HowTo: Adding pictures to posts

I wrote this up just now to help another member who PM'd me for help inserting pics into his posts. I decided it might be useful to others as well so here it is.

The first thing you must do is have your images hosted online with an image hosing provider like photobucket, image shack, flicker or any other of the many that are available online.

In the default "simple post editor" click the image icon in the tool bar.

Paste your image URL into the "image URL" box. Click "OK".

For more options select the "advanced post editor". This will add a second tool bar with more options. Click the one that looks like a picture of a tree.

The image insert dialogue will open. Paste your image URL into the "image URL" box. If that's all you want to do click the green "Insert" button in the bottom left.

To make larger pictures smaller there are a couple of options available to you. The first is to set the width of the pic to a percentage of the page width, simple put the percentage into the first dimension box and leave the second box empty. The pic below shows what 50% would look like. Click the green "Insert" button if you are finished.

To set a picture to a specific size, like 800 x 600, enter the width & height in pixels in the two boxes like below. Click the green "Insert" button if you are done.

For a mouse over, click the "Advanced" tab. Tick the box for "Alternate Image" then insert the image URL that you used in the General tab into the "Mouse Out" box. In the "Mouse Over" box paste the URL for the second image that you want to use for mouse over. Click the green "Insert" button to finish.

Hope this helps someone out. ;)


Very useful!
I never used the mouse over function,so didn’t know how to do it!

Nice work JM, I'll add that if you are only doing a few photos tinypic works well.

I'd like to add that especially large pictures should be added with size set to 100%. People with small screens will be thankful.

Appreciate that, I’ve managed to add photos but didn’t know about the mouse-over function.

Thanks very much Johnny! Sticky’d.

Don’t forget that relative width images also work with the simple post editor.

Don’t see the option to tag that, gotta be missing something…and now I’ve found it! Geesh, wish my bifocals would get here…

Tip: Using Photobucket, copy the "direct link" to use for the URL of the photo.


I’m trying to do the mouseover and can’t seem to get it. Do you first have to post the standard pic then add the advanced tab mouseover instruction?

I do, yes.

Wow :bigsmile:
That’s really helpful, eapscially for people just join in.

PS: the eyes in your signature is awesome >)

Very enlightening post, much appreciated!!

Test Picture.


Cheers for the ‘how to’, seems easy enough. The bit I cannot figure out though is on the imageshack page there are loads of options for links to the photo…which link should I use?
Is it really obvious, should I use the “forum code” option?

Sorry, bit crap with ’puters


I just tried this from Photobucket and I had to use the “Direct” link (starts with http) because the “IMG” link (starts with [URL) wouldn’t work. Is that the one I’m supposed to be using?

Yes! That's exactly what I do.


Thanks Garry. I tried a bunch of times using the URL link and just could not make it work. I blame JohnnyMac! :stuck_out_tongue:

To add pictures to posts, I use a stapler. Also works for poles, fences, walls, etc. Works better than tape. J)

I tried adding photos to a discussion. Pictures are in Picassa. The folder is not ‘public’ but can be viewed by those having the link.
It didn’t seem to work. I’m on this page since I did read directions.
In [Simple PE] I click on the [Insert Image] and paste the in the menu box that pops up.
No work.
Does Picassa not work?

Was I too impatient? I didn’t see the pictures in a couple minutes and several different tries. Does it take 5-10” (more) to ‘load’?

I’m not familiar with Picassa - does it provide you with a variety of links to choose from? I use ImageShack and it provides “Web”, “Forum”, “direct links” and a few others. The only one that works here on BLF is the “direct link”.