Good deal - TrustFire TF-R2

This is a very good copy of a Dereelight DBS. This light were priced $44.20 at DX not so long ago. The head is one massive chunk of aluminum, ideal for extreme modding. Even unmodded, it throws very vell. The finish is a nice and uniform Ha-III, and there is 41.5 mm UCL lens at Flashlightlens for those who want to squeeze the last foton. You can also add a nice touch with Solarforce stainless steel clip, which fits perfectly. Use code "everbuyingwishes" for additional 5% off.

As usual... when you speak, I listen. Since this uses P60 drop-ins, how is the contact area for heat sinking to the host? Do you have to wrap the P60 pill in foil to make good contact? The reflector seems to approximate Tialbo A10 dimensions (talk about a great thrower). Have you tried it with a XM-L drop-in yet? I wonder how it would focus with the XM-L. The price looks fantastic, especially considering the quality.

It's is not a P60 host. Reflector is 39 mm deep and 42 mm in diameter. This is more like LumaPower MRV league. I'm waiting for the XM-L emitters, I'ts already on the custom now, should be in my hands in a day or two. Currently it is modded with Cree Q4 5A. I lost some throw (about 16000 lux compared to previous 20000 lux with R2), but I like neutral and warm white bins more than cool one.

Will it take Deerelight dropins? That would make it quite interesting to some though I'm happy with my MRV.

FlashPilot, you are right. I just tried the pill from a P60 module, and it fits just fine. I'm amazed myself how I didn't try this before...

Don, don't know about Dereelight dropins, but I guess that at least the pills should fit in.

Here is a nice review of the original flashight, some construction differences are noticeable:

And a few images of my TR-R2 with P60 pill. By the way, the weight of the flashlight is 187 g, and the head alone (without the bezel, reflector and the glass) is 74 g.

After some play with a focal point, I reached 21000 lux from Q4 5A and 25500 lux from R2. Not bad :)

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Some friendly advice to the folks at Neverbuying: the first rule of hole management is stop digging. Particularly if you're in violation of your hoster's anti-spam policy and depend on Paypal to do business. Looks like they at least removed the fake Verisign badge from their website. Perhaps they'll get the message and knock it off when their domain gets blacklisted...

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It should. And there are a few addons for Firefox and I believe Chrome as well, that allow you to configure on a site-by-site basis if you want to send a referer (sic) header at all. I use RefControl personally but it's also possible to turn them off altogether (if you're using Firefox, go to "about:config", type "referer" into the search field, right click "network.http.sendRefererHeader", select modify, enter "0" without the quotes, OK, CTRL+F4, enjoy) which may break some sites.

Looking forward to your observations with the XM-L.

Hi Hrvoje, did you try this with the XM-L drop-in yet? Im curious how this lens focuses it. Do you still like the light? Any down side to it?

so you got this from everbuying? cause all ive heard and seen is bad things about them.

did it come in ok?

Yes. All I can say, it is a wall of light, with a pretty good throw. I measured some 20000 lux at 1 m (black Trustfire 2400 mAh used). I used the pill from Manafont XM-L P60 3-mode drop in.

I get my flashlight from Dinodirect, but I ordered some other flashlights and accessories from Everbuying (all in all 4 orders in the last 6 months), and my experiences with them are positive. Just for an example, for me they are not better or worse than DX.

First post for me, but I've been into flashlights for many years and have a small collection.

I'm looking for a c8 clones and am currently considering one of the Suterfire C10 Q5 (about $17 @DX), Ultrafire C8 Q5 ($16.80 KD), Brinyte T6 C8 ($27 DX) and now the Trustfire TF-R2 ($28 Brandsdragon only place I could find it). All are grey in finsh, some with Q5 others with XM-L. My plan would be to upgrade the Q5's to XM-L if I chose to buy a Q5 clone. I have a monafont 3 mode XM-L on th way already and like the idea of being able to use it in the Trustfire host. The TF-R2 also looks like a beefy host so the heat transfer should be good. Not having any of the others I'm unsure of the cooling efficiency in comparison.

Any suggestions on the best clone body in the list?


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