Nichia 219C, testing a 5000K 83CRI emitter, comparing with a XP-G2 S4 2B and other leds

The Nichia 219C is the newest upgrade in the 219 series. The Nichia 219 leds have become famous for their 90+ CRI variants, giving better colour reproduction than any Cree or other led, but in the performance section they were way behind Cree at start. But since back then the 219 has come a long way: the 219B performed way better than the 219A, and this test shows another huge leap with the 219C.

The 90+ CRI versions of the 219C are not on the market yet, but I was able to purchase this Nichia 5000K 83CRI B280-300 led from Lumitronics in Germany (the picture on the site is wrong btw). Voltage and current performances from this test will be comparable for the upcoming high CRI variants (when time comes, I want to test them as well for output and colour performance), but for now let's see how this 5000K 83CRI led compares to a latest bin XP-G2 :-)

The Nichia was reflowed on a 16mm Noctigon board and tested for voltage and output using my usual method, described in the XP-L test-thread, except that for this test my 46cm integrating sphere was used (should not make a difference for the results). Also I tested a Cree XP-G2 S4 2B led, for comparison and also because I have thusfar only tested lower binned XP-G2's and the newer XP-G2's are said to have higher voltages (and higher output of course).

For the graphically challenged, here are the raw collected data from the tests, also because I find the actual numbers always very useful for reference (in blueish green the Nichia numbers, in greenish green the XP-G2 numbers):

For comparison, in the graph I added some already posted test data (collected with the exact same method): for the Nichia219B 4500K 90+CRI, the new Osram Oslon Square 4000K 90+CRI, and an old batch cool white XP-G2 R5. Note that output differences are partly a result of varying colour temprature and CRI of the different leds in the graph.

So what can be seen?

*I have put way to many lines in this graph, I hope you can make things out :-(

*the output of the 219C is very very good, close to the (cooler tinted and lower CRI) latest XP-G2! The maximum at 6.2A is the same as the XP-G2, so Nichia has (silently) managed to achieve the same low thermal resistance as Cree. And look at the difference with the 219B (maximum at 3.8V), this is a huge leap again.

*the 219C has the lowest voltage of the bunch, and so much lower than the XP-G2 that it is more efficient at all currents. The voltage is even significantly lower than the Cree XM-L2 (0.25V ! lower at 6A). This makes the 219C very easy to use in single li-ion flashlights, it will even require current regulation (polish up your Qlites!), with FET-drivers it may draw more current than you would like!

*I really tried, but could not kill the 219C, I stopped at 10A. After that I looked for decreased performance, checked at 4.4A, and found just 2.5% less output. This could be caused by what looks from the side like a semi-detached dome (led at .5mA). Having been at 10A for 2 minutes, I can not blame this led :

*the 92CRI new Oslon Square that I tested recently, outperformed the Nichia 219B, but compared to the 219C the Oslon will probably loose it (but a definite answer is there when the 92CRI 219C becomes available).

*this XP-G2 S4 2B has a fairly constant 0.2V higher voltage than this old batch XP-G2 R5 over most of the current range. This is consistent with the general observation on the newer Cree leds.

With these results I am curious about the dedomed performance of the 219C. The XP-G2 still has the advantage of a bit better output and of a bit smaller die size (1.45x1.45mm, compared to 1.6x1.6mm for the 219), but I really like the uniformity of the 219C die for use in aspherics:

(here at 0.5mA, and after the torture)


The Nichia 219C seems a fantastic upgrade over the 219B, in performance, voltage and thermal resistance. I'm also really looking forward to the 90+ CRI variants. As already said in the new Oslon Square test: it is high time that Cree launches a new generation XP-G2.

Thanks for reading!

(stereo picture)

Do you know what voltage bin is this, M1 L1 or L2?That would be nice to know since not all 219C will be identical in forward voltage.

You can see in the datasheets that 219B-V1 for example is rated at lower vfs than the 219B, and basically identical to the 219C's vf ratings.

Wow! I really hope the high CRI variants show such a big performance bump. The low Vf and similar output could make this a serious candidate to replace the XP-G2 in throwers like the 1504. How long till you dedome one yourself?

Wow thanks for the informative review. This new nichia is very promising.
And I feel totally out not know how high the output can be for these smaller LEDs (xpg2 and nichia). :8)

Technische Details
Leistung 5,81 W
Farbtemperatur 5000 K
Farbwiedergabe 83 Ra
Abstrahlwinkel 130º
Strom 350 mA 700 mA 1800 mA
Spannung 2,76 V 2,98 V 3,23 V
Effizienz 149 lm/W 134 lm/W 100 lm/W
Lichtstrom 144 lm 280 lm 586 lm

Es kann sich um Maximalwerte handeln

This is all what is on the Lumintronics site about the led, it suggests an L2 rank.

Thansk Djozz.... again interesting post! and very helpful and informative!

thanks for the hard work!

Great results, thanks for the testing!

Amazing how much this LED can take without blowing. Are you listening Cree?

Thank you djozz!

thanks for the review!


1+ Thank you Djozz!

Great review, eagerly awaiting this LED… Thanks!

Thank you for all the detailed information you put into the review :beer:

Thank you Djozz! How is the tint and color rendition?

Does that graph mean it wouldn’t play well with a FET driver?
Back to the piggybacked 7135 drivers if we want to max the LED?
… or of course an LD-1 / LD-2 from LED4POWER.

Edit: Seems like 4.2volt from a fresh IMR18650 would be way too much power…?

Wow! This sounds like a great LED. Can’t wait till the high CRI versions come out.

Sounds like all my 219s will need to be upgraded sometime this year.

Great job on the review Djozz. :smiley:

Great work,djozz,as always.

When you take nichia's 80+CRI into consideration,nichia looks even better.

One question:could you please take a picture of XP-G2 S4 die?

I posted few pictures of "unusual" xp-p2 with definitely bigger die size (~2.3-2.4mm2 ) in this thread:

Oh boy oh boy oh boy. I sense a new triple S2 in the not so distant future! Thanks for all your testing djozz.

Great info! Pilotdog68 is right, these could be real winners in a 1504. With the larger die I’m not sure there’s much of a throw advantage, but more lumens, similar throw, and longer time in regulation. What’s not to like?

Wow thank you Djozz for such thorough testing and comparison!

I am interested in your thoughts on the tint/color rendering of this 5000K/83CRI version.