M44 with UV 365nm option

May, 22.
M44 is with the UV 365nm option, although there are no aux LEDs behiend the optics due to the tight space.

March, 29. 2014.
Emisar D3AA is available now,

November 22.
KC1 keychain light is available for now.
OTF lumen output at start-up for Nihm, direct drive when 10440 is used
Nichia 5700K R9080 dedomed 519A around 85lm OTF
Nichia 4500K R9080 around 72lm OTF
Nichia 219B R9080 4500K around 90lm OTF
SST-20 6500K/5000K: 77lm
SST-20 4000K/2700K 95CRI: 106lm

August 15.
D4K triple channel version will be available soon,

Interest collect, K9.3 new configuration option, UV channel, and the same option for the DM1.12 in the future.

D4K TI colorful version in stock,


D4K for pre-order.


RGB button has been added for D1, which can show the voltage just as K1.


SFT-40 & FC-40 options have been added for Noctigon K1 flashlight,


UV 5W 365nm with ZWB2 filter is available for D1


Noctigon DM1.12 is for sale,


519A 5700K, 4500K, 3500K are available.

DW4 single channel / dual channel version in stock.


D4V2 boost driver (single channel) option is now available

KR4 / D4S V2 boost driver (single channel) option is now available.
The boost driver upgrade is available for the quad version of XP-L HI, SST-20, Osram W1/W2, Nichia 219B R9080 versions, each LED receives 2A current. The driver is not compatible with Nichia E21A, Nichia E17A, and mule versions of the flashlight. Please be noted that the boost driver version does not mean higher output than the regular version, it is a more efficient driver.

KR1 B35AM LED option available,

Some beamshots comparsion


KR1 GT FC-40 LED option available.


E17A R9050 1850K & E17A Azure available for D4V2/KR4


Noctigon DM1.12 available soon,


Nictigon DM11 high CRI middle range thrower available


Nichia 219BT-V1, R9080 Warm White, 2700K is available

Tint ramping version Noctigon K9.3 is available

Just got some limited quantity Nichia 219B, R9080, 3500K & 4500K LEDs in stock.

D4V2 TI sandblasted version in stock (18350 tube is not available)

Also the antique version for both copper and brass version for pre-order (18350 tube is not available)


DT8 double quad flashlight in stock.


Just got a small batch XP-L HI T6 8D LED in stock, 2800K, 90CRI, we will not put it for sale on the site,
if you like it, please order the XP-L HI V2 5D 4000K version on the site, and send us an email,
so that we can use XP-L HI T6 8D LED for the light you purchase.

2020-12-21, E21A 2700K, 2000K version back in stock for D4V2/KR4 series.

2020-11-6, D4V2 full copper version in stock,


Noctigon K1, all colors back, including green version, 35HI version restocked.

D4V2 cyan version available,



KR4 TI copper version in stock,

KR4 Nichia E21A version in stock.


Noctigon K1, SBT90.2 version is coming, 4500lm, 420Kcd, 5A constant current. (April. 18)
US warehouse stock at sales price, 7 days delivery within US. (April, 23)

Emisar D4V2 TI colorful series in stock. (April, 10)

customize your own KR4 tailcap.

April, 3rd, 2020, the 8 pcs 3535 LED mule for the D4V2 and KR4 is available,


March, 22, Noctigon KR4 is for sale.

β€’ 5A Constant Current + Direct Drive

β€’ Pocket clip and lanyard ring are both included in the price, which is easy to exchange

β€’ Discrete knurling

β€’ Grippy anodized surface

March, 2, 2020, we have come back to work, everything is back to normal.

November, 24, 2019, D4V2 Brass is up for sale.


Emisar D4V2 Ti is for sale now

Apart from the Cu+Ti host, the main upgrade of D4V2 Ti is the switch back light.

When the light is at OFF state, the switch backlight behaves the same as the aux LED.

When the light is at ON state, the switch backlight changes brightness with the main LED.

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Excited and waiting for it

@Hank, are there differences in the driver circuit?

Is it a FET+1x7135 driver, or another type like the Emisar D4S?

Are the internal parts interchangeable with V1 ? Would like to stick it in my ti version.

Recessed switch?

It’s still FET+1Γ—7135 driver.

Daaaamn Hank!

Still all the same emitter options? SST20 helloooo

Will the new tail cap be compatible with the old D4?

Looks great! Have you thought of making a single LED tube light with a smaller head? It would make a nice companion for people who want more throw without jumping up to the chunky D1

I’ve seen those pictures somewhere before….

Thanks for doing continuous quality improvement rather than continuous cost optimization like another popular multi-emitter FET driver light. It’s probably about time I bought an Emisar.


What are the dimensions of the light? Are they the exact same as the previous version?

this will cost me! FANTASTIC!

I just bought a D4 recently as well :person_facepalming: . I guess it’s going to be an early Christmas when this goes on sale then.

It looks great, Hank.

Decent price @$45, may take me a while to collect the ones I want. I have several of the V1’s. There goes another couple hundred bucks. Emmiter options, auxiliary light options and color options. I’m doomed, at least my bank account is. Thanks Hank. :wink:


Are there any driver efficiency improvements as well?

The FW3A’s driver is quite popular, but Lumintop’s screwup by replacing the TIR+glass with an all-in-one plastic TIR might drive quite a few people to the Anduril D4 v2, especially if the D4 v2 does a better job of avoiding pocket activation than the original version.

Does it still use Carclo optics or something else?

Will the magnetic tailcap be compatible with the d4v1?

Also, will the stainless bezel be compatible with the D4v1?