Nichia 119's for cheap (also Cree XLAMP-7090's)

I recently scored a quantity of Nichia NCSW119T-H3 leds.
Spec sheet is here:

These are B09 flux bin, SW50 tint bin. They measure 4340K color temp. Measured lumens are:
350 mA - 95 lumens
380 mA - 103 lumens
700 mA - 155 lumens
1000 mA - 180 lumens

Spec’d at 80 CRI typical, but these seem to do better than that. On the Sphere ’o Many Mysteries bogoCRI scale (no relation to reality) they clock in at 90… a pretty good bogoCRI number. The Nichia 219’s measure 88 bogoCRI’s.

These LEDs are the size of XP-G’s, but have no thermal pad in the center. They can be mounted on XPG stars if you grind off or insulate the thermal pad connection. See: Making Nichia 119 mcpcb - THE EASY WAY!

Price is $5 for 10 pieces, shipping in the US is $2 for any quantity.
Not quite sure about international shipping, but it looks like it would be $5 for up to 4 ounces. The only tracking number would be the customs form number, which may or may not be trackable in all countries. Trackable shipping is outrageous for small packages…

I also have some CREE XLAMP-7090 LEDs. These are first gen XRE’s. Their output maxes out at around 800 mA. Around 50 lumens at 350 mA. Same price, but includes bare 20mm stars… good for practicing your reflow soldering skills. Don’t try and de-dome these… the phosphor is in the dome.

I'll take 20 nichias

Thanks super deal.....

pm sent

So it's neutral white (as opposed to warm white), has more light output (95 verses 83 lumens), and slightly less rated CRI (80 verses 92) than the 119H1 sold by FT. Seems like a great deal. I also would like to order 20.

PM send.

That’s indeed a nice offer.
I would be glad if you sell me some.

I have dispatched uniformed government couriers with the LEDs to all those that have paid…

Is there any left?


Sorry I missed this thread. I’d be interested in 30 pieces also (U.S.), if they’re still available?

Yes, I have more. PM me for my paypal address… include your shipping address.

Are the XREs neutral or warm by chance?

PM sent…

They are XR7090WT-G1-WC-N2-H-0001

They are what Cree calls “global white”. Around 5750K, cool white. These are first generation XREs and do around 55 lumens at 350 mA, their output peaks at 75-80 lumens at around 800 mA.

Thanks for the info. I was hoping they were warmer. I have a lot of the cool white ones already.

Received my Nichia's today. Look good. I'll be using about half of them to upgrade some single and double AA and AAA lights. Thank you Texaspyro.

I'll take 20.

PM sent

What PCB are you mounting those on? I was going to use RacerR86's method here.

The only vendor I found that sells dedicated 119 boards is Led Mounting Bases

I just use thin copper sheet. It transfers heat well. Just takes a couple minutes after you've done it once:

  • Cut a copper circle that is a little smaller than 16mm. Doesn't need to be precise. Doesn't even need to be a circle.
  • Cut the disk in half and thinly pre-tin the 2 halves where the emitter will make contact.
  • Snip off a small corner of each disk for the emitter wires to come through.
  • Stick the 2 halves on a piece of Kapton tape spaced apart just a little bit.

That's it. Easier than it sounds. The Kapton tape is so thin that it doesn't seem to interfere with heat transfer. There are some flashlights (e.g. the first edition of the TN31) that have Kapton tape under the bases. I don't think it's intentional, but doesn't cause an issue below high currents.

Oh, because the base is so small and in two halves, I tape them down for the reflow. I tape across the 2 halves. The tape holds them from tilting and helps with positioning the emitter. I use thin Kapton tape for that and just cut off the excess afterwords.

Flip the base over and look to make sure the solder didn't bridge the halves. If you have a DMM, test for to make sure there is no short and that the emitter works. Just like you would do with a normal reflow.

EDIT: fixed spelling of Kapton tape.

sweet! I don’t need any right now, but I’m sure I will at some point. Paypal sent :slight_smile:

Thanks for the instructional. I just ordered a bunch of XPG/XPE PCBs from KD since they are so cheap. I'll probably just grind out the center pad but it's good to know other methods are out there too. I'll bet your method allows for better heatsinking.

I just saw a clever idea by Texaspyro in another thread. He said you may just be able to put a piece of Kapton tape over the heatsink pad on the MCPCB. That has to be the easiest way to go.

Check this site out they have some nice LEDs for cheap.

I found they also have 110 Lumen 119s for 95 cents each