Supfire M6 First Impressions Review

I received the Supfire M6-T6X3 from the BLF Group Buy today, and thought I would post a first impression review for those who have not received their light yet.

The packaging was a simple box, with only a bubble wrap sleeve around the light and wrist lanyard. No other packing material or instructions were included.

On inspecting the light itself, finish is nice for this price range of light. The threads were pretty well done, with a small amount of lube. I believe they will be smoother feeling with a bit more lube, but I haven’t gotten to that yet.

The reflector configuration is very similar to the Sky Ray King, and the lens does not seem to be coated. The LEDs are pretty well centered, and the opening at the bottom of the reflectors is slightly smaller than in the King. Reflector depth looks slightly deeper than the SRK, but I have not actually taken the light apart to measure this.

Length is slightly greater than the SRY, and my sample measures 142mm. The Supfire has a mounting point on the side opposite the switch, and it will fit a standard tripod mount. I doubt that it was intended for a handle because of the placement.

The feel in the hand is surprisingly good, considering the weight with four batteries installed. Weight without batteries is 15.3 ounces, and with batteries is 22 ounces.

The user interface is relatively user friendly, with 5 modes (H, M, L, and two blinkies). There is no memory that I have found, and the light starts in high mode. When the light is on, presses on the button will cycle through all the modes, including blinky. After this full cycle the next press turns the light off. I was at first very unhappy to have to cycle all the modes to turn the light off, but I then discovered that the light can be turned off in any mode by simply pressing and holding the button for a couple of seconds. It still starts in high regardless of which mode it was previously in however.

I am including a beam shot comparing the Supfire with the Sky Ray King (at least my version of the SRK :wink: ). The Supfire M6 seems a bit brighter than the SRK to me, with a more intense hotspot. The beam is also a bit whiter than the SRK, which I find more pleasing to my eye.

In this beam comparison photo the Sky Ray King is on the left, and the Supfire is on the right.

The Supfire M6 will take both short and long 18650 cells. I tried Panasonic 3100 non-protected, and Trustfire Flame protected, and both work fine. Here is a photo with two of each type of cells to give a better perspective of the length difference (disclaimer: don’t use different type batteries together in the same light).

Overall, I like this light so far. I will get into more depth as time allows, and maybe add a couple more photos.


Here is a photo of the reflector of the Supfire M6 on the left, and the Sky Ray King on the right.

Here is a side by side comparison photo of the Supfire M6 on the left, and the Sky Ray King on the right.


Nice job Just Jim. Thank you.

Thanks Jim!

My Keeppower protected cells fit, but they are absolutely bottomed out on the springs where it starts to become tough to tighten the body all of the way.

I might actually use a lanyard for once, as I can easily see this thing slipping out of my hands as the anodizing is rather slippery. Do you think it's HAII? I haven't seen HAIII this shiny before.

I think the UI is horrible, but I'm hoping pyro's driver will install with ease :)

It will be interesting to find out how the recent group buy Panasonic 3400 protected cells will fit, but I didn’t have any of those on hand to try. I think they will work, as they can’t be too much longer than the Trustfires I hope :~ .

I am no expert on ano, but I would have guessed HAII as well. I already installed the lanyard :bigsmile: .

I didn’t hate UI, but it’s surely not great by any stretch. It is relatively simple, so easier to navigate for new users than multi-mode group, user programable lights that have all the bells and whistles. Flashaholics will find it less than satisfying.


Good stuff!

I wanted to add that the included lanyard is weaksauce supreme. The part which attaches to the light is the same type found on $1.50 ebay specials. The hole for it is located on the tailcap. I am not about to use the 12lb test-type lanyards on my black beauty.

Also the bubble wrap didn’t have a SINGLE unpopped bubble left! Its basically a plastic bag now.

is the batt+ contact on the driver raised? if so, how much?

Nice, nice indeed (except packaging) any plans in taking it apart further?

Yes, it is raised. It is a bit hard to measure without my depth mic, which is in my shop, but with a caliper it is approximately .065”. I can get a precise measurement tomorrow if you would like.


no, its alright. just wondering if the pics were playing tricks. they arent

At present I don’t plan to. Physical mods I can handle, as I have the equipment in my shop for that (lathe and small milling machine), but I haven’t gotten into electrical mods and precision soldering :frowning: .

I would love to up the output slightly, since this seems to be a worthy platform. Maybe I can find someone with electrical skills who wants to play with an M6 :bigsmile: .


that lathe looks like in brand new conditions, I would love to have something like that :slight_smile:
please, put some more pics of your work :wink:

im hoping that a simple resistor mod could be done on it. hoping even more that texaspyro gets his SRK driver out soon, and that will be going in mine

did anyone checked how much amps it pulls, I would be interested to see how much it pulls from only one battery!

Mehhhhhh…. Full cycle to shut the light off is a MAJOR buzz kill for me… I always always always hate it. Dont even touch the costco light because of it.

Why would anybody want to have to click the button 5 times to get to off….Stupid |(

press and hold for 3 seconds i think will shut it off

+1 EZ as pie.

I read that but still. Cant stand it.

I feel I am going to recieve this light not use it more than a handful of times. Or wait for Texaspyros driver.

I didn’t want to get too far off topic here, so I started a thread in the OFF Topic Chatter forum titled A Few Machining Projects :slight_smile: .