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Lightbringer wrote:

I used to feel this way about Microsoft. Long story, but the short version is they were The Enemy, and I hated them so much I refused to even spell their name correctly. But over time I eventually figured out that they are not, in fact, Hitler. The people who work there are not stupid or evil. And the problems they worsened weren’t really proof of their evilness, but rather symptoms of a broken system in which we all operate. It was mostly just a bunch of people trying to do their best, guided in the wrong direction by messed-up incentives in their environment.

So… I got better. But at the time, I said some things which were, in retrospect, pretty embarrassing.

In any case, sometimes bouncing ideas off someone is a helpful part of a thinking process. That’s all the cardboard cutout thing was about.

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Thats a very humane POV.

Having worked on a project there in the Longhorn era, I will say, I came into contact with a lot of people who thought the sun shined out their asses. They mistook being in the right place at the right time for an act of intrinsic virtue, of their superior choices. It ended up hurting the company, because it blinded them to the fact that perhaps the way they’d always done things wasn’t always the reason they’d succeeded, but rather, that they’d succeeded despite the way they were doing things. That’d be more satisfying if most of them had suffered serious material setbacks for their arrogance, but they’d already cashed out enough to be set for life on their big-ass boats, etc.

When I started on the project there was a Dianetics reading room a short distance from the edge of the MS campus. A little before I wrapped things up ~2.5y later, the scientologists had moved on to a new feeding ground. In their place there was a different breed of predator, a pawn shop.

I wasn’t too keen on MS or Intel’s duopoly back in the day, but I was also very conscious of the fact that they provided the economic engine that drove computing from niche to mass market. Without them, at that time and place, it’s a lot less likely that some teenager in Finland would have had a 32-bit computer with an MMU to write a *NIX kernel. Or, if he had, that contributing to the project would have found as many willing and skilled volunteers.

Sure, things would have continued moving forward, and that capability would have eventually become affordable, but it probably would have been somewhat later. A lot of history is like that. But enough about all that…

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Hi Richard! Sent you a PM with a question about one of your drivers I am considering in purchasing. Thanks!

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I am in the process of ordering one of your CUXM/CUXP P60 drop ins. Would it be possible to have you upgrade the 219C to the 90+ CRI version? I have the older version with the 219B LED in one of my other lights and love it. It is the reason I now have to consider strongly whether or not to purchase any light/drop-in that is not high CRI. I would be willing to pay a few dollars extra for the privilege.


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