BLF Community Battery Pulls Overview Thread (Laptop packs and Tool Packs)

Added table to First post as i have been wanting to do this and a few have stated that they would like that aswell. Thanks everyone for there patience
I thought i would start a thread on Laptop battery pulls and what battery is produced from these pulls. (I am in no way an expert on these pulls)
I just see alot of people asking what battery laptop will produce what 18650 battery.
So I thought i would create a thread with such information and allow everyone to add to it as they start pulling batteries or what they have pulled.
I am just wanting to make a collective thread so others don’t have to go searching the bowels of the forum to find information.
This thread will not have any testing information unless you want to add that yourself.
HKJ’s Tutorial: Rewrapping a Battery
Old-Lumens Video laptop battery pack teardown thread
HKJ’s Measuring Internal impedance/resistance of batteries

Table added and will be updated when new items are posted
|Manufacturer|Battery Part #|Battery Pack Mah|Cell Name|Cell MAH|Link to post|Member|
|Dell|F8TTw||DLG N18650|2200Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Dell|PC765|11.1V 5200Mah |LG LGDB118650|2600Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Dell|PT434|11.1V 5200Mah|Sanyo Light blue top|2600Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Sanyo|PT434||Sony US18650gr|2550Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Acer|BT.00607.074|5200MAH|Samsung ICR18650 26C|2600Mah| Post |dangerous|
|Apple|G4 15”||Molicel ICR18650J|2400Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Compaq|PPB003A||Samsung ICR18650-20|2000Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Dell|PC764|11.1V 3200Mah|Samsung ICR18650-26c|2600Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Toshiba|PA3442U-1BRS|3400MAH|Sanyo Ur18500|1700Mah| Post |GottaZoom|
|HP|GJ114AA||Sony US18650gr|2550Mah| Post |rollinstone157|
|Dell|6T473|5450MAH|Sanyo Double Red|2200Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Fujitsu|FMVNBP135|7.2V 5200Mah|Sanyo Light Blue|2600Mah| Post |ChibiM|
|Ryobi|OP4026|40V |Samsung IMR 18650 q13|1300Mah| Post |schomak|
|Dell|PC764|11.1V 3200Mah|Samsung ICR18650-26D|2600Mah| Post |dchomak|
|Fujitsu|BTP-C1K8|11.1v 4400Mah|Sanyo UR18650FJ|2200Mah| Post |LanWolf|
|Asus|AA2-uL50|5600Mah|samsung irc18650 28A sdi|2800MAah 4.3v | Post |Boaz|
|Phillips|M4605A|10.6v|Panisonic CGR18650CG|2250Mah 3.6V| Post |izzie|
|Toshiba|PA3612U-1BRS|5800Mah|NCR18650|2900Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Panasonic|CF-VZSU46U||NCR18650|2900Mah| Post | Dru_Dragon|
|Lenovo|Thinkpad|7740Mah|UR18650ZT|2800Mah| Post |Kronological|
|Toshiba|PA3793U-1BRS|10.8V 4200 mAh|CGR18650CE|2250Mah| Post |Kronological|
|Dell|FK890||CGR18650E|2600Mah| Post |Kronological|
|Dell|Ky265||Samsung ICR 18650-26D|2600Mah| Post |Kronological|
|Toshiba|PA3382U-1BAS|14.8V 6450mAh|Sony US18650GR|2150Mah| Post |Suncoaster|
|Toshiba|PA3481U-1BAS|DC 10.8V 3600mAh |Sony US17670GR|2150Mah| Post |Suncoaster|
|DeWalt|Tool Pack|18v|Samnsung INR18650-20r|2000Mah| Post |Ledsmoke|
|Sony|VGP-BPS5A||Sanyo UR18650FM|2600Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Dell|TC030 ||LG LGDB118650|2600Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|HP|MU06|11.1v 62wh 5225mah|Samsung ICR18650-28A|2800Mah| Post |Strumble|
|Lenovo|42T4690||Panasonic Prismatic CGA103450A|1950Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Fujitsu|AH531|10.8v|Panasonic CGR18650CG|2250Mah| Post |Seagull|
|Lenovo|42T4619||Sanyo UR18650FM|2600Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Acer|AS11B5E|6000 Mah|Panasonic NCR18650A|3100Mah| Post |eas|
|Apple|iBook A|14.4V|Panasonic CGR1865CA|2250Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Dell|JWPHF|11.1V|LG LGDAS31865|2200Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Toshiba|TS-M2(generic)||Moli ICR-18650H|2200Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Acer|AS10D41|10.8v 4400Mah|sony US18650GS|2200Mah| Post |Kyfishguy|
|Dell|6T473|14.8V 6450mah|Sanyo Ur18650A|2200Mah| Post |Kyfishguy|
|Dell|6T473|14.8V 6450Mah|Sony SF US18650GR|2150Mah| Post |Kyfishguy|
|Ryobi|tool pack||LG LGDAH11865|1500Mah| Post |Kyfishguy|
|Makita|Tool Pack|18V|Sony SF US18650v(Konian)|1500Mah| Post |Kyfishguy|
|Dell|Y4367|11.1V|LG LGDA2E18650|2400Mah| Post |raven38571|
|Dell|4M529|11.1V 7800Mah|Samsung icr18650-26f|2600Mah| Post |Downlinx|
|Dell(knockoff)|KD476|11.1V 6600Mah|CMP 18650|2200Mah| Post |Vladraq|
|Dell|5081P|14.8v (4S2P) 3360mAh| Sony F STG G4 US18650GR|1700Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Dell|75UYF|14.8v (4S2P) 3800mAh|Sony Energytec GR G2H US18650GR|1900Mah| Post |Otanacious|
|Acer|AS10I5E||Panasonic NCR18650A|3100Mah| Post |Willie|
|Dell|XX326|11.1V 60WH |Samsung ICR18650-28A|2800Mah| Post |EAS|
|Dell|4M529|11.1V 7,86Ah 90Wh|LG LGABC11865|2800Mah| Post |IRONMAN|
|Toshiba|PA3534U-1BRS|10.8v 4000mAh|Sanyo UR18650Y|2000Mah| Post |Jubeldum|
|Dell|WW116|11.1v 56wh|Samsung ICR18650-26C |2600Mah| Post |Jubeldum|
|HP|485041-002|10.8v 47wh|Samsung ICR18650-22F|2200Mah| Post |Jubeldum|
|HCPP|sony Viao|14.8v 4000mah|Samsung ICR18650-20B|2000Mah| Post |Jubeldum|
|Gateway|600YGR 3UR18650F-3-QC-7|11.1v 5700mAh|Sanyo UR18650F|1900Mah| Post |Jubeldum|
|Asus|PL32-901|8700Mah|Panasonic NCR 18650|2900Mah| Post |Mike C|
|Lenovo|45N1173|0.8V 8.7Ah – 94 Wh|Panasonic NCR18650|2900Mah| Post |cnrffl1|
|Asus|K52J|11.1V 5200mAh|LGABB41865 |2600Mah| Post |TheManMKD|
|HP|437403-541||Samsung ICR18650-26C|2600Mah| Post |kaiser|
|Dell|FK890|11.1V|Samsung ICR18650-26c|2600Mah| Post |KYfishguy|
|Gateway| SQU-715|4000Mah|LG LGD5318650|2200mAH| Post |xjSnake|
|Dell|3149C|14.4V 3000 mAh|Sony STG US18650S|1400mAH| Post |Jubeldum|
||UN 356S1-S1|6000mAH 11.1V|Samsung ICR 18650-20|2000mAH| Post |Jubeldum|
|Dell|J1KND|11.1V; 4400mAH|LG LGDAS31865|2200mAH| Post |Kaiser|
|Lenovo|thinkpad 42T4801|10.8V 8.7Ah 94Wh|LG LGABC11865|2800mAH| Post |shhyguuy|
|Compaq Evo|N600|14.8V 4400mAh|Keeppower BAK 18650C4|2200mAH| Post |Jubeldum|
|Dell|C1295|11.1V 53WH|Panisonic CGR18650D|2350mAH| Post |Jubeldum|
|Toshiba|cf-vzsu46|0.65V 8.55ah|Panasonic NCR18650|2800mAH| Post |Boaz|
|Hoover|Linx Platinum|18V|sanyo LMR UR-18650W2|1600mAH| Post |Boaz|

I Pulled these over the weekend
1)Laptop Battery
Dell F8TTw

18650 Battery
9 x DLG N18650 @ 2200Mah

2)Laptop Battery
Dell PC764

18650 Battery
6 x LG LGDB118650 @ 2600Mah

3)Laptop Battery
Dell PT434

18650 Battery
6 x Sanyo light Blue top @2600Mah

4)Laptop Battery
Dell PT434

18650 Battery
6x Sony US18650gr @ 2550Mah

I will add more as soon as i get started on more pulls.

EDIT Tools Packs are a great addition to the thread -Thanks Cereal_killer

Laptop Battery - Acer 5200mah

18650 Battery
6* Samsung ICR18650-26C 2600mah

Thank you, i was trying to find that the other day.

Opened a few more laptop batteries this weekend.
1)Laptop Battery
Apple G4 15” battery

18650 Battery
6 x Molicel ICR18650J @ 2400Mah

2)Laptop Battery
Compaq PPB003A

18650 Battery
8 x Samsung ICR18650-20 @ 2000Mah
no picture yet

3)Laptop Battery
Dell PC764

18650 Battery
6 x Samsung ICR18650-26C @ 2600Mah(if anyone has information on the 26C please send it to me)

Tool packs too in this thread or just laptop?

Tool packs are fine, post up, anything we can get batteries from.

For what it is worth, the packs in the batteries for pre-unibody MacBook Pros are LiPo pouches. No pix, I took them to household hazmat long ago.

Toshiba Libretto PA3442U-1BRS P000435740 3400mAH laptop battery yields 18500s which are not very common in packs, but they are unique and useful.

Would be nice to find a good source that was as cheap as the ones that started this thread.

Current price is $17, not bad - but cells in the last pack I received were marginally low on voltage.

from Ubehebe’s post.


Sony has an outstanding white paper for their older Graphite (US18650GR) cells. Not found anything for Pana and Samsung cells.

My i4 is doing initial charge on my NOS Samsung ICR18650-26C laptop pulls. Will switch to iCharger 106b for capacity and IR readings to compare later in the week.

I am hoping to switch aswell.

The GJ114AA battery for the HP HDX 9000 has 9x 2550 mAh Sony US18650GR Batteries. Nice finds at the right price!

Nice thread..

But at the same time, it would be really nice if the top of this thread would have a table with the important info, and maybe a link to the actual post in the thread..this can otherwise become a difficult to navigate thread.

Something like this:

Manufacturer, code battery pack, rating battery pack, cell names inside, cells mAh.

Manufacture code battery pack Rating battery pack Cell name inside cells mAh link to post


Nice thread…

But at the same time, it would be really nice if the top of this thread would have a table with the important info, and maybe a link to the actual post in the thread…this can otherwise become a difficult to navigate thread.


Thanks for the idea chibim. When I get some spare time, I will get started on the table. :8)

Go know it's a lot of work!! But once it's done, it's pretty convenient.

I would actually order all packs by Brand name.

Dell with Dell, HP with HP etc.

So it's easy to search.

I want to join, so I just ordered a pack of Amazon Japan.. I think it's new.the laptop that it is used for is already pretty old, so it might be old stock.

Too many cheap No Name brands that I don't want to order..who knows what's inside.

you are quite right, it is hard to find the true brand from the fakes. I can’t wait to see what you get, opening a laptop/tool pack is like a birthday present.

1)Laptop Battery
Dell 6T473

18650 Battery
12x Sanyo Double red 18650 @ 2200Mah


New battery pack (probably old stock, because the laptop this one is used in, entered the market a long time ago)

Manufacture code battery pack Rating battery pack Cell name inside cells mAh link to post
Fujitsu FMVNBP135 7.2V 5200mAh Sanyo 2600? link


pretty low voltage.. the charger didnt want to charge them, so I used my crappy Xtart WP2 (which over charged a few cells)... and it took the cells without hesitation.. after about 10 seconds charging, I whopped them in the Opus, and it charged just fine.

I don`t believe they are bad.. as I think they just got so low from being in stock for a long time..

I am charging them now.

internal resistance... the 4th cell is high..THis was done BEFORE charging.

so I changed the 3rd and 4th cell.. and guess what?

and then I changed cell 1 and 2

I hope I will do it again after the charge, maybe they will have a lower resistance again?? not sure

I`m pretty sure these are 2600... even just looking at the specs. 5200 at 7.2V, and only 4 cells... those must be 2600.

Oh, and the pack was $10..(the seller has more packs, should I buy more?

was that worth it? I hope it was.. but I`m a little bit new to laptop pulls... only done a few Used ones in the past.. and think they were worthless.

hopefully these are okay.

edit: results of discharge

All cells have a resistance value of around 90

Awesome post chibim and I should be able to get started on the table today or Monday. Btw what color top is on you sanyo’s, that should help identify what Mah it is