More Emitter Test Results (xpg2, xpe2, mtg2) Updated 11-12-12


Since the original "emitter test results" thread was getting a bit crowded, I thought I'd start a new one here for the Cree XP-G 2, and future emitters. Test setup was exactly the same as all prior tests in the previous thread, so I won't repeat that info here. Exact emitter tested was a Cree XP-G R5 1A mounted on a 20mm star from A test with the xp-g 2 directly mounted to copper will follow, but this test is a better indication of what one can expect using a pcb mounted emitter in a flashlight.

Without further ado, here are the pertinent graphs, including one for vf and another comparing it to the original xp-g:

This is the first test in which I also recorded the vf, which I found exceptionally low. Hope you folks find this useful (and I hope it doesn't get buried in the annals of old DIY threads)


Updated 11-12-2012

Here are the much awaited results of the Cree XP-E Q5 green, XP-E2 R3, and the super sized MT-G2 6v.

This emitter was purchased when asked by a gentleman to make him a green tinted hunting light. As the graph indicates, it's no powerhouse, but when combined with a C8 smooth xpg reflector it throws very well...which is the whole point. Instant turn-on at 1600ma was 244L, so there is some gains to be made with direct to copper mounting. I'll post beamshots of this light in another post

Next up we have the new Cree XP-E2 R3. Again, by single emitter standards it's not going to upset the xml in total output. What it does do however, is offer similar performance to the original xpg but with a much smaller die size, therefore increasing throw considerably. Where I see this emitter shining (ya, I know) is in small AA or AAA lights where one wants higher lux. My plan for one of these is to swap it into a Quark AA Turbo light, since the max driver output is ~800ma. Should make for a noticable jump in the already high lux. Btw, instant turn-on for this emitter at 1800ma was again, very real gains in direct to copper mounting.

Here it is, the newest big boy from Cree. The MT-G2! I think this is the first emitter I've ever picked up fresh out the package that made me just started giggling like a schoolgirl after her first kiss... Wow what an emitter! The specific bin code for this particular sample is MTGBEZ-00-0000-0B00P050H 5000k Cool White. The disturbing large amount of lumens not withstanding, I have to say this is the prettiest tint I've yet seen. Maybe my eyes were a tad singed during testing, but holding up the reflector to the test bench really whetted my appitite for starting my next mod with this emitter. So, back to the chart above... Yup, that's a lot of light and a lot more light than the fabled SST90 at similar power levels. The king is dead, Long Live the King! And for those curious, instant turn-on was well over 3,100L so direct mounting this beast to copper would be a no brainer.

Definately look for a build involving this one.

Well, that's all for now. Hopefully this weekend I'll have the results for the nichia219 done and posted, as long as I don't get distracted by Plants vs Zombies (which caused this delay....).

Thanks for reading,


Thankyou Match, excellent work as ever. Really want one of these in my MPP1 @ 2.5A now

Match - do you have a Nichia 219? Do you want one for testing? I'd like to see what it does. Let me know.


Thanks match! After seeing this I might order one and use it in a maglite mod. :)

Thank you for the offer, but it's one I've been meaning to buy/try anyways. The one time I go to illuminationsupply to order it though, and it was out of stock. Haven't checked in a few weeks now, so maybe back in stock again.

Np. I think it would be fantastic in a mag with a rebel reflector. I plan on building one shortly, as soon as I get done with the copper mounted tests - gotta know how hard i can push it!

Thank you Match.

I’m waiting for mine from too :wink:

Was that with the incan or rebel reflector? Also, I do plan on making a hot-rod P60 with one of these. My plan is to use the SF xpg reflector (best one I've seen for xpg), along with a custom copper heatsink that perfectly fits an L2P host with the emitter directly mounted to the copper. I just need to run the copper mount test first to find out the appropriate current. Most likely I'll settle at 3 amps, which will mean the same runtime on max as an xml, but with a lot more throw. Time will tell...

Yeah, just what I thought :smiley: That Nanjg 2.1A driver from IOS will be a perfect match :bigsmile:

these emitters look very interesting .. looks like it takes some amperage to make these lights really shine ..the increase is impressive ..I've always been an xpg fan .....I need to see what kind of throw they have and what it looks like in real life ...neutral of course

Someone on CPF bench tested this emitter and (IIRC) at around 4.5A he saw 850 lumens. Very curious to see what you get when you push it hard.


thanks for the test ,hope will find them soon on 14mm pcbs.

Thanks for doing this match. I love real world technical data.

Match ...............where the rubber meets the road .

If you do, please take before and after beamshots :slight_smile:


Thanks Match,

your led ‘horsepower curves’ are some of the most important light info out there!!


:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

xp-g2 @ 2A = killer!

Really interested in the XP-G2. I have an XP-G p60 driven @ 1.4A. I really like it, and the XP-G2 sounds even better :bigsmile:

I read over on cpf, one of the traders who sells p60’s measured xxx number of lumens driven at 1.4A for the XP-G2, and output only fell by something like 7-10 lumens after several minutes running.
Then an XP-G2 driven @ 1.75A measured more lumens initially, but output fell to the same level as the 1.4A p60 after a few minutes run time due to heat build up.

Have these results been seen here in testing too?
I’d really like an XP-G2 p60 driven at 2A, but wouldn’t want to if its output fell after the first few minutes.


Hi Bob

Yeah, 100,60,20% sounds good.
I have my 1.4A XP-G s2 in an Lop reflector and i really like the beam. I’m looking for something similar but more lumens.


I don’t think I’m capable of doing it but I’ve asked E1320 to have a look at what can be done, he’s pretty busy right now tho…

Perhaps I’ll look at doing the Ultra OK for now as I don’t mind cocking that one up, I have a spare lol

Pretty sweet data, the XP-G2 is pretty cool, still trying to see one in person though, lol.