18500 Protected KEEPPOWER BRAND Batteries

DLG 18500 1500*** 1500 $5.53 $4.98na 1.3est.

Sanyo UR18500F*** 1700 $6.20 $5.58na 1.22 18.7x53.8

18650 Unprotected Batteries

Panasonic CGR18650CH 2250 $5.99 $5.39 1.52 18.3x66.9

(hybrid IMR 10amp! – and VERY safe!)

Sanyo UR18650FM 2600 $5.99 $4.99 1.61 18.5x65.0

Panasonic NCR18650 2900 $6.99 $5.99 1.55

Panasonic NCR18650A 3100 $7.99 $6.99 1.55

Panasonic NCR18650B 3400 $12.49 $10.49 1.62 18.3x65.0

(NEW! Highest Tech! Take a look at HKJ’s test and you’ll see that the output curves are spectacular – higher amperage capability, more capacity at different loads, etc.)

26650 Unprotected Batteries

MNKE IMR Raised Top 3800 $11.99 $10.49 3.3est.

KING Flat Top 4000 4000 $9.49 $8.49 3.17 26.3x65.7

KING Raised Top 4000 4000 $9.79 $8.69 3.2est.

Both Unprotected KING batteries are ICR. Keep in mind that INR is not IMR. The ICR has much higher current capability than the INR and it has significantly higher capacity as well. (Check HKJ’s tests!) If you’re very concerned about safety, note that we haven’t heard of any mishap with the ICR or INR KING and they fit in many flashlights, particularly modded lights that protected cells will not. Nevertheless, for safety, we recommend the MNKE IMR or a Protected KING.

KING Raised Top 4000 4000 $9.79 $8.69 3.2est.

16340 Unprotected Batteries

DLG 1634-OJ 600 600 $3.19 $2.78 0.60 16.5x34.0

14500 Unprotected Batteries

DLG 1450-OE 750 750 $4.49 $3.49 0.71 14.1x49.0

18350 Unprotected Batteries

DLG 18350 900 900 $3.99 $3.35 0.8est.

18500 Unprotected Batteries

DLG 1849-OE***n/a 1400 $3.94 $3.55na 1.16 18.1x49.0

Sanyo UR18500F***n/a 1700 $5.50 $4.95na 1.2est.

**26650 size protected cells will not be available with flat tops. All the protected 26650 cells have raised tops.

***The 18500 batteries are not yet on order. If there is enough interest, we can bring them in – Thank You - Bob


1) We cannot be held responsible for any typographical errors.

2) Missing Battery Measurement Information Will Be Added Soon.

3) There is a large amount of information about the batteries and about our operation that will be added in other posts.



We want to be as informative as possible. We will be providing links to HKJ’s reviews and other interesting and useful information. As you know the Panasonic and Sanyo batteries are made in Japan – so are the protection circuit components that Keeppower uses. We also have access to Samsung and LG – both Korean companies with some excellent products. DLG is a huge Chinese company that to be frank, makes some excellent product as well as some that is not so good. We and Keeppower will only use the highly rated batteries from DLG. I was very encouraged when Keeppower told me that certain batteries that looked good from the specs (and that they could have sold us) were simply not up to their extraordinarily high standards. They are a GREAT COMPANY!


1) We believe in the “Honor System.” and we ask you to make a “RESERVATION” for the product you want. You can make a "RESERVATION" in this thread or you are very welcome to send a PM to KumaBear. (Many people would prefer to keep their affairs private.)

2) Simply list the items, the quantities and the prices. Also IMPORTANT, please include your address or at least your zipcode - something we need to calculate shipping cost in certain cases.

3) We will respond with your Invoice.


A) We can accept Money Orders, Personal Checks (allowing for time to clear), and PayPal.

B) Complete Payment Instructions will be included with your invoice.



Most Battery Types are IN STOCK NOW!

EXCEPTION: We are out of stock on the Keeppower Brand Protected MNKE 26650 batteries. We hope to get more but are not certain when.

EXCEPTION: We are running low on Keeppower Brand Protected 14500 batteries.

GENERAL EXCEPTION: We thought we were being optimistic with the initial order quantities but at the current pace, we will (temporarily in most cases) run out of some of the other battery types as well.


1) We will be working a 5-day week on this project. (I also do volunteer work for the disabled, need a small amount of time off, and will make an occasional quick excursion.)

2) With this in mind and after the initial start-up delays, we hope to answer all inquiries within one working day.

3) Again, with the exception of days off and the initial start-up delays, we plan to process and ship all orders within 48 hours. (As explained elsewhere, we have been flooded with orders and it has taken some extra time to catch up.)

4) Most of the product will be shipped via the USPS and is expected to take one to three days to get to you. (We have found one or two days to be most common.)


Note that we are considering making a small adjustment in the prices in order to offer FREE SHIPPING. Please get in touch with me via PM to express your opinion.

1) Every order will have DELIVERY CONFIRMATION and we plan to use the USPS for most orders.

2) We expect to use the USPS SMALL FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL BOX. The cost totals $5.98 for that ($5.35 to the USPS and $0.63 for bubble wrap, tape, gas and oil). With this box, we have the option to put in as many batteries as will fit. Allowing for the unexpected arrival of the FREE Keeppower Brand Battery Containers, it appears that ten (10) 18650 size batteries will barely fit.

3) We have also been using the USPS MEDIUM FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL BOX. The cost totals $11.98 for that box. this box will fit a VERY LARGE numbe of batteries. At 11 x 8.5 x 5, it is huge compared to battery sizes.

4) We have access to the new USPS REGIONAL FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL BOXES. They should prove to be an excellent deal for larger shipments and those people within 2 zones of us. We’ll have more information about these & the rates very soon.

5) Here are some other specific examples for small quantity shipments:

A) Now that the battery cases add to the weight, we have determined that the total cost to ship 5 (five) 18650 batteries via 1st Class Mail is $4.68. We can ship 10 (ten) or 12 (twelve) 16340 batteries for the same price.

In other words, we hope to ship a package with a net weight of about 11.5 ounces for $4.68.

B) The total cost for us to ship 4 (four) 18650 batteries via 1st Class Mail should be $4.34. We can ship 7 (seven) or 8 (eight) 16340 batteries for the same price.

In other words, we hope to ship a package with a net weight of about 7.5 ounces for $4.34.

C) The total cost for us to ship 2 (two) 18650 batteries via 1st Class Mail is $3.66. We can probably ship 4 (four) 16340 batteries for the same price.

In other words, we can ship a package with a net weight of about 3.5 ounces for $3.66.

5) We have caught up with the initial backlog and are shipping product very quickly now. We will continue to seek out the least expensive but reliable means available. (We also have accounts with UPS and FedEx – and all three services have discounts available for volume users.)

If the 3400 protecteds will still be available for the introductory discount I will take 4 of them, @ $10.99 each they are a deal.

PM Sent

I wanna order 4x protected 3400 mahs. Pm sent plz revert, international shipment.

Would like to order 6protected 3400 batteries

PM order sent for 4 Panasonic NCR18650B 3400 at $10.99 each.

Dear MR. Bear
Do you have the protected 26650 for the tr j18 ?
if so I would like three. thank you

Sorry, but am new to this. Do you have the panasonic ncr18650 batteries (the protected ones)If so, I would like 2. Can you recommend a budget charger as well?


PM (Private Message) being written now.

I forgot to welcome you to the BLF! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.



Two Panasonic NCR 18650 2900 at $8.68 each please.
My zip code is 34984.
Thank you.

Is it just me or are more people irritated by the SHOUTING and the use of colored text?
and how free is free shipping if you write “We are considering a small price adjustment in order to allow us to offer FREE SHIPPING”

Gotta admit its better than “PLUS SHIPPING

I love this forum.
I’ll take 4 of the protected NCR18650b.
My zip is 75040.


Next thing you know we'll be buying KumaBear Prime memberships for "free" 2-day shipping. :D

I think everyone understands that there's no such thing as free shipping. There are vendors who charge for shipping separately and there are vendors who adjust their prices to take shipping into account.

People are attracted to free shipping even though it probably ultimately increases the actual amount you pay because the additional amount is usually based on the smaller least efficient shipment sizes so you don't benefit from the increased efficiency of large or "right sized" orders.

OTOH, it does increase sales velocity. Take me as an example, I'm trying to optimize my shipping by figuring out whether I really need more batteries so I can fill a bigger order rather than ordering what I clearly need now and making another small order later.

But since this is the ORDERS ONLY THREAD, I would like

1x MKNE IMR Raised Top 3800 unprotected

1x KING Raised Top 4000 protected

1x Panasonic NCR18650B 3400 protected

A Note from KumaBear (Bob) about Our SCHEDULE

It seems like a good time to remind our members that this is a part-time venture.

To be frank, there is no way we could earn a living at the prices we offer to our friends at the BLF.

Many members are aware that we also have a volunteer job where we refurbish and upgrade computers for the disabled. It’s also common for us to do computer literacy training for the same population.



We try to respond to all correspondence within 24 hours. Often, it takes a lot less time but occasionally we can’t respond for a little longer.

The advantage to responding personally is that we are regularly able to provide a lot of advice and information that would not be available without the “personal touch” – something for which we’ve received a tremendous amount of positive feedback.


We strive to get all orders processed and shipped within 48 hours. Depending on when payment comes in and when we make the runs to the Post Office, it can all happen in just a couple of hours. It is also possible for processing and shipping to require a little more time than we’d like.

3) All packages are shipped via US Mail with Tracking and Delivery Confirmation. Some are sent via First Class Mail and some are sent via Priority Mail. Either way, it seems to take between one and three days. The GOOD NEWS is that people don’t have to wait for shipping from China!

Thank You for Your Interest and Support!

Best Regards,


I’m interested in ordering 5 ea. Panasonic NCR18650B 3400 at $10.99 each with the protection circuit. Shipping by USPS least cost is fine. Thanks.


Do you have the KeepPower protected 16340’s and 14500’s in stock?

Thank you for your interest.
Yes, the Keeppower Brand Protected 16340 and 14500 are both in stock.
Best Regards

Thank you. Also, can you get the KeepPower 16650’s?