Talk about future projects and donation topic

Total input 830,52
Total spend 344,15
Funds left 486,37

$124.29 (prototype drivers and shipping to testers of a few and a prototype Q8)

$13,74 To cover shipping strangely behaving Q8 to Tom for fast in depth analysis of the issues by ferelcomprehension (received $13,60)
$37 (first driver prototype Oshpark boards and parts

A round of BLF tech developer support, as token of appreciation and hopefully speed tech development up even more.
$30.30 (received $30) Toykeeper for example:
$30.30 (received $30) Tom E for example:
$30.30 (received $30) DavidEF for example :
$30.30 (received $30) Texas_Ace for example:
$30.15 (received $30) Mike C for example:
(More tech developers were contacted, not all reacted, not all accepted, so the token of BF appreciation was bigger for these 5.)

30Q cells, $16,87 (received $16.70) by DBSAR to order 4 high drain 30Q cells for cell vent testing and take them through the worst people can do with them, very useful information with the ever growing list of lights with cells in series.

$0.90 PayPal fees paid to Neal who spend it during the testing of the mass PMs for the GT.


Tom E
The Miller
Mr Scott


Donations to help with BLF specials.

Get some funds to pay for:
1 parts for prototype drivers
2 shipping of these parts
3 shipping of prototypes and or parts to others for testing/adapting purposes
4a primarily for progress in projects that are meant to lead to a real flashlight for all to buy.
4b the funds are growing so fast, a part also for support of driver developers for down the road these projects can be used in BLF specials

Prototypes of flashlights or things made by the professional manufacturer doing the project are for that party, so is shipping.
This is because having the chance to make a BLF special means good PR, free development and design for the manufacturer with a light as result that can gross profits.

All who are involved in the BLF specials I am involved in, do so knowing that:

  • Principally the only direct reward is thanks.
  • Designs are open source and to be shared with the community and manufacturer to be used for free.
  • A working sample of the light we pursue send to us by manufacturer for free is strived for.
    This I said at the start of the Q8 and remains so.

This means the many hours people put into these BLF specials are not financial compensated
And the donations will not be used for that.

The money people donate will be used to move things along for the community hence the focus on the drivers and such.

To explain why I start this,
A BLF Q8 driver prototype took about $11 to make. We needed prototypes and after serious testing by DEL changes were made.
We could provide Thorfire with a prototype so they could see it in real life.
This meant Tom has made 9 of them.
Send a few to testers (shipping to Thorfire was covered by Thorfire) ~$10
Then Tom is going to send a prototype of the Q8 to a trustworthy BLFer outside the team any day now. ~$5
I donated $25
This means Tom donated $99 and many hours on this and that just does not seem 100% fair. The results of DELs testing of the Q8 driver prototype helped all for example TA used it in new driver designs just to name one advantage for BLF.

Now that new projects call for more complex drivers.
The GT, one prototype in parts besides the PCB is at least $11
I can’t ask DEL to pay for this though he graciously offered it.

In the future I really want to make the Q4 and the most work is in a good driver capable of running from a AA or 14500. This is a huge challenge and knowing there are some funds for parts helps me dare asking people to join a project. All the good guys give so much already it feels wrong to ask people to help and see them paying lots of money on parts, it just is not right.

I insist on this being a BLF thing so if people want to donate even the smallest amount is more then cool and appreciated. Spreading the load is the goal.

I intend on keeping a balance in this thread (OP top when first donations come in) so it is clear what is donated and what is spend.
For each time money is spend I will post about it.
I intent to have all donator usernames posted as well but without how much for any help is appreciated.
Maybe maybe some sort of GAW can be done at the end of a project, I mean if 1000 people of the Q8 list donate $0,50 sure it would be fair to do a GAW of a Q8 amongst donators for the funds then would allow such a thing. Same with the GT.

SB informed me PayPal does not like fundraising so donations done with note saying only BLF username are good and suffice.

Ah the projects to give an idea why this topic.
Running, prototyping done, Q8
Running, start but lots done, GT
Starting/running, small 18650, triple LED beauty with tail e-switch and Narsil.
Future, my wish with Thorfire, Q4, baby Q8 for 4 parallel AA or 14500
Future, my wish a smooth really nice zoomie
Future, my wish if manufacturer I emailed about it does not make it, EDC with powerbank function.

no obligation, no pressure!
Just being here and granting me the honour of putting a name on a list is plain awesome!
All on a list help in making projects happen!
All posting with remarks of support or gratitude help by lifting our spirit!
All posting questions, design ideas, scrutinizing what is posted help a lot!

if you want to donate
For those wanting to donate PayPal
wimmm777$ (replace the $ for @)
Note with only your BLF username.

4 only for progress in projects that are meant to lead to a real flashlight for all to buy.
4a primarily for progress in projects that are meant to lead to a real flashlight for all to buy.
4b the funds are growing so fast, a part also for support of driver developers for down the road these projects can be used in BLF specials

Reason, we do not know what will be used in BLF specials and even Narsil and Bistro started smaller.
Though all developers that are doing their work open source seem happy in doing so, financial rewards or a little donation are no motivations for them. The big projects can get so much attention it seems nice to give others a small token of BLF appreciation making them able to do a Oshpark order or use it for tools or something, knowing they are seen and speeding things up as among others the Kronos projects and Q8 have sped things up too.

Well let’s broaden the topic and make it also a space for future projects a d debate about them.

The project list:

Q8, soda can light, 4 3V LEDs, FET+1 Narsil driver, 4P 18650.
nearing completion

GT, monster thrower, 1 12V LED, 1 or 2 X 4S 18650
Design housing send to contact, second iteration driver board desiged, first proto driver to be made.
Long way from completion

FW3A, single 18650 EDC triple, ! not open for debate yet !
in the works of starting, driver clear, talking to Chinese party to have it made,

Baby Q8, 4 x AA OR 14500 (challenge here is driver)

Quad XHP35HI from 2S2P 26650
Challenge here is driver

Zoomie , nothing clear just that a nice zoomie is something I like to help create.
Maybe based on Fritz15 design so this looks very nice IMHO:

Didn’t know where to post it
Of course no commercial intention but because of the subject placed it here.

Hi Wim,
It may complicate things, and there may not be a great wish for it, but is it possible to dedicate a donation to a specific project? I for one do not care much for the BLF-thrower but do like to see a Q4 being developed. I understand that it all averages out between the projects so in practice it will not matter much , but it would make me feel better, just a bit, so it is not all that important.

Hi, Miller! Donation incoming…

It didn’t occur to me that Q-team members would need to spend their own money during the Q8’s development.

Thank you again to everyone for their efforts! :THUMBS-UP:

+1 Although I wouldn’t mind the funds being used “as needed” for whichever project needed it, still would be nice to be able to designate to help push a specific project along.

Do you prefer the funds in USD or EUR?

Trying to contribute right now and PP is asking. If I don't hear back shortly (near the end my lunch break), I will specify USD.

Done… sent US$’s

Wow funds incoming
Yes add project to note with username and I will put it there in the OP
No project named it is for the general fund.
Wow thanks!

Oh yeah please USD so Paypal keeps in as balance just where it is needed, I changed buying with a h PayPal to our family PayPal a couple of weeks ago for ease to keep track so my PayPal is only used for this now

+1 Q4 like mk41?
And pls start a GAW like for SB last year. It is funny , brings money and the time to wait for Q8 runs faster.

  • I want to win 8 batteries for the Q -

I chunked a little that way to help along with what ever

I also like the future projects. Maybe even a headlamp or something like that.


I for one am glad you asked… BLF is the future of much of the cutting edge open hardware/source for a good while to come. If we can help further development, we probably should. And, we will make Miller rich$$$ :slight_smile:

Thanks Miller for your efforts and the efforts of your entire team.

No Matt, thank you, heart warming to see donations coming in, will update OP later.

Sent some coin your way Miller
Good job Team Q8

Can’t help much with the development, but at least can support with this.

Will put it all in a spreadsheet
Notes for which project are clear and those donations will be put at the project
Awesome checked the email thread PayPal is making now with “you got money” and it is at 20 in such short time, wow

Good work !

Sent, great works. Thank you.

Just made a little contribution. Appreciate all your efforts. Thanking you and all the development teams.